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References to new iPad models with Touch ID support and a settings page for Apple Pay have been discovered hidden in the just-released beta of iOS 8.1. Developer Hamza Sood posted the evidence on Twitter this evening, in the form of three screenshot images.

The first two images, which you can see above, show a new Passbook pane in the Settings app for setting up Apple Pay, as well as a Privacy Policy page for the new mobile payment service. In the page, Apple outlines what user data it collects, and what it does with it.

The third image shows code string from iOS 8.1 labeled ABOUT_PAYMENT_TEXT_IPAD, and the text reads ‘Pay with iPad using Touch ID. With Apple Pay, you no longer need to type card numbers and shipping information.’ This not only suggests that Apple has iPads with built-in Touch ID sensors in the pipeline, but that they will also support Apple Pay (for online/in-app shopping, not in-store payments).

When Apple announced its new payment system in early September, it said that it was aiming for an October launch. We’re also expecting new iPads with Touch IDs to be unveiled next month, so it seems likely that Apple plans to have iOS 8.1 ready by then as well.

[Hamza Sood]

  • Merman123

    Paying with an iPad. Now that’s a scene I’d like to witness.

    • iNeedANameHere

      I’d like to see Apple’s “easier than a card” video demo like in the iPhone 6 Keynote. Haha

      PS: Edit. Like the article says though I feel it’ll probably just be for in app shopping.

    • John

      What about receiving payments via an iPad…like those cafes that have POS systems on iPads?

  • Alex Blaha

    Yaaaaa… I don’t know about Pay on the iPad. Might me kinda awkward, and kind of a nuisance to pull it out of your bag or whatever to pay for something. Maybe they are just testing it. I don’t really see this happening though, or maybe it will, but then again I can’t see anybody using it.

    • Fanboy 

      Read the article man

      • Alex Blaha

        I did? That doesn’t change my comment.

      • Fanboy 

        You didn’t, because the article never said anything about pulling an iPad out of your bag at a physical retail store. States it would be for online shopping.

      • Alex Blaha

        Oh, well would you look at that, I missed the statement in brackets. Well, I’m going to try to get more sleep tonight, thanks for pointing that out kind sir, my bad.

      • Fanboy 

        *Parentheses, not brackets 🙂 haha ok i’ll stop trolling you, don’t want you to stop visiting this awesome site just because some asshole (me) is being a jerk 😀

      • Alex Blaha

        Baha, don’t worry, I’m the same way.

  • Jonathan

    lol fail Apple. xD

  • Tiena

    I don’t see the problem lol…. At school doing some studying with my iPad; need to buy a drink maybe a snack. iPad’s already out, so why not?

  • Haha, Apple is out to make tablet-sized credit cards a norm, just like they made tablet photography a norm…

    • John

      Your second point, about the payment receiver, was actually mentioned in another forum and voted up quite highly…yet somehow, I dont think Apple will open it up until iOS 9.

  • sosarozay300

    how do people get access to the secret menus? do they use emulators on their pcs or what?