iPhone 6 Plus Home landscape

Apple is using two accelerometers in both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, Chipworks has discovered in its extensive teardowns of the two handsets. The first is the three-axis BMA280 accelerometer, made by Bosch, and the second is believed to be InvenSense’s six-axis MPU-6700.

Why two? Interestingly enough, Chipworks believes that Apple decided to go with two accelerometers to improve power management and overall user experience. The InvenSense is more sensitive, and can do more things, than the Bosch, but it also draws a lot more power.

What this means is that for gaming and other applications that require “sophisticated inertial sensing capabilities,” the iPhone will use the InvenSense. But for more simple tasks, like rotating the screen to match its orientation or tracking footsteps, the iPhone will use the Bosch.

This remarkable engineering trick results not only in less power consumption, but also a more streamlined user experience. The Bosch accelerometer has a significantly faster cold start up time than the InvenSense—3ms vs. 30ms, respectively—meaning users see less of a delay.

Apple introduced the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus during its September 9th keynote event. Both handsets feature larger displays, better battery life, and thinner hardware than their predecessor, the iPhone 5s, and both launched around the world last week in record-breaking numbers.

[Chipworks via MacRumors]

  • Rowan09

    I played Beach Buggy Racing and the accelerometer is definitely better than my 5s. I had better control when driving.

  • jack

    Nice article but “This remarkable engineering trick” is just too much.. Ppl in engineering do stuff like that all the time friends

    • Fanboy 

      YES THANK YOU. Liked the article but thought that line was too much lol

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      Yet the attention to detail is amazing (yes i know many companies do it).
      Atleast they are trying to maximize battery life while still keeping the phone thin enough (thinness is totally a subjective topic).

      I am gonna buy a Macbook Air soon because it gives a 12hr battery backup. I have even owned a Dell Studio series laptop with 9 cell battery (it bulges out from back), but still i got only 3.4-4.5 hrs max. So i believe, other device makers should also do something to increase efficiency at every point possible.

  • Aden Bauer

    unrelated, but are you guys doing a proper review for the 6 and 6+ soon?

  • Guest

    My Reachability isn’t working

    • Dany Quirion

      Did you update to ios 8.0.2

  • Danial

    MKBHD said it best if apple made a slightly ticker iPhone 6

    1. There would be no ugly protruding camera.

    2. No bending issue or changing shape in people’s pockets.

    3. And they could use better battery and not doing this kind useless power management because iPhone 6 battery still sucks compare to other phones and Samsung will still call apple users wall hugger.

    • Dany Quirion

      What the hell? The battery is AMAZING it never ever lastest that long

    • Juan Flores

      I have the iPhone 6 & 6+
      Both batteries last quote significantly than previous iPhones.
      I’ve had both on 100% for at least 3-4 hours each before going to 99% during normal use like text and use of web.
      So I don’t think Samsung will continue with its wall hunger campaign ad.

    • Maxim∑

      I have the 6 and it makes it through the whole day (and I’ve been using it like crazy).

      You obviously just read the title I can see

    • Rowan09

      Do you own any of these phones? The 6+ has almost a 3000 mAh battery how much bigger do you need it to be? The battery life on the 6+ is great (don’t own the 6), but every company does some form of power management. Samsung has the gray scale or battery saver mode on their devices as well.

    • Beta382

      I completely agree with you. A slightly thinker phone could do all these things. They are rediculously thin as it is, going back to they thickness of, say, the 5S would be wonderful.

      I don’t understand the hate you’re getting in the replies with regards to battery life. Just because the new phones have improved batteries doesn’t mean that they can’t be further improved. In fact, on paper (and from Apple’s given usage times), the 6 (not plus) has only a marginally better battery than the 5S, and my 5S doesn’t last all day (mainly because I do a fair bit of gaming). I wouldn’t be able to last a whole day with the 6 either. 6+, yeah, I probably could.

      Battery life is one of the top consumer concerns. It’s getting harder and harder to pack more juice into the same size package. Increasing the length-width can net you some small gains inherently, but increasing thickness will give you so much more power-per-mm-increase. It’s the larger face.

      So yeah, I totally agree with all you said, and the people giving you hate are missing the point.

      • Ben Klaiber

        An iPhone the thickness of the 5s, with the dimensions of either the 6 or the 6 plus would be a giant slab in the hand. The phone is already too large in most dimensions, and making it even thicker would just really kill it’s appeal completely for me.

        The horrible rounded sides have removed the ability to stand the phone on it’s side, which was invaluable for watching netflix in most places. The odd dimensions and huge length make it very uncomfortable to wear in my pockets already as well..

        The thinness is the one redeeming quality at the moment, other than that gorgeous screen, the faster processor and the additional screen real estate benefits.

    • JayDee917

      I have a 6 (until my 6+ arrives) and agree with you, I couldn’t last a full day with the 5s and still can’t with the 6.

    • Ashish Maheshwari

      If they do it, they’ll do it because they want to, not because Samsung calls them wall hugger.
      I find it funny that all companies (samsung, microsoft and now even PayPal) feel threatened by Apple, releasing ads to mock their products rather than show the useful features of their own products. I have till date never seen an Apple ad taking a dig at other products.

  • Ian Leon

    I think that this is something where we will see the application of the hardware in iOS 9. Much like how the iPhone 5 had an AirDrop capable wifi chip and AirDrop only showed up after the iOS 7 update

  • Fanboy 

    I immediately noticed that my iPhone 6 changed orientation almost instantly, but I thought it was due to an iOS 8 trick! Love my iPhone 6 🙂

  • iNeedANameHere

    I have the iPhone 6 and as of this posting I took my iPhone off the charger around 7:00 AM today. I have been using my iPhone heavily today. The same usage my iPhone 5S would be dead about 2:30/3:00 PM. The time now is 6:00 PM and my iPhone 6 is on 38%. However Apple has extended this battery life, bigger battery, power management, or both, I’m very pleased with it.

    • JayDee917

      I’m not seeing much of any improvement on my iPhone 6 over my 5s. I take it off the charger around 6am and it’s usually dead by 6pm at night. Pretty disappointing. Luckily, I have a 6+ on it’s way to finally cure my weak battery life woes.