Apple’s second-generation iPad Air will be offered in Gold, in addition to Space Gray and Silver colorways, according to a Bloomberg report Wednesday corroborating earlier rumors. Adding a gold color option is one way to “goose sales,” according to people familiar with the plans.

The iPad Air 2 should be unveiled at a media event expected sometime in October. Bloomberg’s sources with knowledge of the situation have also added that a rumored ‘iPad Pro’ with a 12.9-inch display “won’t be introduced until next year”.

The iPad Air 2 is said to feature a slightly thinner design than its predecessor, incorporate Touch ID, NFC with Apple Pay and run Apple’s in-house designed A8 chip which debuted on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

At any rate, offering upcoming iPads in Space Gray, Silver and Gold would bring the Apple tablet in line with the existing iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which are offered in same color options.

That being said, I’m not entirely convinced that Gold would look appealing on a full-size 9.7-inch tablet, though I could be wrong. In years past, I used to buy my devices in white, because white is elegant.

ipad mini 2 gold

The release of the iPhone 5s has prompted me to change my mind: now I’m in love with Space Gray. Another reason to go Space Gray: it’s only offered on devices with a black front, making them look more seamless and attractive.

I can’t really imagine buying a new iPhone or iPad in any color other than Space Gray. Not only are Silver and Gold options overused, having a white faceplate also distracts from enjoying my media, unlike the Space Gray backplate + black front combo.

By the way, the Apple Watch will be offered in an 18-karat gold edition.


  • John Wolf

    I agree with the article, the space grey with black face is just beautiful. That’s what I always buy.

    • Guest

      yeah i’ve always found the white /silver and gold too girly

      • Steve R.

        I don’t consider the silver to be “girly,” the gold kinda is lol

  • have_gun_will_travel

    I bought a gold 5S, but have a space gray 6 Plus coming. Not sure I could go with a gold iPad. I’m not ready for an update, anyway. My current iPad Air is still working just fine.

  • Matt Taylor

    I disagree. I think iOS 7/8 is very light and airy and built to complement a white bezel! I also rather like the gold as it’s very warming and is different to the typical mundane color scheme of technology. I really wasn’t sure at first but after buying the gold 5s and finding it works very well with various color cases I now like it a lot and can’t imaging going back to depressing dark colors :-p

    • Chang in Charge

      idk I had the gold 5s and I don’t think the gold 6 or 6 plus looks as good as the 5s.

      • Matt Taylor

        Not seen a gold 6 but can imagine you’re right… The 5s is a very elegant phone! I don’t like the design of the 6 at all and find it ugly and displeasing to the eye… Especially those horrible antenna lines :-/ nasty

      • Harold

        I agree with you. My friends and i went to buy it the same day it launched for the first time and they got the gold one and i got the black one. I think the gold one looks ugly on the iphone 6. Not ugly on the 5s tho.

    • Cameron Chao

      i completely agree with you matt, I first got the white 3GS and thought it was a welcome change to the typical black technology, ever since then ive only stuck to white apple products, half of my belief is that apple products are meant to be in white, the other half likes how it looks with cases.

    • Kurt

      To me black is outdated. Considering how much iDevices look. I feel I’m holding a device from 2007ish. White devices still seem modern/new to me. I hope Apple ditches the flat white/flat black and put a subtle design like I have on my phone. It’s not really noticeable but when I do notice it I really like it and has that premium look.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Agreed. Checkthis render out. I think looks much better then the current design.

      • Kurt

        I don’t like the two tone look, but this is Absolutely better and it brings out the metal rim around the camera and flash. Nice detail.

  • Jamessmooth

    Here’s hoping for that iPad Pro. Still not sure why so many people are against the design of the new iPhones, I really like them. I think they look sleek and elegant myself. All in all I’m just glad they released a 5.5″ screen… now I can’t imagine being without it!

  • Keith S.

    NFC in a tablet? What’s the point of that? Who’s going to pick up a 10″/13″ tablet and hold it up to a reader at a store?

    • I assume it will be same folks who are gonna use those humongous iPads to take photos and selfies.

  • Kurt

    Should compare the m8 instead of the m7 in the picture. Looks even thinner.

  • Gary LE

    Why dont they make MORE COLOR choices!!!!!???? Think about how many more customers they can draw in! Why only gold!?