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Apple’s rumored MacBook Air with a twelve-inch Retina screen has allegedly entered limited production, according to sources with Apple’s supply chain Wednesday morning who spoke to DigiTimes, a Taiwanese trade publication.

Apple has reportedly commissioned contract manufacturer Quanta Computer to start building the ultra-thin notebook in small volumes in October, with output expected to increase gradually beginning November.

Apple is holding a media event next Thursday so a Retina MacBook Air could be on tap along with new iPads, a (possibly) refreshed Apple TV hardware and what not.

It should be slimmer than the existing 11.6 and 13.3-inch MacBook Air models, “posing challenge to component makers,” according to the sources. Due to low yield rates, initial production is in limited volumes so the computer “may not be able to hit the store shelves in time for Christmas”, the sources indicated.

A sketchy report by A Tech Website claims the forthcoming notebook will come in iPhone-inspired Space Gray, Silver and Gold. Taiwan’s Economic Daily News suspects it won’t be available before 2015 due to Intel processor delays.

The Retina Air is widely expected to incorporate a fanless design, courtesy of Intel’s ultra low-power processor family, and an even thinner appearance than the current models.

So, who’s in the market for a Retina-enabled MacBook Air?


  • Sean Christopher Hawkins

    It might be JUST what I am looking for.

  • A’s Network

    DigiTimes is a bit hit and miss so we may or may not see these iPads soon

  • A’s Network

    DigiTimes is a bit hit and miss so we may or may not see these MacBooks soon

  • Mr.Coolfreak

    I hope it has a glass bezel like MBP

    • Slifur

      Glad im not the only one who hopes for that.

    • Vince Reedy

      I would think the 11 and 13 go away if they make a 12 no?

    • Gary LE

      That will be too much reflection from lights!!! If u compare them two the air has noticably less glare fyi.

  • Vince Reedy

    I’ve been holding off from buying a MBA waiting for the retinas to come out. I hope this is true.

  • hhumbert

    I’m down with this. I’ve been wanting to replace my 11″ 2012.5 MBA for a while with a newer one that has better battery life. I think this 12″ would be awesome.

  • Chris Tangler

    honest question here. why has apple phased out the 17″ macbook pros and chosen to make smaller laptops? i understand this isn’t in the macbook lineup (since is an “air”), but with the idea that larger ipads are in the near future, why go small with the laptops and eliminate the big? I have a 17″ macbook pro (last model in this size made). 11.5″-13″ is just to small to multitask on when your used to a 17″ laptop.

    • Steve R.

      I’m assuming they were way too big/heavy and expensive, so not enough people were buying them.

      • Chris Tangler

        they aren’t that heavy…i travel almost everyday and have mine in a laptop bag with cables, notebooks and folders and get by just fine…im sure not in that good of shape…i put $750 more into mine in SSD + ram but base cost was $2300…thats a lot of money i know, but professionals buy them, not a 17 year old that surfs the internet all day and types word documents

      • Steve R.

        Valid. Although in comparison to my 13 inch Macbook Air, it’s very heavy lol

  • I’m not really in the market for a Retina MacBook, though I am in the market for an awesome sticker for my non-Retina MacBook Air… anyone know of a good site for them?

    • Vince Reedy

      A place called amazon

      • I was hoping for a site that’s reliable.

  • Fanboy 

    Geez Apple, a company with over $160 BILLION cash in hand (billion, with a B) and they can’t seem to coordinate producing enough supply for major product releases. But what can I expect from a company who can’t even properly release a major software update without having even tested it (iOS 8 has bugs on my iPhone 6, and iOS 8.0.1 was the worst update ever).

    • These are all speculations, and “allegedly”, Apple is waiting for Intel to release the next-gen processor which Intel has promised to release months ago.

      Also, all major company has history to retract upgrades. Microsoft has taken down several Windows updates the fist day they published. Samsung retracted Android 4 for older devices because it significantly lowered battery life, and caused crashes. Google is beta testing everywhere, and instructs you to go to older versions whenever you meet bugs.

  • @dongiuj

    No 12″ iPad?…..

  • Gary LE

    Why 12″? Also would be the expected price? Under 1k?

    • Possibly to compete more directly with the Surface Pro 3…

  • Interesting, targeting the Surface Pro 3 directly with a high-res 12″ screen. Wonder if the weight of this new MacBook Air combined with the iPad Air 2 would be less than the Surface Pro 3 with it’s type cover (2.4lb)…

  • hankito

    I’m still rocking the 2011 MBA so yeah an retina upgrade would be good.