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Apple has teamed up with Colette, the famous Parisian boutique, on a promotional event involving a “one day only experience” on September 30 from 11:00am to 7:00pm local time at the at fashion retailer’s gallery on rue Saint-Honoré in Paris, French blog Macplus reported Monday [Google Translate].

At the same time, members of the company’s industrial design team are headed to Paris Fashion Week, vaguely indicating that the company’s wearable device, the Apple Watch, could play a role at the semi-annual clothing trade show.

The one-day event is being teased on the official Colette website with graphics seen below that doesn’t seem to offer much in terms of details right now.

Colette’s three-story 8,000 square feet concept store in Paris features an exhibition space, bookshop and even a water bar serving more than a hundred brands of bottled water.

Colette store (Paris 001)

As the Apple Watch is being billed as a fashionable wearable device, the promotional event with the brick-and-click clothing and accessory retailer would make sense, even more so in light of Apple’s hiring of the fashion-conscious (former) Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who as SVP of Retail now manages both Apple’s online and offline stores.

While we’re speculating, Apple and Coulette may be planning to demo Apple Pay with Apple Watch, or perhaps show off third-party fashionable watch bands for the product.

The seven bigger dots in the center of the invitation seen below resemble somewhat the Apple Watch’s zoomed out Home screen.

Apple and Colette (invite 001)

Fashion Week is currently held in the Carrousel du Louvre, as well as at various other venues throughout Paris. It’s also curious that a few Apple designers departed for Paris Fashion Week yesterday, as noted by MacRumors forum member ”Rogifan“.

The designers apparently travelled with Apple’s chief of all design Jony Ive and newly-hired Marc Newson on the private jet Ive bought from Steve Jobs’s widow.

Mikael Silvanto (Apple Watch 002)

Apple industrial design team member Mikael Silvanto has even shared photographs on Instagram taken aboard the plane (above) and in Paris (below). One particular image seen right below pictures Silvanto wearing Apple Watch at a meal, a cigarette in his mouth.

Even more curiously, Silvanto took the photos and his whole Instagram private soon after Apple blogs shared his images. Maybe because of the cigarette?

Mikael Silvanto (Apple Watch 001)

At any rate, at least we can ascertain that prominent Apple designers and their Apple Watches are now in Paris. Whether or not they’re headed to the Colette event tomorrow or for Paris Fashion Week, which runs from September 23 through October 1, is anyone’s guess.

I will be surprised if the Apple Watch doesn’t get some significant stage time during Paris Fashion Week (I think the gizmo will be the star of the show) given Apple saw fit to dispatch its brightest designers to Paris.

Apple Watch is due in early-2015 starting at $349, but the company is yet to start accepting pre-orders for the device.

Let the speculation game begin: if you have your own theory about these developments, feel free to chime in with your observations down in the comments.

[Macplus, Colette and MacRumors Forum]

  • hkgsulphate

    did i see the word fashion…..?

    • Ваше Онтатиле Масвибилили

      yes you did

  • Shox Pavillian

    It doesn’t matter how much endorsement this shxt gets. It won’t change the fact that this watch is butt ugly. You’d actually have to pay me to wear this watch. It’s that ugly.

    • Maxim∑

      You cant judge something based on renders… Apple still has a few months to make changes anyway

      • “You cant judge something based on renders…”

        Haha, Apple fans will bend just about any logic to suit Apple. Seriously, what do you think online store galleries were made for?

        Either ways, I don’t think it’s butt ugly, I think it’s slightly more beautiful than a kid’s V-Tech watch

      • Maxim∑

        You’re right, the Gwatch metal brick with the corroded pogo pins or the gear live that Samsung purposely did a bad job on is much nicer looking. Or I guess we have the 360 running on a 4 year old processor which prior to the update has poor performance and battery life.

        But hey a Milanese watch strap connected to an 18k gold watch with flexible OLED panel is a fisher price toy. I want more fisher price toys then.

        Never seen someone by the way buy a watch based on renders, as you would say “that’s what a stores for”.

      • I like how you went off to talking about specs in the case of the Moto 360 (diverging from the fasion talk), and went to compare with an olden days G Watch variant despite the G Watch R (http://engt co/1vs3v2l) being available.

        But hey, if Apple doesn’t have such non-smartwatch-looking design available, then they can’t be considered way more beautiful…

      • Maxim∑

        I had the Gwatch, and within a month a new model came… The R looks ridiculous with the metal ring around a digital display… Yes the 360 does look better than the iWatch. I’ve used and seen the 360 in real life though not the iWatch

        And LG has ANOTHER! watch coming with 3G and a larger display similar to the new gear

      • Just ’cause a new device is released doesn’t make your old one defective…if you always need to have the latest gadget, you really need to live your mama’s basement and see the world around you.

        Regarding the looks of the R, it’s all subjective, but I think the ring makes it look more like a normal wristwatch more than any other SmartWatch, which is great for a SmartWatch IMO. BTW, Jony Ive indirectly agrees with my opinion

    • Slifur

      At least it’s not butthurt samsung fan lurking around an apple blogsite like you.

      • Shox Pavillian

        Rolls eyes. Not even gonna step on this trap lol.

    • Geoffrey Spencer

      That is YOUR opinion. It does not mean Apple will not sell many of the devices. I do not find it as ugly as you say it is and I may still get one but with the band of my choice.

      • Shox Pavillian

        True, it is my opinion. Lost myself a little in the first comment. Probably shouldn’t have said it’s fact. Just shocked this is what Apple came up with considering they pride themselves on aesthetic quality.

    • thomas

      Apple products started being ugly when they switched from black to space grey. Don’t get me started on the ugly lines on the iPhone 6. At this point we’re buying for productivity rather than for looks

  • Ian Leon

    Look at the lady with the apple glasses In the background

  • Matt

    I love the design of it. And I bet in real life it looks even better … Just like the iPhone 6

  • onesimpleclik

    is anyone a pickpocket? that watch could be a target 😉

    • Jason Masters

      If someone did steal that watch they could fence it fast and make a handsome profit maybe gizmodo would buy it perhaps?

  • alexanderm

    350 usd is a lot

    • Jason Masters

      That’s just the base model wait till you want gold or perhaps carbon fiber then you’ll shell out a cool 1000 or more

  • Austin Beaty

    I’m more interested by the woman in the back. “I can’t figure out how to use these sunglasses. Better call fashion support”