Google began the rollout of its latest iOS app, News & Weather, Tuesday afternoon in the App Store. The newest in Google’s collection of 43 apps on iOS, News & Weather displays news headlines on a variety of topics and features a detailed weather forecast view for cities of your choice.

News & Weather, which is rolling out in multiple countries, packs quite a large amount of customization in the way of personalized content, and users’ settings appear to sync with their Google account. Until now, this app was only available to owners of Android devices.

News & Weather provides headlines and articles from 65,000 publications and organizes them by categories including Top Stories, Technology, Science, and others. The layout of this information can be customized by country and personal preference, with the option to tap on a headline for articles, opinion stories, and local perspectives.

This release of News & Weather comes shortly after Google updated its Gmail and Chrome iOS apps for iPhone 6 and iOS 8 support.

News & Weather is rolling out in the App Store now and is available as a free download. Depending on your location, you might have to wait a little bit to be able to download this app.

[App Store via 9to5mac]

  • Al

    Not sure why Google announced this app. The Google Search app provides News & Weather… Better to update that app rather than rolling a new app that won’t really gain any traction.

    I already have an RSS feed app and a Weather app. FYI… Anyone looking for an awesome RSS Feed app… Been waiting on Reeder 2 update, I discovered Fiery Feeds.. has support for 6/6+.

    • I think it’s part of their “throw a bunch of crap against the wall and see what sticks” strategy.

      • Maxim∑

        Google has a news and weather app on android.

        And no one uses it

      • iPodDroid

        I Do

      • No that would be Facebook

      • D R

        Google’s copying Facebook’s plan for making as many different apps as possible, none of which I will ever install.

        Except Google Maps, which I only keep because Apple still uses at least 5 year old maps for Edmonton Alberta, while Google has much newer maps and regularly has their cars going around mapping new roads.

      • AnArcticMonkey

        As much as I like to mock Google for their spam Apple is heading down the same route. Game Center (failed), Newsstand (could be in iBooks), iBooks (why is it mandatory now), Podcasts (Downcast is better in my opinion, at least give the bloody option to delete it), Tips (seriously…).

        I use stocks and health but I imagine there are others who do not.

  • Justice and Malice

    I just installed this to see what it was like, and it’s very cluttered and just feels uncomfortable to use.

    • Jared

      feels like a webpage wrapped in an app to me.

      • Justice and Malice

        Yeah, it doesn’t have a good feel at all. I wanted it to be good too. Oh well

  • Shawn

    Random fact. This app on android has been updatless for quite awhile. Funny google abandoned it on their own platform and releases a better version on their rival’s platform.

    • Cyber Jethro

      It was updated on Android about a month ago. It uses the same UI, except it has a lighter theme.

      • Shawn

        Odd it hasn’t updated on my Android phone or tablet.

      • Cyber Jethro

        It might be a pending update. I have it on all my devices.

    • GzyOnline

      LOL.. There is NO DENYING the mighty power of iOS!! muahHAHAHAHA…… lol

  • Bill Mcintyre

    I just want a standalone NEWS app please.

    • GzyOnline


  • iBanks

    Still trying hard to be back as a part of iOS.

  • diggitydang

    So many Google apps are reliant on location services, which is such a battery hog, not to mention a privacy issue… the weather section doesn’t appear to show unless you turn location services on (it will also look in the background even when you aren’t in the app). I’d much rather be able to enter/indicate the city I want info for and NOT turn on the location services.

    For weather info, my vote is for Forecast+… I think it was $0.99, but so worth the battery savings (it allows you to just enter the city) and gives you a NC widget to boot. I also use Newsify for my News… not sure if that helps anyone out, but thought I’d share…

  • johnlegarcon

    Do they even have 43 apps on google play store ?

    • Kurt

      Google loves iOS

  • Matt

    I’ll stick with Yahoo weather app – thanks very much! ☺️

    • Kurt

      Same here. Best app.

  • GzyOnline

    Got it. Thanks!