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Great news Reckless Racing fans, the third iteration of Pixelbite’s popular top-down racer is now available on iOS. You can pick up the new game, which is universal, so it’ll work with both your iPhone and iPad, for $4.99 from the App Store.

The original Reckless Racing debuted in 2010, as a delightful birds-eye-view rally racing game with beautiful graphics. Reckless Racing 3 continues that tradition with dirtier tracks, better visuals, and its largest selection of cars and trucks ever.

rr 2

RR3 offers various gameplay modes. There’s Career mode, which is loaded with 60 events and 9 seasons, Arcade mode, which features 24 challenges, and Single event mode. There’s also stunt-driving, drift, and mashup modes to mix things up.

Here are some of the game’s top features:

  • 36 routes in 6 different environments
  • 28 cars and trucks to choose from
  • Gymkhana, Drift, Hot Lap and Race event types
  • Customizable touch controls
  • Full gamepad support
  • Record and share videos on iPhone5, iPad2 or newer

And here’s a video showing the game in action:

In all, Reckless Racing 3 promises to provide as much, if not more, fun than its massively popular predecessors. If you’re interested, you can find RR3 in the App Store for $4.99—note there are a few IAPs, but they’re just for unlocking things quicker.

  • Dontwannaknow

    I thought this is about Real Racing 3. Who knows there’s Reckless Racing 3. >.<

    • BoardDWorld

      Reckless came before Real

  • Dexter

    Great… A $5 app that has in app purchases…. No thanks. I hate it when paid apps have in app purchases. I understand games like candy crush, which are free but paid apps? Hell no!

    • Steven Honey

      are the in app purchasable items able to be unlocked or are they only for sale?

  • Kurt

    Played there previous games on Win 8 on my TV. Pretty fun!

    • BoardDWorld

      I played the original release on my iPhone 2G in 2008/2009?, it was pretty fun too…

      • smtp25

        I played it on my commodore 64 when it was called something else but exactly the same except with 8bit graphics