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Earlier today, Apple released iOS 8.1 beta 2. Like the previous beta release, it was quickly inspected by UK developer Hamza Sood, best known around these parts for his contributions to the jailbreak community.

With iOS 8.1 beta 1, Sood revealed details regarding Apple Pay’s presence in the stock Settings app. This time around, we get our first glimpse of the Passbook setup screens, and credit card data entry screen.

Apple Pay Credit Card Details Setup

In the photo above, you can see the iPhone version of the Apple Pay setup screen. This screen is where you’ll find yourself when adding new credit cards via Passbook. Here, you’ll be able to add credit card information, such as name, card number, expiration date, and security code (CVV). You’ll also be able to use your iPhone’s camera to expedite the process and auto-fill some of the credit card information.

On the iPhone, Apple Pay, in conjunction with Touch ID, can be used to make purchases in store and in apps without swiping your card or entering your credit card and shipping details. With the iPhone’s portable form-factor and NFC chip, it’s perfect for making purchases at brick and mortar retailers.

The iPad is a bit of a different story. The new iPad’s will presumably ship without an NFC chip, and their larger form-factor make them unlikely candidates for paying in stores. That’s why the verbiage on the Apple Pay setup screen is a bit different when it comes to the iPad.

Apple Pay iPad

As you see here, there is no mention about paying in store. With the upcoming Touch ID enabled iPads, you’ll be able to use Apple Pay to make purchases in apps without entering your credit card and shipping details.

Apple Pay is still slated for an October launch, which means that Apple has a little over three weeks to release iOS 8.1 to the public. You can likely expect the iOS 8.1 update shortly after the new iPad’s are revealed in 8 days on October 16th.

What are your thoughts on Apple Pay thus far in general? Are you excited that it’s almost here, or has the wait tempered your excitement?

[Hamza Sood via Mac Rumors]

  • Rhoni Mohanraj

    Typo – 2nd last paragraph. *Should say October 16th* (Unless we are time travelling back..)

    • Thank you. This is why I should be in bed instead 🙂

  • Omar Al-Bazergan

    Is this only for iPhone 6/6 Plus or is the iPhone 5S Included?

    • Joseph A. Ahmad

      Apple Pay is exclusive to iPhone 6 and 6 Plus because the NFC terminals can only be accessed by these devices; they both have integrated NFC chips on the top, back location. The 5s does not contain an NFC chip that can take advantage of this feature.

      • Lucas Tres

        But shouldn’t we be able to use apple pay in apps just like the iPads?

      • I believe you’ll be able to use it online and in apps such as eBay. It just won’t work for in-store purchases

      • Joseph A. Ahmad

        Hmm, I guess so, but remember, the whole point of Apple Pay is to authenticate with your Touch ID sensor. The new iPad(s) will probably have Touch ID sensors. Older devices such as the iPad Air, the iPad (4, 3, 2), the iPod Touch 5th generation, and the iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, and the iPhone 4s (all iOS 8 devices) will probably not take advantage of Apple Pay. The only way to take advantage with a device that is not an iPhone 6/6 Plus, or a new iPad (Touch ID enabled presumably), then one will need to utilize the Apple Watch when it is launched in early 2015 – in store purchases only, and I’m thinking any iOS 8 device with bluetooth should work.

    • Apple Pay is only going to work with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, though it will also work with an Apple Watch that’s linked to an iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, or 6 Plus. For more information, you can check out Apple’s website.

  • onesimpleclik

    I use to pay with PayWave & PayPass for all of my bankcards, but the transactions sometimes took up to a week to be finalized. I’ve since switched back to manually inserting my card & selecting which account to use money from. I definitely won’t be one of the people adopting Apple Pay.

    • Rowan09

      I don’t believe it’s the same thing. It’s suppose to replace swiping a card.

  • Sunny

    can i still install beta 1 and OTA update?

    • No.

      • Sunny

        You can, just did mine. Dont comment if you dont know.

      • Waleed

        agree Dude!

  • Willie

    imagine scanning your ipad when you are using applepay

    • John

      *Apple Pay … But let’s look past your inability to spell, have you ever thought NFC could be used to receive payments on an iPad, say, a small cafe that uses POS software on an iPad?

      • eisforme

        Dude, you are being ridiculous! Yeah, lets criticize someone for writing ‘applepay’ instead of ‘Apple Pay’. Was it really necessary to comment on that? Get a life! The guy was commenting on how ridiculous it would be to hold an iPad up to make an applepay payment. It would take two hands to pull that off. I don’t think he was commenting on all of the possibilities of RECEIVING payments with an ipad equipped with NFC.

      • HooDatty

        I bet square will add this to their reader at some point.

      • raodysseus

        Wow, you really are an a*s, aren’t you? Good to see how many others notice it as well. All of us can’t be wrong, Mr. John.

      • John

        How cute, you’re going through all of my previous posts and replying to them. I must have really hit a nerve proving you wrong.

        Poor troll. Poor pathetic, sad troll.

        Four replies in the last 5 minutes, all from you and all old posts. Nothing new here, move on…or back under your rock.

  • Simon Moorhouse

    Does anyone know if we can use NFC payments in any store that has contactless terminals? Loads of places near me accept NFC payments but Im in the UK and Im not expecting Apple Pay anytime soon…

    • According to Apple, Apple Pay’s NFC payments should be compatible with nearly any contactless payment terminal, though as you stated, it will be a while before you can expect Apple Pay to arrive to the UK.

      • Simon Moorhouse

        Thank you sir….

      • Rob Bricknell

        Don’t hold your breath!, still waiting for iTunes radio here in UK

      • Simon Moorhouse

        I know! Pretty poor really when the US has had it for over a year… It could be a very long time before we see Apple Pay ‘this side of the pond.

      • iNeedANameHere

        It’s not that great anyway. Doesn’t play any songs I hadn’t already heard before elsewhere so it’s not great for discovery. As for variety of songs it plays about 10-15 of the same songs over and over every day.

      • No problem.

      • Logan-Seth Webb

        Would “arriving in the UK” be allowing nfc’s in the UK to accept it, or allowing UK banks to be compatible? For instance, if I have a credit card from the U.S. connected with pay, can I use it in the UK right away, or will I have to wait on Apple to specifically allow it?

  • Just lightly hold your iPad Air 2 close to the contactless card reader for a quick and painless payment. Right…about that…

  • Jason B

    Is the ability to start using loyalty cards going to come with the upgrade to Apple Pay? I’d like to stop using my current loyalty card app (Keyring).

  • Is Whole Foods the only grocery store compatible with Apple Pay?

  • NeftyCorrea

    Lol I found a way to go back to 8.0.2 messing around with my phone then went back to 8.1 beta 2 I when to general reset delete all content and setting and restarted the phone then factory reset to iOS 8.0.2 then updated back to 8.1 beta 2

  • Jason Fuchs

    I downloaded iOS 8.1 beta 2 and don’t see Apple Pay. Am I missing something?