Episode 76: We break down a new iOS 8 keyboard that brings several jailbreak tweak features to iOS 8. We also talk about a ton of recent jailbreak releases such as Monochrome, CallBar for iOS 7, CCShuffle, Cou, Ascend, and more.

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  • Chocolatewe

    I’m still jailbroken so i am not craving an IOS 8 jailbreak. But if I updated by mistake there is no way I could even use my phone. For starters I need my multitasking gestures. its a must have and I use it literally hundreds of times a day. Also activator. My lock button is broke so i need activator to even lock my device (and screenshot ect) Like Cody said i would miss springtomise, Looking through my tweaks I use so many every day without thinking about it, flux for example. I also couldn’t live without Protube and Musicbox. I have so many tweaks I rely on that my phone just would be horrible to use without them. It annoys me that jeff says ‘he doesn’t care’ about IOS 8 jailbreak when my iphone experience would crumble without my jailbreak tweaks. 🙁

  • Sachka

    Jeff, there’s a problem with this podcast on the iOS Podcast app, the podcast does not appear in the French Store, when I’m on the French store, and I update some feeds it gets deleted, so I have to switch to my US account, subscribe, switch back to the French store… It’s really annoying. Let’s talk iOS is in both stores though.

    • Ian Leon

      it won’t appear in the french store or the american store because its a podcast about jailbreaking. you can subscribe by coming to the page on your device and clicking “subscribe via RSS”. Then it will take you to the podcast app and you’ll have LTJ right there

  • Matheus Lisboa

    I only missed jb on my ipad… It’s hard for those who use ipads for live performance to get used to a device without multitasking or split screen… I myself used to use os experience to be able to use lemur and some korg software or arpeggianome at once… It’s hard to get used one app at a time in performances…