The App Store has been updated Saturday afternoon with an “Apps for Health” section in the Featured tab, which lists several apps that use iOS 8’s Health app to aggregate health and fitness data into a unified location for users.

After delaying HealthKit-compatible apps due to a critical bug in the first version of iOS 8, Apple released iOS 8.0.2 on Thursday and quickly began approving apps that take advantage of the health-tracking features the following day. Now, Apple has created this new section in an effort to promote apps that have received their HealthKit updates.

Although there may be more out there – and more are sure to come – Apple has 14 apps listed, and we’ve compiled them below with links to each.

Apps compatible with HealthKit:

See also:

If you happen to run across any HealthKit-ready apps not listed here, please let us know and provide a link via email at tips@idownloadblog.com or in the comments below.

  • The_Kingfish

    MyFitnessPal just updated to be compatible.

  • Robert Bernstein

    Thanks for posting this. Your header before the list of apps reads “Apps compatible with HeathKit”, not “HealthKit” – you’re missing the “L” in Health.

  • Fanboy 

    RunKeeper where are youuuu

  • Obsidian71

    FitPort gets slapped in the face

  • H.E. Pennypacker

    man i really just hope that Jawbone’s UP and UP Coffee apps are updated for compatibility. Between those two and MyFitnessPal I would love to compile a comprehensive-ish snapshot of my logging all in one place instead of hopping back and forth

  • Eddie Jhay

    Hopefully the Nike FuelBand is compatible with the HealthKit App….

  • n0ahcruz3

    In other news, any links to “The Fappening 3”? Giggity

  • Jiří Málek

    I’m kinda dissapointed how apps use HealthKit. MyFitnessPal doesn’t sync steps with HealthKit nor does weight. 🙁

  • Franklin Richards

    Can we have an App list for Apps that have extensions please? = )
    Thank you!

  • DorHirschel

    Sleep Cycle ; Moves- where you at?

    • Falk M.

      I miss Moves, it was a great app. 🙁

  • Chris Wagers

    Garmin connect now connects with health kit

    • Corey Johnson

      I tried to get them connected, is there something I’m missing? I updated to latest version of Garmin Connect and see no option to export to Health app.

      • Chris Wagers

        Hey Corey I ened up uninstalling and reinstalling garmin connect and I think when I paired my VivoFit to the connect app is when it asked me. If that doesn’t work for you let me know and I’ll redo it all again and tell you step by step. Hopefully it works for ya though.

  • I feel the same way as many of you here. It seems like the majority of the apps that I already used for fitness tracking aren’t supported (yet, hopefully?). The entire Runtastic app suite, Withings, and Sleep Cycle (the number one app in the US store for who knows how long) aren’t supported, but I’d imagine that it’s only a matter of time. I’m curious to see what the vetting process is for these apps, and why this batch specifically was the first to be released.

  • 4pp1e

    Nike app is the best suggestion from an athlete