bent smartphones

Consumer Reports says the new iPhones “aren’t as bendy as believed,” after testing both handsets, alongside other top smartphones. Using a three-point flexural test, the outlet found that the iPhone 6 can withstand 70 pounds of pressure before deforming, and the 6 Plus can take up to 90.

That was good enough to beat HTC’s One (M8)—which makes this bendgate tweet a bit ironic—but both iPhones still finished well behind the LG G3 and Samsung’s Note 3. The bottom line, though, is Consumer Reports says it expects “that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

Given the publication’s authority in testing consumer products, and history of Apple criticism, this essentially puts an end to the ongoing bendgate controversy. Yes, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus will become deformed when a large amount of pressure is applied, but so will most other smartphones.

Shortly after Apple launched its new iPhones last week, a handful of reports surfaced of users claiming that their devices had become warped while in their pockets. The issue went viral thanks to this YouTube video, but Apple said in an official statement it had only received 9 actual complaints.

On Thursday, the Cupertino firm gave a handful of journalists a sneak peek inside its iPhone testing facility, where it attempts to “break its handsets before consumers do.” Apple says it performed more than 15,000 durability tests on the 6 and 6 Plus before deciding to start mass producing them.

[Consumer Reports]

  • Technocrz!

    but as bendy which we never thought

  • Slifur

    Now all the haters will find another “gate” issue.

    • RarestName


      • Bugs Bunnay

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      • ZacheryL

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      • Bugs Bunnay

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      • archer14

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      • Kurt

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      • Bugs Bunnay

        bite me. sheep.

      • Kurt

        Many people got polio because of gates

    • WolfgangHoltz

      I hate when it bends, I must be a hater then.
      But my 5S don’t bends that easy.
      So there is a big difference between them.

      • Slifur

        Im refering to haters. If you think you’re not one of them, then no need to get butthurt.

        +1 for you.

      • iBanks

        Your 5s isn’t as thin as the 6 Plus either so I would assume that it wouldn’t bend as easy either.

  • Blackops

    they should have tested the bend and the volume rocker button layout , that’s where the structure gives out the quickest.

    • Onetoo

      Exactly, I don’t see why other people don’t notice this. I bet if Consumer Reports aimed it in that location, it would take a lot less force to bend.

      • Technocrz!

        yes and its quiet easy to get force on that specific point while you have the device in your pocket

      • CollegiateLad

        Really? I carry mine in my pocket everyday… What exactly about my pocket makes it more susceptible to bending at the volume controls?

      • DaNoobHunta

        Sarcasm. Sarcasm does.

      • Such force can be easily applied on something in your front pocket if it is placed between your lap and your pelvis, like the upper part of the iPhone 6+ would be…it being not reinforced is just adding to the fragility of the phone.

      • CollegiateLad

        It’s not that intelligent people didn’t notice pressure was placed in the center… It’s just that we realize that our pockets aren’t capable of performing a three-point flexural test. In other words, bendgate is pure fud. 🙂

        I mean seriously, how could I replicate this placing my phone in my front pocket?

      • rortiguerra .

        You have to be a fat ass wearing skinny jeans

      • Kurt

        Size of your pocket is important and heat.

    • JoshuaHulgan

      Didn’t it state they tested in 3 locations?
      Perhaps I misread.

      • Onetoo

        No, according to article, “To stress test these phones, we used what’s called a “three-point flexural test,” in which the phone is supported at two points on either end, then force is applied at a third point on the top—you can see the testing for yourself in our video. ” NOT 3 locations. They aimed it in the center, assuming that the weakest point is there, but looking at pictures that isn’t the weakest point.

      • JoshuaHulgan

        Ah, I see now. Thanks.
        However, I’ve seen several pictures in a number spots. Varying from volume to middle.

      • Onetoo

        Yeah, the volume controls are likely to be the weakest point. Look at the pictures in the article. They put pressure down the middle but where did it crack and bend the most on the iPhone6+? (Answer: the volume controls). The iPhone6 starts to bend and LCD starts to separate at the volume controls as well.

      • @dongiuj


      • Kurt

        If your pockets are shallow you’ll have a problem. Otherwise no worries

    • diggitydang

      I agree, it would have been nice to see that and it would have been nice to also see a bit of heat applied, like on a hot summer day or inside the pocket of a hot, sweaty guy (like me! Hahaha). BUT, the original video that started this mess really just had a guy who said he was bending from the middle with only his hands… I take this test as valid in comparing Apples to Apples (see what I did there?), more or less.

    • Kurt

      Warm phone bends easier.

  • :O

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    • coLin

      AdBlock Plus 😉

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      anti-blocker of adblocker??? 🙂

  • hkgsulphate

    you do know samsung hires internet commentators right

  • Daimon 

    Does everyone put their phone in their back or front pocket with the screen facing outwards? .

    • WolfgangHoltz

      Yes obviously.

      • Saeed ghattas

        Obviously not!?

    • Manuel Molina

      Something’s I do like an idiot not really thinking until it’s done.

    • Chocolatewe

      my phone always faces towards my leg when i put it in my pocket

    • I found that interesting also, out of most of the bent devices seen in pictures it bent from a pressure point in the rear. I that were the case the glass would be prone to break upon bumping in to hard objects. Me personally have the screen toward the leg which makes more sense and is probably less susceptible to bending.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        the other thing is, if in your pocket the phone is facing inwards, it is less susceptible to break the screen in case you hit it with something

  • CoryChinloy

    Why is this issue still being discussed…? Lol, everyone will always have some sort of argument for this situation just like the ongoing Apple vs Android bs. Honestly, iDB needs to stop being so completely biased about the situation and chill. They literally seem MAD about these rumors as if they are Apple themselves. So let’s start discussing some real iPhone news, shall we?

    • diggitydang

      Uhhhhh, they named the site iDownloadBlog… Did you not think they’d be Apple fans???

      And I think they are annoyed because such a huge issue like “bendgate” was based on something other than, ya know, SCIENCE… It’s like 0.000009 percent of owners saying that it was just in their pocket, plus one guy in a video with strong hands, but it was made to seem like this issue affected ALL iPhone 6 And 6 Pluses. I mean, if Samsung’s fingerprint scanner didn’t work well for only 9 people, but did for every other owner, that’s a pretty decent feature that would never gain traction in the media. It’s only because it’s Apple… Which is funny because they aren’t even the market-leader (by percentage share), so I find it funny that everyone attacks Apple like they are.

      Just sayin…

      • CoryChinloy

        I honestly didn’t even finish your response because it was weak and you started to cry about the same thing I just commented about. Obviously there’s competition and obviously there’s gonna be major criticism on obvious flaws in ANY product these companies produce… Whether it’s apple or Samsung or whatever. It’s just the constant crying over things that are honestly expected. There has been like 5 articles within a few day period over this saying the same thing. That’s my point. Kind of unprofessional to me and it’s just starting to get annoying now. I like to read on informational articles, not some fanboys trying to argue every day about things that will never be settled.

        Just sayin’

      • Then stop reading.

      • diggitydang

        Hmmmmmmm… This site doesn’t sound like it’s for you then… (Hopefully you read after the “Hmmmmmmm” part…)

    • RyleyLamarsh

      Perhaps they’re share holders?

    • John Wolf

      How is iDB bias with this article? It’s a test performed by Consumer Reports (3rd party) and the reporting of the results.

    • WolfgangHoltz

      Apple iPhone 6 an 6+ BENDS SO EASY is the news!!!

      • CoryChinloy

        I understand… But I read that like a week ago. Lmfao, all I’m saying is I’m seeing a new post about this every day. You guys are so close minded, it’s unrealistic.

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        I think your are talking about yourself about be closed minded hehehehehehehe

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      a lot of people read this site, but not all of them read ALL THE ARTICLES in it, have you thought that? I for example didn’t see all the others post about this “bendgate” yet, so, can you stop whining about it??? Honestly…

  • Ted Forbes

    iPhone 5 130lbs is about the right amount of pressure for more diverse situations.

    iPhone 6 & 6plus is like an egg shell. The glass breaks or pops out easily and the chassis is at the bottom of the smart phone bend-gate.

    Apple’s engineer must add a simple reinforcement fix. 80lbs of pressure is not enough to suite diverse situations.

    Up the quality assurance Tim Cook.

    • CollegiateLad

      What? What sane person applies 130 lbs of pressure to their devices?


      Diverse situations? :/

      • It’s pretty easy to apply such force on something in your front pocket if it is placed between your lap and your pelvis, like the upper part of the iPhone+ would be…

      • ZacheryL

        You’d have to apply all that force at 1 point, which is certainly not the case considering the force will be applied over a small area.

        If I’m right about what your example is trying to say, the iPhone will lie flat when it is between the pelvic region and lap, and thus it is unlikely, very unlikely that in the scenario it will cause the phone to bend at a point.

        Furthermore the discomfort caused when the phone is trapped between your body will probably make you take it out.

      • “iPhone will lie flat when it is between the pelvic region and lap, and thus it is unlikely, very unlikely that in the scenario it will cause the phone to bend at a point.”

        Unlikely? Why so? It’s already laying flat in your pocket to my understanding…doesn’t need to be one point where the pressure is applied in order for it to bend; it’s random as you go through your day…

        “Furthermore the discomfort caused when the phone is trapped between your body will probably make you take it out.”

        Wonder why that “discomfort” didn’t make people take it out of their pocket before they got the iBend feature…fat is a possibility, but the guy from unbox therapy sure doesn’t look fat.

      • When you place your phone in your pocket is the screen facing outward?

      • I’ve never had to think of that with any of my phones, it’s random. Sometimes it’s facing in, other times it’s facing out…shouldn’t make any difference on a well built phone (like my 4s).

      • It does. Supposes you bump into something LCD facing out, do you not fear cracking your glass? IMO Every iPhone is well built.

      • I have a sleek carbon graphite case on my 4s (griffin elan form carbon graphite), the front part of it is slightly raised, so, I don’t worry about bumping into anything…a similar case on an iPhone 6 isn’t likely to stop it from bending, considering the more sturdy iPhone 5 managed to bend in a more sturdy Otterbox case (http://bit ly/1mqzzSu).

      • lol Cheap plastic case with a carbon fiber sticker like the motorola xt912. All I’m trying to point out is that most of the time your screen is facing inward and not once have I seen the phone bent in the other direction. Not saying the way its facing matters much because both 6’s can stand up just as well as other smartphones according to the consumer reports tests.

      • Better than have a rusty and bend prone aluminium case that’ll just conduct the damage to your device instead of snapping off like a plastic case.

        Consumer report’s test is inaccurate. They should have tested the bend
        at the volume rocker button layout. That’s where the structure gives out
        the easiest. It’s also where the force from your pelvis and leg will
        bend it when seated with it in your pocket. Finally, that’s also where
        bend tests have shown it bend at…the iPhone 6+ has a flawed metal design.

      • No worries I have a cheap (over priced) plastic case on my 6 as well. Not sure where Rusty came in the steal frame on your 4s is capable of that.. I agree with your one point It would have been fair to test it at multiple all points across all of the devices. Either way the test showed that all phones were capable of bending, an Lg G3 came into day and I did my own bend test it actually bends/flexes very easily compared to my 6.

      • ANYTHING can bend, nothing new there, just the iPhone 6+ bending in front pockets is what is new. As for the LG G3 bending more easily, maybe it does, but at least it doesn’t bend in people’s front pockets.

        Ps. I’m kinda questioning that claim after seeing this (http://bit ly/1xzEd4x), maybe it flexes more, but at least it returns to the non-bent position…

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        when was the last time you had 80lbs in your lap, for how long?

      • archer14

        His shaft usually handles much diverse situations.

    • archer14

      Unlike yourself, we don’t work in a stone quarry. Keep that iphone aside when you lift rocks bro.

  • SAK

    another great article

  • Sohail Wahab

    I bet those 9 phones were from Samsung users/ lovers/ suckers!

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Innacurate test. The bend takes place at the volume rocker area. And every iphone 6+ can be easily bent with a little bit of force applied at the volume rocker area. A LOT of videos proving this have surfaced.

    • diggitydang

      I’ve tried looking and only found one video that everyone is writing about from Unbox Therapy. That dude is bending the middle but the volume rocker is the part that gives out. I think it’s a fair experiment.

      • It’s not a fair experiment, ’cause it’s not the middle part of the iPhone 6+ that gets the most pressure from your front pocket, it’s the upper part, which is between your lap and your pelvis, that get’s the pressure applied on it…also, the temperature difference between your pocket (as you go on with your day) and an air-conditioned lab is enough to contribute to how bend-prone tin-foil Aluminium is…

    • mlee19841

      iPhone six is regular is the way to go

  • theemptyhead

    The ones who wears a skinny jeans and ride a motorbike everyday will regret a big time buying this iphone.

  • Yunsar

    What about Let’s video? Is it definitely fake?

  • Mohammed

    They tested the center of the phone,which isn’t where the weakest point is.
    The weakest point is where the volume rockers are.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Middle gets the most pressure anyways. In most of the videos demonstrating the bendgate, force is applied to center and the aluminum bends from where the volume rockers are. I think this is a fair experiment.

      • No it doesn’t. It’s the upper part, which is between your lap and your pelvis, that get’s the most pressure applied on it when you sit down with the device in your front pocket…

      • Mohammed

        Ok,thanks for clearing that up.

  • Tim

    Until you watch unboxtherapy’s brand new iPhone 6 plus bendgate video. Apple must just reinforce the fone and shutup. That’s my next fone if they do.

    • Rowan09

      You wear skinny jeans and plan to put it in your back pocket and sit on it? If no why would it matter to you?

      • Tim

        I’m using an iPhone 5s and I can wear whatever I want, any type of jeans and seat on it no problem. It just doesn’t make sense changing lifestyle after buying a supposedly upgraded phone. I might not wear skinny jeans but the next person might

      • Allen B

        That’s funny because I’ve sat on my iPhone 5S and cracked the screen

      • Tim

        Atleast it didn’t bend. I totally understand the cracking, that’s just gorilla glass II giving in.

      • Rowan09

        I never said you can’t wear what you want. You made a statement and I was asking if you did any of the above. I don’t wear skinny jeans (never will either) and neither do I put my phone in my pocket. I wouldn’t care if other people do to decide if I should buy the phone, that was my point. If the phone bent for 9 people as stated, it’s not an imperfection just an issue for those people and they can simply return the phone to Apple. This whole “bendgate” thing is nonsense and only getting air time because it’s Apple (hey it comes with the territory). My brother puts his 6+ in his pocket doing construction with no case and it’s perfectly fine.

      • Tim

        That’s ok man. In your situation it works perfectly for you and your bro.

      • Rowan09

        Cool bro, no disrespect.

  • springer85

    LOL oh look a REAL test to see how bendy the 6 really is and it passes with flying colours trouncing the M8!
    Just proves the 2 pathetic people who said how easy the 6 could bend were full of utter crack and noting more than attention seeking losers!

    • HooDatty


    • Adam Bowman

      Ummm… It came in second to last. That’s not really anything to be proud of (especially for a “premium” device).

      The Note 3 can take virtually twice the amount of pressure, according to these stress tests.

      • Rowan09

        The Note 3 isn’t made from the same materials and also thicker. The M8 and iPhones which are made from the same materials are in last place for a reason.

    • Pedecia

      For sure spring u are one that already bought it!

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Why is everyone so surprised that it can bend in your pocket? You apply the right force at the right angle and it’s over. I’m going to baby my phone but if it bends, you can be sure I’ll be making a Genius Bar appointment.

    • Kilroy672

      If my bends, I’ll be making a appointment to the Apple Corp. and demanding a new iPhone 6.And for my troubles make it a iPhone 6+ 128gb…hey I can

  • HooDatty

    This Lou guy is such a hack.

  • iPodDroid

    Geezus, is the first photo all the phones they tested or did you just get it to use for the article?

  • Kimeez Tizani

    they bend so easily !!

  • (JailbreakQA) King Shoot

    “Will it bend, that is the question”

  • WolfgangHoltz

    But the real question is… Will it blend?

  • Stefano

    I don’t believe it one bit. My friend and I watched the bestbuy employee bend the display 6 plus. Fact.

  • DIesel

    My irrelevant 2 cents:

    1. Bendgate is obviously not a huge deal (i.e., don’t sit on your phone and you’ll be fine)

    2. Kind of lame that the iphone 6 is less durable than previous gens. I mean, I don’t need my phone to survive a tornado.. but it’d be nice if they put more effort into make a durable product

  • WolfgangHoltz

    Design means nothing if it is at the expense of function.

  • Will Mason Moses


    • GuyWithTheThings

      Hory shit!

  • M_thoroughbred

    In the next couple of weeks this will be forgotten. When the next redesign iPhone gets released people will complain cause they dropped their phone and the screen broke calling it screengate

  • Tronjheim79

    Someone finds a fault on Apple and everyone loses their minds. On other companies, hardly anyone bats an eye.

  • Tarek

    Did you see him trying to break four pencils?

    Consumer Reports says it expects “that any of these phones should stand up to typical use.”

    Story over. Let’s find something more interesting to talk about.

  • Cameron Connell

    Damn now apple is stealing the LG Flex features too!

  • Martynet

    So, is there any of the IDB readers who accidentally bended iPhone 6 Plus in it’s pocket?