Pioneer AVIC 8000NEX with CarPlay

Though we’ve seen our fair share of CarPlay demos in months past, we still can’t get enough of learning about the intricacies of Apple’s in-car iPhone entertainment system. You may have head that Pioneer recently released a firmware update bringing CarPlay functionality to five of its 2014 NEX in-dash multimedia receivers, so people don’t have to buy a brand new car just to enjoy CarPlay.

As noted by TUAW, Josh Carr of technology repair firm Fix Denver put Pioneer’s new software through its paces and created several videos showing off different aspects of CarPlay, including Phone functionality, Apple Maps and various other built-in apps including Spotify, which recently updated its iPhone and iPad app with CarPlay support .

Interested? Jump past the break for more.

First up, Apple Maps with various layouts and GPS navigation demos.

Next up: some app demos, including Spotify and the stock Phone app with Favorites, Recents, Contacts, Keypad and Visual Voicemail, as well as Music with iTunes Radio, Genius, Artists and Now Playing features.

The following clip walks us through the update process for the 200-megabyte firmware update 1.06 for Pioneer’s AVH-4000NEX unit.

Long story short, you’ll need to create a bootable USB thumb drive that must be partitioned properly for the firmware using Disk Utility in OS X, here’s how.

CarPlay is now available as a software update for Pioneer’s existing 2014 in-dash multimedia receivers, the $1400 AVIC-8000NEX$1200 AVIC-7000NEX$900 AVIC-6000NEX$750 AVIC-5000NEX and the $700 AVH-4000NEX systems.

Fix Denver is installation services for CarPlay so check out their webpage listing pricing and other information.

For the sake of balanced reporting, an AAA Foundation for Traffic study has found that voice-based in-car systems like CarPlay actually contribute to to a “high level of mental distraction.”

In particular, Siri performed the worst out of all of the various systems they tested. Not only was Siri rated the least intuitive and the most complex, it got dissed for the lack of consistency and flexibility when it came to recognizing voice commands from its drivers.

So, who’s excited about CarPlay?


  • Byron C Mayes

    One of these — the 6000 most likely — is going in my car shortly after Christmas.

  • 420


  • still searching for a local Maryland dealer that does CarPlay aftermarket installs on a Toyota

  • Bugs Bunnay

    wow are you serious? i’d rather buy another iPhone or 2 with these prices. I’ve been using 3 pioneer head units since 2007 and they were great, but now this is how much to go with hands free?? yea no thanks. I can just mount my phone on my dash and go from there thank you very much.
    or hey you know what? with these kind of prices might as well buy at least one ipad mini and modify/mount one into your car.

    • Merman123

      I agree. This is expensive.

      • Rowan09

        Pioneer systems are always expensive.

  • James G

    Finally. I’ve been waiting for a thorough video overview of CarPlay. I’m bummed that car manufacturers are, unsurprisingly, being slow to add this to their car lines. However I do see some limitations of the product but it’s still far beyond what we get with plenty of other solutions.

    I do wish Album Art played a bigger role in the Now Playing view. I like seeing the album art on display as music is playing.

  • Limbosleezy

    So is this head unit only for Denver area

    • Bugs Bunnay

      only for Denver area? how’d they make money if this product available for only one state? this head unit and pretty much every other aftermarket head units will fit any car that already has a factory head unit if this is the answer you’re looking for. you’ll have to buy a separate adapter for your specific car though… or rewire it yourself

  • Bomber

    I wonder if it would let u play music videos?

  • iamlynda

    thanks for this!! just bought the NEX4000, hoping to get it installed next week. I’m trying to figure out how to create a bootable disc/flash drive via my pc. I’ve cleaned off a stick and have been trying to format it but having problems 🙁

  • Flames

    You are awesome, thanks for the video