Wunderlist, the increasingly popular cross-platform to-do and task list by German developer 6Wunderkinder, picked up support for cloud-based Dropbox storage in its most recent 3.1.1 update Wednesday, in addition to other enhancements designed to improve your experience.

Available free of charge in the App Store, Wunderlist for the iPhone, iPad and Mac now uses your profile picture when you sign up with Google+.

Last but not least, the app features crisper looking items on Retina HD screens on the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and packs in a few other nice-to-haves and fixes.

Dropbox is Wunderlist’s very first integration, developers said in a blog post announcing the new version. Among the most requested features, Dropbox integration allows you to access Dropbox files right alongside your to-dos within the Wunderlist app.

Wunderlist (Dropbox integration, Mac screenshot 001)

You can even Assign, Comment and prioritize all of your Dropbox files in Wunderlist, without ever using Dropbox’s main iOS client.

To start using this feature, simply open the Detail View and click the paperclip or Dropbox icon. Keep in mind that selected Dropbox files get attached as links to your to-do items.

Best of all, Wunderlist automatically syncs your files with Dropbox, ensuring that any changes made to your files on Dropbox are automatically reflected in Wunderlist.

Developers have promised to roll out more integrations in due time, starting with a Calendar feed next on their agenda.

Wunderlist 3.1.1 changelog:

  • Dropbox support: You can now add any of your Dropbox files to your to-dos for free. Just tap on the paperclip in the Detail View, then tap on ‘Dropbox’ and select your file. We’ll then add the Dropbox link to your to-do and instantly sync it across your phone, tablet and computer to.
  • We’ve also packed in a few more improvements in this update:
    • Now when you sign up with Google+, we automatically put a face to your name, using your profile picture.
    • We’ve whipped out our infamous magnifying glass to tweak those Retina HD pixels to make the Items in your lists look even better.
    • If you’re into manually syncing, you’ll see that we’ve fixed the position of the spinning cloud.
    • And finally, if you’ve sent in a crash report lately, thanks so much for you help in making Wunderlist better. We’ve got fixes for many of them coming your way.

A month ago, the app got updated with enhanced on-the-go editing of your to-dos and tasks following a major Wunderlist 3.0 release earlier in August sporting an overhauled interface and packing in more than sixty new features.

The 61.5-megabyte iPhone and iPad app requires iOS 7.0 or later. Wunderlist is also available on Android and through the web interface. The Mac edition of Wunderlist is available through the Mac App Store.

[App Store via Wunderlist Blog]

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      You can sent through here
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  • Shorttyy713

    I wish the Copy app from baracuda comapny could support this.

  • Tommmy

    The app is shit as a to-do list and here’s why:

    – No month view. Seriously, wtf?!
    – No possibility to add items from week view.
    – The repeat/reminder option is bugged as hell. Set a reminder to 22:30, the app reminded me at 23:00. The item had an everyday repeat option. Deleted the item, created a new one, set repeat everyday, marked as “done”, and instead of appearing for tomorrow it just disappeared. Created new one, disappeared again. Turned on wi-fi, and the whole bunch of items I’ve created suddenly appeared.
    – The due date set interface should have the names of the days (Monday, Tuesday, etc.).

    The only reason to use this crap is because it badges items BEFORE the reminder (unlike iOS reminders app).

    • Tommmy

      One more thing:
      The widget works… sometimes. I can’t figure out how it decides which stuff to show and which not to.