FitBit Force (image 002)

It looks like Fitbit won’t be sharing data with the new iOS 8 Health app anytime soon. Responding to a question in support forums, a representative for the company said that it “currently has no plans to integrate with HealthKit.”

The rep adds that HealthKit is an interesting new platform that Fitbit will be watching as it matures, as it looks for opportunities to improve the user experience. “But at the moment,” he says, it’s working on “other exciting projects.”

Fitbit was the top manufacturer of fitness trackers in the first quarter of 2014, accounting for nearly 50% of shipments. So you can see why it snubbing Apple’s new HealthKit platform, even if it’s a temporary thing, is significant.

Launched with iOS 8.0.2 last month, HealthKit enables iOS developers to share data with Apple’s Health app. The software is built to aggregate all of a user’s health data into a single dashboard, giving them a snapshot of their health.

A number of high profile developers have already added HealthKit support to their fitness-tracking apps including Jawbone, My Fitness Pal, and CARROT Fit. For more apps that integrate with the new iOS 8 Health app, click here.

[Fitbit via 9to5Mac]

  • Interesting move on their part. Guess we shall see how long they hold out or what they come up with next. Considering they still haven’t rereleased fitbit force, this doesn’t seem like a good long term approach.

  • czarczarczar

    That’s bullshit I’m returning my fitbit asap !

  • Twyler

    Just switched from Fitbit app to Jawbone because of that statement. After the rash from the Fitbit Force, I’m officially done with them.

  • ChiefSpecialK

    Fitbit loses market share, Fitbit announces it will be updating its app to work with HealthKit

    • maxeman

      That’s not true. Apple won’t allow fitness bands to work with the health kit until long after the apple watch debuts. Having fitness bands capable of integration would only hurt the sales of the Apple watch. They’re not that stupid they know what they’re doing.

      • ChiefSpecialK

        They won’t? Maybe someone should go tell Jawbone that. LOL.

  • mrdude42

    It’s pretty lame they aren’t planning to support HealthKit. A current workaround is to use an app that will synch with Fitbit and with HealthKit. Now I use MyFitnessPal to keep track of what I eat (it’s better than the fitbit app anyways) then I sync MyFitnessPal to Fitbit to get my steps and then MyFitnessPal syncs my Fitbit steps to HealthKit. Hopefully Fitbit will decide to add HealthKit integration eventually.

    • John

      Yeah, that will be a workaround for steps, but not for sleep…

  • onesimpleclik

    Is FitBit trying to sign their own death certificate?
    I’m assuming that most people who are big into fitness tracking are going to use Apple’s Health app eventually. FitBit need to follow suit & start using it as well.

  • iPhone Gruru

    When w

  • iPhone Gruru

    When will Nike update the fuel to work with the health kit?

    • maxeman

      It won’t. Apple won’t allow the fuelband to work with the health app, as it may interfere with sales of the apple watch in 2015. They struck a deal with Nike to allow an apple watch version of the fuelband app that will be sold by Nike and specific to the watch. The fuelband app will only be updated periodically to deal with iOS updates but never work with health app unless it works through the apple watch.

  • John

    This is absolutely disgusting. I am beyond furious with this decision and have written to them and posted on their forums to echo this. They started as an iOS-exclusive product and for them to turn around and disrespect their users like this is an insult.

    I know there is nothing that says they HAVE too implement this and there is nothing that says they should, but it would be nice and it would be helpful. It would help them stay on par, or at least keep their heads above water…a competitive edge in the market where every man and their dog has released a fitness wearable.

    • Byron C Mayes

      Actually, customers like yourself are the very reason that they *should* do so. Even if they don’t *have* to.

      Fitbit’s decision seems strange to me.

      • John

        I have been in the Fitbit family since October 2011, this was after I discovered their products while on holidays in America. Since then I have covered seven people to use Fitbit products (six iOS users and 1 Android) and are quite happy with their products, even if they are stagnant and haven’t released anything new since 2012.

        About four hours ago, I received an email confirming that my Premium membership has been reversed and the money refunded, then, within 5 minutes of receiving this email I walked into my local Apple Store and bought these.

        At least Withings are happy to embrace technology.