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Apple has posted a notice on its website this morning to confirm that it will be providing a live video stream of next week’s iPad event. There’s no countdown timer this time, but the company published the above image showing the stream will begin at 10am on October 16.

We’re expecting Apple to unveil new iPads—at least a new iPad Air—with Touch ID support, thinner profile and possibly higher resolution displays. It’s also believed that we’ll finally see new iMacs with Retina displays, and of course OS X Yosemite will get some stage time.

This keynote should be fairly low key compared to the iPhone 6 event, as the venue is much smaller and there are no mysterious white buildings nearby. That may not be a bad thing for Apple’s broadcasters, as the previous live stream embarrassingly buckled under the traffic.

The website says that the event will be streamed live to, but we also expect to see it on the Apple TV and other iOS devices. If for some reason you can’t watch the keynote, or you just want some commentary on the event, make sure to tune into iDB next Thursday.

  • JayDee917

    I expect Apple to be “experiencing technical difficulties” during most of the live stream

    • DevXav

      Well, yeah, probably because people – I’m talking about REALLY HIGH NUMBERS here, “sister” -, will ACTUALLY CARE about the event, thus having a REAL DESIRE TO WATCH it.

      And I need to say no more…

    • RarestName

      Stream? What stream?

      • Jonathan

        It’s on Pluto.

  • I hope the live stream turns out better than the last one.

  • Wonder if you’d still require an Apple device to watch it live or even watch it at all on their website…still can’t even watch the September iPhone 6 event in my IE 11 or Firefox browser (yes I have the buggy QuickTime extension installed); it just freezes for a moment then shows the quicktime logo, clicking the play button has no effect…so much for “we know how to build software”.

    • They know how to build software for OS X and iOS. Windows isn’t exactly their forte. In fact Steve Jobs was once asked why iTunes existed on Windows he replied with “Because it’s like giving a glass of water to someone in hell”, anotherwards they do it to try to make your lives a little bit better even though Windows isn’t perfect and neither is the software Apple builds for it…

      • Right, they only know how to build proprietary software for just their restrictive and compatibility breaking platforms…no point making quicktime available on Windows then, ’cause it’s only for their stuff that it’s useful. The rest of the world uses standard web players.

      • This is actually pretty common in the technology industry. Very few companies make anything but “proprietary shit” anymore. It’s a sad fact that very few software is open anymore and most software contains DRM 🙁

      • Hyr3m

        “Very few companies make anything but “proprietary shit” anymore.” <- I blame Apple (and Sony for encouraging Apple, but to a much lesser extent).

    • Kurt

      Try watching it via iTunes. No need to download the vidcast. You can just stream it

    • N&LH

      You can watch the keynote on their YouTube channel.

    • James Nickel

      Use Safari

  • felixtaf

    Its better to read an article rather to waste an hour or two in live event with buffering and tech difficulties!

    • Faris

      It’s more better to download it after the life show end.

      • sosarozay300

        or you can go on their youtube channel and watch it there

      • Babou

        so is it possible to watch it live on Apple youtube Channel ?

      • sosarozay300

        no they upload it to youtube an hour after the live show is done, they dont do livestreaming through youtube

    • Kurt

      You don’t like English and Chinese simultaneously?

  • Rares

    “Windows and Android users can watch our October 16 live stream because we won’t require Safari this time.

    Just kidding.”

    • RarestName

      It did work with VLC though.

  • Martynet

    apple should ask youtube for help… Otherwise, I expect another “slideshow” disaster. With Chinese voice-over. 🙂

  • Justin0000

    Apple about to announce 12.9″ iPad model

  • Hyr3m

    *Apple to attempt livestreaming October 16 iPad event*

  • ali_plus

    Join us for the live straming of the event just like we live streamed September event!

  • jack

    Last keynote was a shame

  • Arsanny Lintang

    i hope they unveil the new iPod Touch with touch ID, finger-crossed?

    • I can’t see why they’d do this but if they did I hope they make a cheaper model without it…

      • Arsanny Lintang

        Since there will be not many people could afford an iPhone or an iPad, they could use the iPod touch devices to have the advantage of Apple Pay too.

      • The iPod is only cheap though because it doesn’t have half of the features and power the iPhone has. If they start adding more features and functionality the price will skyrocket 🙁

  • Is the TVTruck Schedule doing the stream again?

    • Kurt

      Thinks Tim cook mentioned about going 56k modem again since it was such a hit last time around

  • Tanner Wilhelm

    Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about an iPod Touch 6th gen? I would have expected them to unveil it with the iPhone 6 but that wasn’t the case… I’m hoping maybe that they will unveil it during this event…

  • Jose Rivera

    So I know this is an iPad only event, but I think that the iPod touch is due for an update… Maybe even the nano, shuffle, and possibly the Classic… As if… LOL

    • Rohit Sharma

      Apple hasn’t annouced this as an iPad only event. Blogs are portraying that. Here’s what the event is about- iPad air with Touch ID
      2. New iPad minin with touch Id
      3. Yosimite OS
      4. New MacBook pro with new Intel chip
      5. (Maybe) iPad refresh with touch Id

    • thomas

      I think the apple watch is meant to replace the nano and shuffle iPods

  • Waleed

    Yay, new iPad, new iOS 8.1, public jailbreak soon 😉

  • elliwhi

    What about the iPod touch? D: