Fantastical 2.1

Fantastical 2 has been updated on Wednesday to bring support for the larger screens of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, just about five days after the release of these devices. Unfortunately, users who were hoping for support for Notification Center widgets and interactive notifications will still have to wait as these features are not part of this update.

Up until today, iPhone 6 users would only get a stretched out version of Fantastical, something that actually pushed yours truly to get away from Fantastical for a while to incorporate competing calendar apps into my workflow (Calendars 5). This shouldn’t be a problem anymore as this update will allow to run Fantastical in all its splendor without bastardizing its scaling.

Fantastical 2 can be downloaded in the App Store for iOS and Mac:

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  • GoMAD4

    good. now bring the widget…

  • Ever since Apple added a list view, i haven’t had the need to use any other Calendar app. For those that wonder how to get the list view (it’s over complicated to get to it.) here are the steps: 1) When you’re at the half calendar view (month grid of numbers and some events below it) 2) Tap the square icon with the dashes below it. Tap a date (let’s say the 25th), and you will have the list view option where the previous icon was!

  • George Kunnath


  • I was hoping the update would include interactive notifications