The iPhone 5c was such a failure that it was the best selling phone in Britain (don’t call it UK) during the month of August, not only outselling the Galaxy S5 by a large margin, but also the iPhone 5s.

Research firm Kantar has the exact numbers:

The iPhone 5c was the best selling phone in Britain in August with 8.9% share, outselling the flagship iPhone 5s with 7.6% and the Samsung Galaxy S5 with 6.0%.

iPhone 5c remains a misunderstood and underestimated device.

  • Domodo

    And Lumia 520 was the best selling phone in Australia in January. Another bogus, meaningless statistic.

    • Since when can’t an Apple blog brag about Apple sales statistics?

      • Domodo

        I’m just commenting on an article they wrote and pointing out how meaningless this statistic is. Why so defensive?

      • Because you questioned it on an Apple blog, it may be pointless but I just pointed out why It was posted the first place.

      • Domodo

        Where did I say they shouldn’t post these things? Oh wait, I didn’t, I merely stated my opinion regarding THE SUBJECT of the article, while you defencively flipped the subject and started crying about how this is an Apple blog, DESPITE THE FACT I never actually denied it or anything of the sort. Quite pathetic.
        Stick to the subject.

      • The subject was the sales number on a device, in which a lot of people thought was a ‘flop’. You assumed no-one cared about the article stating how meaningless those numbers were. You were wrong because obviously people do care. That number proves it was not a flop. That is the SUBJECT of this article

      • Domodo

        And you somehow seem to know what I assumed when I said that sale numbers are meaningless?
        Nowhere did I claim nobody cared. That is what YOU think I assumed and it only proves your lack of ability to comprehend writtend language.
        The iPhone 5C being the best selling device in one month in one country doesn’t mean it is not a flop.

      • Next time try. “These sales numbers are meaningless in my opinion” or something of the sort. That would have been much better.

      • Domodo

        Stating “in my opinion” in a comment section is redundant. Next time try not to flip the subject and randomly ASSUME what the other person meant if that assumption is miles away from reality.

      • No it isn’t redundant, because facts can be stated/posted in comments too.

      • Domodo

        This was clearly an opinion.

      • It wasn’t clear because you stated facts in the same comment…

      • Domodo

        I used that fact to express my opinion how sale numbers are meaningless.
        Can you, please, stop digging yourself in further and further? After I said that sale numbers mean nothing, you flipped the subject how this is an Apple blog and they can post whatever they want, even though I never said otherwise. Then after I offered other statistics to back up my point, you went on to say how this isn’t a Toyota blog, or a Windows blog, even though that wasn’t my point. And now you flip the subject for the third time saying I stated something as a fact when I clearly did not.
        Please practice your reading comprehension skills to prevent these mistakes from happening.

      • So fact then opinion, or two facts? confusing.

      • Domodo

        And since when can’t I point out how those statistics are meaningless?

    • HooDatty

      Not too bitter eh? Time for a nap.

      • Domodo

        Nah, just pointing out that sales prove nothing. Toyotas are most popular cars, Windows is the most popular desktop OS, etc

      • Toyota and windows stats won’t be posted on an Apple blog so there is a difference.. You come to an Apple blog you get Apple statistics and news. Whats your point? Did you forget what site you came to?

      • Domodo

        How many times do I need to repeat myself? Is eng your second language because if it is I can understand.
        I don’t give a flying spaghetti what they post on their site, I am commenting how meaningless sale numbers are.
        Do I need to say it again?
        Sales prove nothing.
        Understand now?
        I am talking about the SUBJECT of the article. You, however, apparently live in your own bubble.

      • Just because they are meaningless to you doesn’t mean no-one else cares. The world doesn’t revolve around you so the site can post what ever Apple related material they want to. Do you understand that? I hope so.

      • Domodo

        “…doesn’t mean no one else cares. The world doesn’t revolve…” Again you with your defensive attitude, subject flipping and cheap shots.
        How many times do I have to say I AM NOT writing about WHY they posted it, BUT WHAT they posted.
        In what language do I have to say it?

      • You can say it until you are blue in the face if you’d like.

      • Domodo

        And you still wouldn’t understand. Pretty sad actually.

      • I understand where your coming from but there was no reason to boldly state that it was a “Another bogus, meaningless statistic.” Especially when it was only your opinion.

      • Domodo

        The reason for me stating my opinion about sales numbers is the article about sales numbers.
        What is the reason for you claiming I said that no one cared, even though I didn’t say that?

      • Its not that you said no-one cared but you implied it with the term meaningless.

      • Domodo

        Meaningless implies lack of meaning, not lack of interest.

      • You assumed that no one needed to know these facts? Seems as you also thought no one cared either.

      • Domodo

        I didn’t assume anything, that’s kind of the point.
        I simply stated my opinion that sales numbers prove nothing. No assumptions, no claims, simply an opinion.
        And the part about it being my opinion goes without saying.

  • iPhone 5c. It shouldn’t exist. Apple gave an option for a cheaper phone. And they mislead consumers.

    Most people thought it was an iPhone 5s in a plastic shell. They never thought it was an iPhone 5 with slight upgrades.

    • Domodo

      That’s Apple for you. Yeee the best company on the planet. lol

      • Cameron Chao

        i dont think theres enough proof of apple cheating its consumers, meanwhile, samsung fakes benchmarks tests and pays reviewers to write them good reviews. Apple is one of the most straight forward companies around, they show true transparency most of the time.

      • Domodo

        How is samsung cheating their consumers? Are the benchmarks somehow showing results the device isn’t capable of achieving? Apple doesn’t pay reviewers? well, you be the judge of that.

      • Cameron Chao

        overclocking benchmarks are misleading consumers. Just like what Sergey said and you giving him that response. No news of Apple paying reviewers and a company like Apple who rarely has any involvement in sponsorship advertising it is hard to see them actually going that route.

      • Domodo

        Images speak louder than words.

      • Cameron Chao

        and what image would that be?

      • Domodo

        The one this miserable comment system failed to upload.

        deveshsahai com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/thevergedoublestandard.jpg

      • Cameron Chao

        where is the image? the welcome to 2012 one? i just see that and the rest are words, whats your point? EDIT: are you talking about the verge review? are you truly accusing the verge of being a paid reviewer? Theres such an obvious reason for that, note 3 back then, too big, now mentality changes, credit to samsung for that.

      • Domodo

        One year isn’t enough to change mentality. The market is filled with large, thin phones for years now, and yet, mentality suddenly changed when Apple come out with their version? The bias is obvious, paid, or maybe simply the reviewer being naive, it’s there.

      • Cameron Chao

        Samsung sales with the note line alone is enough to change mentality over their weekend release, your point is invalid, the verge are an up to date tech site, they know how many people appreciated the large screen, replace what they said about apple with what they said about the note 3 first release, eg, “iphone 6 plus is too big” people will think they are mad, since many like the large size now, and many phone companies have those phablet sizes, not back in note 3. Was that so hard to use logic with? Edit: Hold with one hand and Use with one hand are actually very different. iPhone 6 plus is still too hard to use with one hand in at least half the situations. Read carefully as well.

      • Domodo

        Holding the phone and using the phone go hand in hand. Nobody is using the phone without holding it, and holding it without using it is pointless. People loved large screens back then as well which is why Apple decided to join the party.
        Besides, saying that one device is absurdly big and cannot be used with one hand, but later saying that an even larger device can be held in one hand is an indicator of pure bias.

      • Antzboogie


      • Antzboogie

        Yes, benchmarks are showing results The Samsung device isn’t capable of. Thats why its called cheating. They are ltrying to trick people into believing their Samsung device does more when it actually does less. The s5 is actually a good device, but the cheating is stupid.

      • Domodo

        Benchmarks are NOT showing results the device isn’t capable of achieving, rather the device automatically overclocks itself when it detects a benchmark is running, thus a better score. Not cheating, just misleading because in every day use, the device would never overclock itself so much. Big difference.

      • Cameron Chao

        misleading and cheating are actually very interchangeable terms in this scenario here, you get someone who might buy the phone because of looking at benchmarks (or advising others to buy it). Then upon getting the phone they realize theres performance issues whatever they are doing, gaming/browsing etc, and realize other phones in the benchmark list perform better in the issue in question… would they feel cheated? i know i would.

    • This is exactly why I say the iPhone 5c is misunderstood

      Well to be clear, it’s misunderstood by tech geeks.

      • The 5c is a great device and even an upgrade to the 5. Even down to the more durable plastic housing. It feels a lot like an 3G/3Gs. I too think its misunderstood buy a lot of people and was never meant to be the cheaper budget phone.

    • Chang in Charge

      Who did they mislead and how? And who thought that this phone was a 5s in a plastic shell?

    • Rowan09

      Apple never said they were going to release a budget device it was investors.

      • Chang in Charge

        Exactly and I didn’t find anything misleading about the way they marketed this device

    • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

      They no they didn’t, they clearly stated that it was the iPhone 5 in “unapologeticly plastic” with some enhancements. The 5c exist to clearly deferentiate between the 5c and 5s for which the original 5 was sacrificed.

  • Squeeze

    Britain is depressingly boring. If you don’t go to London you might as well cry yourself to sleep. I’d probably kill myself out of boredom if I actually had to live outside of London

    • TJ

      you clearly haven’t travelled the length and breadth of Great Britain then have you. More exists to Britain besides London you know.

    • dialogueanalog

      How ignorant if you. Well done.

  • 5s best of 6+

  • Jimmy Velletta

    Off topic, but doesn’t anyone else confuse the on/off button with the volume buttons on the iPhone 6? Lol for some reason I think volume switches should be on the right… It’s happening a lot

    • Since the beginning of time the volume buttons on any iPhone were on the left. Not sure why you’d think other wise now lol. The sim tray used to be on the top though.

      • Jimmy Velletta

        Haha I know I’ve had every iPhone. This bigger screen just makes me want to click the right side for some reason, very weird… Maybe used to my iPad mini, I don’t know.

      • That could be what it is because on every iPad the volume buttons are on the right.

      • Harold

        It happens the same to me. Ugh

  • Itzkhaoz

    5c has been out in U.S for little over a year now and I’ve only seen maybe 5 people with it lol.

  • Jonathan

    5c was best selling on the 13th, at 9:15 AM. 😛

  • TwinSon

    To the technologically inclined, yea maybe it’s a mystery. To the average consumer, it’s an iPhone without the big price tag and color options. It still amazes me that people buy it, but we already know why.

    Samsung just taking hits left and right.

  • Martin

    Yeah, all of my friends and classmates adapted to 5c really fast. Now they keep posting pictures everywhere showing off their iPhone 6’s boxes and asking for numbers. Dumb on another level. Y no use iCloud?

    • Antzboogie

      iCloud is not safe.

      • Martin

        At least it copies contacts to other devices

  • Paul

    I owned a Macbook 2006 as my first apple product. Loved it immediately. Then upgraded to an imac mid 2011. Never bought an iPhone because in my country (Ecuador) for you to understand there are no subsidised iphones. So you have to pay nowadays 1300 u$d for a 16 gb iphone 6. The 5c was the more price conscious phone to buy a few months ago. It had 6 months old since it’s launch against the i5. And its price was 630 u$d unlocked, against 1000 u$d that the i5s, not to mention the gold one ( that was around 100 to 200 u$d more than the grey or white 16gb one). That said the 5c was for a first owner of an iPhone that wanted his apple devices work together. Without the hype its cost was the most reasonable buy and imho it’s design it’s nice minimalist and doesn’t bend hahaha. I might be crazy but I’m waitong to buy a 64gb 6C next year. Sure won’t bend.

    • Paul

      You read it right 6c hahaha

  • Burge

    That should be “don’t call it England”. Because it’s all the UK ( United Kingdom ) or GB ( Great Britain )

  • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

    Wow and their just publishing these statistics now. This is old news.

  • blastingbigairs

    Cheap and functional, of course it was.

  • Hyr3m

    According to your link, “Britain” is Wales and England… so basically what you’re saying is “f*ck Scotland and Northern Ireland”?

  • mav3rick

    After a year 5c is still “misunderstood”…

  • Salas U

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