Google chairman Eric Schmidt didn’t have positive things to say about the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus released to much fanfare last week, as you may expect. Schmidt, who is often credited with speaking loosely, had a bold response when a Bloomberg interviewer asked how he felt about people lined up around the block for the new iPhone. 

“I’ll tell you what I think. Samsung had these products a year ago,” Schmidt claimed, referring to the 5.6-inch Galaxy Note that has been crowned with leading the “phablet” market. The 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch Plus are direct competitors to Samsung’s larger screened devices. Many reviewers, including Walt Mossberg, have called the iPhone 6 the best smartphone on the market.

Schmidt didn’t speak in complete negativity about Apple, calling competition a good thing. “In fact I would say that this brutal competition between Apple and Google over Android and iOS has enormous benefits for consumers worldwide. If you look at the innovation on the Apple side and on the Google side, that competition which I think is the defining fight of the computer industry, it benefits global at the billions of people level.”

The entire interview, seen below, is an interesting one. Schmidt is currently on a book tour to promote his How Google Works.

“It’s always good to have more competitors, but trust me, between Apple and Google you’re seeing enormous, enormous racing.”

  • Cristian Bustillo

    lol. Samsung is so jealous of apple now

    • iBanks

      But this article is about Goolge. But I agree about Samsung. They said it themselves. Lol

    • NeftyCorrea

      they been

    • justme

      They didn’t mention that Samsung didn’t have the incomparable ecosystem. that makes works flawlesly over your idevices and OSX

  • iBanks

    But yet didn’t do too well with them.

    • MvP77

      Let’s not get jaded. Samsungs done very well with them. It’s the reason we have larger iPhones.

      • iBanks

        Wrong. The Droid X started the flow with it’s 4.3 inches. Then the Dell Streak came in with 5. Galaxy S started at 4 inches but became popular because it was more availae on different carriers than what the other two were. So they didn’t start it, they made it popular. Kinda what Android fanboys claim about Apple. Apple might not be the first at some things, but when they bring it, they popularize it.

      • MvP77

        Exactly, I didn’t say they started it. They made it popular and that popularity is why we have bigger iPhones now. The HTC Evo and HTC HD2 started the big phone trend and made them popular. I’m not a fanboy. I use whatever I like and currently use a 5S and mini retina.

        At the end of the day like Schimdt said its about competition and that competition has made everyone better. Windows phone, android and yes even Apple.

  • Luke

    It’s true Samsung had them last year but it’s not like they were any better. Haha.

    • @dongiuj

      But if this were the other way round…. Yeah, you know what I’m talking about.

      • Kr00

        Never happened.

    • Did they though? Has Samsung actually had 64bit processors for mobile devices? If so why did they not include it in the first phone they could to beat Apple into becoming the first company to make a smartphone that runs on a 64bit processor. I’m pretty sure they’d have wanted to do this if they could…

      • applebrainwashespeople

        Yeah cuz apple has done so much with a dual core 64 bit processor paired with 1gb of ram…

      • You’re absolutely right, they have done so much with a 64 bit processor and 1 gb of ram. Why only last week I was reading about how it trumps most of your beloved Android devices in benchmark tests…

      • applebrainwashespeople


      • idownloadblog[.]com/2014/09/22/iphone-6-performance-benchmarks/

      • AidanHarrisAtMyHamster


        Seriously though – what a strange article to link to. It loses to the Nvidia shield in the majority of the benchmark tests – which is powered by Android. And many of the other phones are 6+ months old – and most of the phones on that list aren’t flagship phones. The iPhone is literally the only phone Apple has, and it’s only narrowly beating some of the older Android phones.

        So what you’re saying is the very best Apple can do doesn’t beat the best Nvidia could do with Android? Was this the point you were trying to make?!

      • Since when do flagship phones perform better than tablets? Also many of them in the benchmark tests are flagship phones. But then your trolling aren’t you so aren’t particularly interested in fact just fiction.

      • AidanHarrisAtMyHamster

        Hey, it was you that linked to the benchmarks – all I did was point out your original statement was bunk. Sure, it fares better against older phones. And it didn’t outperform than the shield. AND it costs more than any other phone on the market. Bargain!

        As a side note – why do you think being 64bit with 1GB is better than 32bit with 1GB ram? Is it because it’s a bigger number? Again, a strange thing to start shouting about.

        And while you’re here – what part of what I said was fiction? Was it the bit you didn’t respond to or the bit you replied to with “TROOOOLL”? Good point, well made. 😉

      • You need to learn to read and research. I’m not answering your questions you can find the answers yourself.

  • Straw hat

    Not related to this but that bent issue is only in iPhone 6+ right?

    • Eric M

      Stop trolling… The horse is dead. Beating it is no longer necessary.

      • @dongiuj

        I see no “trolling”. I just see somebody asking a legit question. The person even said that it’s off topic so. Why has anything non positive/not pro apple classed as “trolling”? Why couldn’t you just answer the question instead of name calling?

    • Marcus

      It was just an internet troll. You have nothing to worry about.

      • GuyWithTheThings

        Really? Who told you that? Not saying you’re wrong, just curious. Haven’t heard that yet.

      • Asis

        It’s not a internet troll. Go on youtube and look it up.

    • Bugs Bunnay

      supposedly yes due to the larger area. just type in iPhone 6 bend test on youtube and you’ll see a grip of videos. my regular 6 hasn’t had any bending issues yet. I got a cheap slim hard crystal clear case for it on ebay.and that might help lower the bending probability.

  • 秋本 眀

    One year ago Samsung had these products copied from products two years ago.

    • Shawn

      They just made them bigger

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    “Google’s Eric Schmidt on iPhone 6: Samsung had these products a year ago.” And no one wanted them. They wanted bigger iPhones.

    Eric Schimidt forgot that part.

    • AidanHarrisAtMyHamster

      TBF, you don’t become the biggest phone manufacturer on the planet by making phones no-one wants

      • iBanks

        Actually you do if you had years of jumpstart on manufacturing different phones on many different carriers. Where one mainly popular phone started on an single carrier years after. Not to mention how many of those Samsung phones were issued free with an two year carrier contract.

      • GuyBey0ndC00L

        Your wrong, you become the biggest manufacturer by making parts for the competition.
        You do know Samsung makes part for Apple and other big companies right?

  • Light

    Case verdict Apple rules, Samsung drools.

  • J™

    for a CEO to pass such comments is plain distasteful

    • JasonL1C4

      So he can’t have an opinion?

      • No one said he couldn’t have an opinion. It’s just distasteful.

      • Guest

        “you’re holding it wrong” – steve jobs

        yep, he was classy.

      • J™

        yeah not that he cant have an opinion…
        he sounds like any other apple haters out there which someone of his status/caliber should not be

      • AidanHarrisAtMyHamster

        So we’ve established that not thinking much of a release by Apple makes you a hater and a troll.

        Which is a pretty fancy way of saying “realist” 😉

    • Marcus

      Dude Larry Page is the CEO of Google… Eric Schmidt is the executive chairman…

      • J™

        i mis-read… edited

    • applebrainwashespeople

      “you’re holding it wrong” – steve jobs.

      yep, he was classy.

    • applebrainwashespeople

      “no one’s going to buy a bigger phone” – steve jobs (while selling a 3.5″ iphone)

      -yep, he was also classy… oh wait, same guy… wonder what company he was the CEO of…

      • iBanks

        That 3.5 incher was being sold in 2010. That 3.5 incher was outselling every smartphone it was against. 2012 is when bigger screens took off. That have plenty of time for multiple manufacturers to begin a new trend in sizes. So during the time of the statement, he was right, the 4 and 4s and then came along, the 5 continued to kill the market. It was only right of Apple to follow the trend of going larger. Hell, when coca-cola started, people damned them that people won’t drink dirty sugar water but yet went on to become the worlds number one recognized brand years down the line. Things change with time.

  • Blaqheart

    First isn’t always best…dick.

    • applebrainwashespeople

      yeah cuz being 167th like apple is so much better. ya know, like bending phones with buggy glitchy software that gets an update that then disables cell service, touch id, and even bricks phones.

      yeah, that’s best… dick.

      • Blaqheart

        Nice name…ya mom come up with that or your wet nurse? GTFOOH.

      • iBanks

        And with all that, they are still 10 Million+ Sales strong. You’re missing that point. Oh wait… Samsung expects to sale 15 Million Note 4’s in first 30 days…. Apple, 10 Million in 3 days.

  • Andres

    Just another old guys opinion

  • Saulo Benigno

    Yeah right… but they didn’t sell that much in one weekend, sorryyyyyyyy….

  • Jim O’Neill

    Uh oh, call Sergy……Larry is loose and off his medications again 🙂

  • iPodDroid

    This article is the perfect magnet of attracting fanboys from both sides… Pathetic

    • @dongiuj

      Yeah, totally agree with you. But there’s no opening their eyes to the fact. Samsung’s this and apple’s that bla bla bla…
      Oh, so sad that evolution has produced such people.

      • iPodDroid

        Yeah, I don’t understand what people gain from starting arguments about which OS is superior… They’re all the same damn thing… :/

      • @dongiuj

        Personally I don’t think they’re all the same but very similar. Which is what all mobile phones were like. It starts with individuality but then all becomes VERY similar. Look at TVs, stereos, microwaves, cars, sunglasses etc etc. smartphones are no exception.

  • hkgsulphate

    they may be the first, but Apple always simply do better

    • applebrainwashespeople

      Yes better at making bending phones with buggy glitchy software. You are correct. Oh and don’t forget hacked icloud accounts with nude celeb pics. Im actually happy with that one.

      • hkgsulphate

        I don’t like the design at all, especially the antenna breaks. 5s is still the best.

        For the so called “hack”, why don’t you go edit Wikipedia on “Apple later confirmed that the hackers responsible for the leak had obtained the images using a “very targeted attack” on account information, such as passwords, rather than any specific security vulnerability in the iCloud service itself”? Also if I were the hackers, Emma Watson would be my first target 😉

        oh btw, how to get hired by samsung to be an Internet commentators? I am short of money

  • Love how the sampling of googles products is shown with a Mac OSX status bar.

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Hey iDB, why haven’t you guys reported the bent iPhone issue yet? Does it hurt your little fanboy egos?

    • Ottawa Gamerz

      lol Samsung dont bend i tryed

    • GuyWithTheThings

      Um, it has been determined to be an Internet troll…. does that hurt your little fanboy ego?

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Did I say anything to indicate that I’m a fanboy? No.

        Now take yourself and your sorry little apple logo, and go bend some phones.

      • Why would iDB report on such a thing though? It’s so obvious it’s almost pointless and stupid. The most iDB could probably come up with is an article titled “Yes, aluminium bends”.

      • MagicDrumSticks

        Stop. Please just stop. This comment is completely idiotic and biased. You know what else is obvious? That people get sick, let’s just not report the Ebola outbreak. Oh people get onto accidents? It’s obvious you say? Don’t report that either! What’s that? It’s obvious that it can rain? Don’t report the weather either!

        Stop wasting my time and insulting my intelligence, iSheep.

      • Your missing the point. It’s not obvious when it can rain, it’s not obvious when a disease outbreak can occur and it’s not obvious when people can get into accidents. It is however obvious that something will bend, snap, or break when enough force is exerted to this something. So yes it is pointless reporting that alluminium is a malleable material that bends people just don’t need to know because they already know.

    • Dao Sasone

      You figured they would let people know. How pathetic

    • hkgsulphate


  • Markieze Anthony Mitchell

    I dont know why but this lady reporter just got on my nerves the entire time.

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    I just came here for the Apple vs Samsung comments.

  • N&LH

    He forgot to say that Dell was the first to come up with a large screen. Also he forgot to say that Android ripped off iPhone and IOS

    • applebrainwashespeople

      Pretty sure he didnt say samsung made the first big screen phone. And apple didnt copy notification center, keyboards, nfc payments, smartwatches, control center…etc or anything else from android…

      • N&LH

        Android did not copy IOS and iPhone. Android did not copy most of Apple’s line up, and services.

        “NFC”…Android did not invent NFC. Android makers stupidly did not know how to take advantage of the technology. By the way, Android WAS NOT the FIRST to bring NFC to a device. The technology found in advices years ago before Android makers put in a devices

        “nfc payments”..that’s why Google wallet FAILED.

        “smartwatches”..Android mercers were not the first to bring smart watches…Most Android smart watches FAILED….one of them the crap Galaxy Gear

        “control center.”..what about the whole Android OS, push notification system, AirPlay, etc, etc, etc

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    He’s right about Samsung having these products a year ago. At least in my opinion, though, Apple has done the large screen the right, not compromising battery life and so on. Plus, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have hit those benchmarks very well. And let’s not forget Schmidt’s most important statement, “In fact I would say that this brutal competition between Apple and Google over Android and iOS has enormous benefits for consumers worldwide. If you look at the innovation on the Apple side and on the Google side, that competition which I think is the defining fight of the computer industry, it benefits global at the billions of people level”. – A very true statement, because we as iOS users have definitely benefited whether Apple drew from inspiration from the Android platform, or the Jailbreak community. That’s why when people come up to me and say, oh so you have an iPhone, lame… I say well, you running Android? Cool! It’s an awesome platform. Because it’s all petty at the end of the day, it really is.

  • john diaz

    It is not about how long you’ve had the product, it’s about how you make it work, it’s about how you attract customers into buying your product. so Samsung stop it already it is getting old.

  • Matt

    Every company is jealous of Apple not only Samsung. And guess what? – I love that they’re jealous, simply love it!

  • Jack Wong

    I didn’t know Samsung has sold 10M of smartphones in 3 days 😡

    • Dao Sasone

      That only indicates people have been waiting for apple to release a bigger screen product

      • Jack Wong

        To be honest, I though I would get the plus also but no… I stick with the 1hand control, smartphone OS is still a smartphone OS, it can’t replace a full OS like Windows or Mac OS X.

        Moreover, according to one of the browser traffic report, 6 still has way more than plus, and I don’t see any plus in NYC subway yet.

    • applebrainwashespeople

      Wonder how many of those 10 million are being returned because they bend in your pocket… or the buggy glitchy ios 8 software thats bricking phones…

      • Jack Wong

        I agree with the stupid 8/8.01 firmware, it is Apple’s fault, but I do not worry about that because they will get it fix quick, iPhone is still more than 50% of their overall profit margin, we are all white mouse these days.

        I bought a Lenovo x240 with AC wireless back in June, Intel/Lenovo did not fix the random wifi disconnect issue until the patch from August, so my client has been suffering for 2 months… I have been using AC for almost a year with the Macbook Air… and we did not return the Lenovo laptop because I don’t see any good replacement. Anyway, glad it is finally fixed.

        As for the bending… seriously, did you look at the most recent video from the same guy? He also tried to bend other phones, same thing.

        It is very easy to pick a bone from a chicken.

  • askep3

    This makes me so mad, I have nothing against Samsung, but I hate how everybody is like, “Apple totally copied Samsung by making their phones bigger.” This is so stupid, is Apple not allowed to make their phones bigger, when the ipad came out, and all the andriods “copied Apple” nobody cared, but now that Apple makes their phones bigger by a inch or two there a huge fuss. This is just stupid, copying festures counts (like how Samsung copied apple’s fingerprint sensor) but screen size?

    • Dao Sasone

      Its the fact that apple stated people dont need big phones. Yet look at them now.

  • thomas

    google wishes they had a iphone on their line

  • Thanh

    iPhone 6 got so many negative reviews and it was just launches….about a week a go

  • Hashim

    Everyone can see Samsung PAIN

  • Harold

    Mr. Isn’t about who did it first. it’s all about who did it RIGHT….

    • @dongiuj

      Because ios8 and ios8.0.1 is done right too. YEAH, GOOD COMMENT!

      • Umut Bilgiç

        I think he was talking about the hardware but the software is almost a huge fail lol. Buggy buggy buggy

      • @dongiuj

        Nah, he’s talking about everything and anything apple and he knows it. It’s typical comment that a devoted fan of a single tech company would make. Contradiction and hypocrisy are a part of it too. But people are free to believe what they want, I guess.

      • Harold

        I was talking about the features that were implemented on the iPhone 6. Not the software. I haven’t had any issues with iOS8 tho. I didn’t update it to 8.0.1. You are the typical troll. You talk like if u know what I’m thinking. pathetic! go troll somewhere else

      • @dongiuj

        Yeah? Really? And name calling…ok, I see no point in talking to you.

      • Kr00

        And you’re free to visit android sites, you know. If you dislike Apple, why troll their user pages? Insecurity perhaps?

      • @dongiuj

        Please show me where I said anything about disliking apple. Show me! You should read all my comments, then and only then you will see that I have no preference of any tech company. I’m not going to say anything further than this, no matter what you say. End of story.

      • Kr00

        Then why come here? You only post disparaging, negative comments. If you SAY you have no preference, you’d see the up and down side of everything, wouldn’t you? Clearly not. Don’t take people for fools.

      • @dongiuj

        Please read my comment again. If you can’t answer it then don’t talk to me. Like I said, if you read ALL my comments I have ever made you will see pros and cons. So your comment is void. Please do not make this a pointless heated discussion any more than you’re already making it.
        If you read all my comments (not just on this article) you will see that I DON’T only have negative things to say and that I have mentioned what iPhone I’m getting and which iPhone colour and model I prefer.
        If you can’t be bothered to read them then I suggest you take back everything you said. Also if you can’t be bothered to read them then we have nothing else to talk about and would appreciate it if would not continue this pointless heated discussion. Thank you.

      • Kr00

        I don’t troll other people’s profiles, I only comment on what I see, and all I’ve seen to date, is negative. Take your agenda elsewhere.

      • @dongiuj

        “Seen to date”? Haha, you only see what you want to see. You’re presumption and assumptions are BS mate. BECAUSE you don’t check all the facts about me I now know that I need not listen to another word you say.
        Like I said, if you can’t be bothered to check ALL the facts then you need to keep your thoughts to yourself and stop dragging people off topic into a pointless heated discussion that you REALLY have know idea what you’re talking about. Now I suggest you quit making your presumptions before somebody reports you.
        If in doubt, check out a more recent comment I made on a different article about the bending problem and then come back to me with your presumptions.
        Again, if you can’t be bothered then I suggest you keep quiet.

  • theemptyhead

    Bending iphone=”hardware fail”.
    Software update to kill the bugs actually added more bugs. Seriously, update for a phone that makes the phone to not connect the cellular network. That’s the extreme level of a carelessness for a phone company. Don’t they check it before they release. = “software fail”.
    So much for the isheeps saying. When apple does it they does it right.
    After steve jobs death, apple is just a big joke now.
    The only thing these isheeps is bragging about new iphone is its sales figure because there’s nothing else they can brag about. Most of those iphones are bought by brainwashed isheeps and by the resellers. One small cellphone store of new york bought 8 iphones in a day to sell it in high price. Think how many cellphone stores are there in the whole world.
    Does that really justify the sales figure of iphone is the true sales? I doubt it.

    • Kr00

      Rant on Apple forum pages much? And calling people sheep. Really? Grow up. Get over whatever inferiority complex you’re experiencing by coming here. Its obviously infantile.

      • applebrainwashespeople

        U literally just told me my mother needs to change my diaper because i am full of shit and its dripping down my chin.

        And you tell someone they are infantile and to grow up. Wow. Hypocrite much?

      • Kr00

        Hey, I’m not the one calling people sheep and trolling Apple user forums. Make you feel good does it? Take your meds, you have a serious mental disorder if you have to troll opponents blogs to get your jollies. How terribly terribly sad you must be. Good luck with your troubles, I hope you get over them soon. Try and find something constructive to do with your life, you might find happiness there.

      • Kr00

        You have no sense of humour. That was a zinger. You might try some ointment for that burn.

  • Guest

    Ya cause Samsung had an aluminum frame sexy Phone a year ago. They didn’t have plastic leggy garbage. Nope. Not at all. 🙂

    • applebrainwashespeople

      The note 3 doesnt bend iFag, but then again its cheap plastic garbage, not the somehow superior bending aluminum.

  • Peter

    Ya cause Samsung had an aluminum sexy phone a year ago. They didn’t have plastic Laggy Garabage. Nope. Not at all. 🙂

  • applebrainwashespeople

    “Many reviewers, including Walt Mossberg, have called the iPhone 6 the best smartphone on the market.”

    You mean the best BENDABLE smartphone on the market, lol. no for real, if this is the best phone on the market, that would mean most other android phones from 2 years ago were also the best phones on the market since they were the same, except they were running an OS that wasn’t riddled with bug and glitches, only to get the first update that then cuts off cell service, including making emergency 911 calls, makes touch id not work, or even bricks the phone.

    yeah, i’d totally say that the iphone 6 the best “smart”phone on the market.

    • Kr00

      Hey, your mom called. She needs to change your diaper. Its full of shit and everyone can see it running down your chin.

      • applebrainwashespeople

        Typical iFag can’t come up with facts, just insults people.

      • Kr00

        Ha ha, says the hypocrite. Take your meds, you’re a fuckwit.

      • applebrainwashespeople

        And how am i a hypocrite?

      • Kr00

        Oh, geez, your name perhaps. Identity of a sad, insecure troll with an inferiority complex, calling people sheep. Thats a hypocrite. What makes you such a sad person? Mommy couldn’t afford to buy you nice things? Can’t afford to buy nice things, so look down on those who can? Get some therapy.

      • regkilla

        iFag? what an idiotic Fandroid.

  • mwpitt52

    Samsung puts so much bloatware on their devices.

  • Chocolatewe

    Samsung is crying so much

  • Kr00

    And this is the reason why android suffers terrible battery life issues. They add features that aren’t optimised, just to be first. These add ons have been available in the jailbreaking community for years, and anyone who installed them knew it affects battery life. Apple are anal about this over all else, so you can’t blame them not adding things without optimising them first. everything has its trade off.

    • applebrainwashespeople

      You do realize battery life for iphones is really crappy compared to most androids, right? Go ahead and google it…. oops u have an iPhone, so you’ll need to use Bing since it’s the default search engine.

  • dana mohammed

    Totally agree

  • Dan

    He’s right, competition and rivalry leads to better products. Business 101.

  • KLau

    Ya, and Samsung don’t have iOS.

  • Alejandro Echevarria

    yes, samsung had many of those things a year ago, but who is making them popular? nobody gave a shit about using your samsung to pay for things, now, banks and retailers are all over apple pay for example.

  • Ryan

    Apples method is quite different from all the other smartphone company’s out there. They wait until they feel they’re ready to release a certain feature or hardware. And nothing is wrong with that.