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Riffsy has added to the onslaught of third party keyboards we’ve seen since iOS 8 launched last week with its new GIF Keyboard. It installs natively, and as the name suggests, it allows you to quickly send a variety of animated GIFs directly from your keyboard.

While it may sound gimmicky, the app has a library of “millions” of GIFs that Riffsy has collected over the past year. And since many of them are tagged with hashtags, it’s actually pretty easy to search for and find a specific GIF that conveys your current mood.

Here are some of the keyboard’s more notable features:

  • Always send the perfect GIF and video responses straight from your keyboard! And it plays inline on iMessage.
  • Browse through categories like reactions, music, trending and more.
  • Search millions of GIFs and videos for the perfect moment.
  • See a GIF you like while browsing on your phone? Save it from Safari with one tap. That means no saving to your camera roll and it’s instantly available from your keyboard.
  • Customize your keyboard with the GIFs you love!
  • Works with your favorite messengers and social networks including iMessage, WhatsApp, Twitter, Messenger, SnapChat, and Email

The GIF Keyboard is fairly easy to use. Once it’s installed, you’ll notice a small group of animated images has replaced your Qwerty. If you don’t see one you like, you can search for a specific tag, or browse through a handful of curated, recent and trending lists.

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Once you’ve found the GIF you want, tap on it to insert it into your text field. There’s also a built-in “standard keyboard,” for when you want to use actual words, and a share sheet extension, for adding new GIFs to your keyboard from within other apps like Safari.

Like all other third party keyboards, this has been a bit buggy for me, but the issues are small things that can be easily ironed out. If you like GIFs, there’s no reason not to try the new GIF Keyboard. It’s available in the App Store for free, for both iPhone and iPad.

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  • Merman123

    Third party keyboard have so much potential. I hope apple gets it right with the updates. They are very frustrating as of now.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    Can’t wait to see a meme keyboard

    • Andre Grey

      I agree

    • DOOManiac

      Isn’t that what this is?

      • sriram varadarajulu

        well it just has some images and gifs not the classic memes like troll face, forever alone , etc

      • Bryan James Bassett

        the point is that it is customizable so you can add anything you want

  • Beta382

    Ehh, waiting for the one The Appical (Sentry, Mescalineeyes and co.) is making. Giphy integration is key, and they’ve said it won’t have the stupid watermarks like Popkey will.

  • There goes my data plan. This is going to be at least half of my texts.

    • ThoseCurves

      Only works in IMessages and you have to copy gif to camera roll in order to send it through any other messaging app like whatsapp or viber so lucky me i got rid of it within 5 mins.

  • hkgsulphate

    can’t believe apple allowed this

  • Woodlandstar

    This is the greatest feature that iOS8 has made possible! Awesome

  • Johnny Bravo

    I just don’t like the fact that all these third party keyboards are hell bent on getting full access to whatever I type, which includes banking and other private info smh. Not comfortable with that to be able to send a Gif or do a little swiping.

    • DOOManiac

      I haven’t read the developer docs, but I suspect it needs full access to be able to put the GIFs on your clipboard, which is how it pastes them into Messages or whatnot.