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The folks over at Taptaptap, the creators of Camera+, have posted an interesting set of photo comparisons, showing how the iPhone’s camera has evolved over the years. Included in the set are photos taken using Camera+ on the original iPhone, iPhone 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5, 5s and the new iPhone 6, in various situations.

One of the more interesting comparisons, for me at least, is in the macro shot. Note that the 2G and 3G iPhones can’t even focus on the strawberry stem, but you start to see major improvements with the iPhone 4 and 4S. The images get better with the 5 and 5s, and details in the iPhone 6 photo look even sharper.

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Another noteworthy comparison is in low light capabilities, which is an area the iPhone 6 really shines in. As noted by Taptaptap’s Lisa Bettany, you can clearly see the decrease in the noise of the iPhone 6 photo vs those from its predecessors—a change that can be attributed to Apple’s newly-altered low light algorithm.

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I encourage you to read Bettany’s full post over at Snapsnapsnap, as it features several other photo comparisons that are interactive—clicking a picture brings up the full-size photo. It offers a great look at how the iPhone’s camera has evolved over the last 7 years, and 8 generations, and how the iPhone 6 stacks up.

Earlier this month, Taptaptap teased Camera+ 6, which is expected to launch soon. And for more information on the iPhone 6’s camera, click here.

[Snapsnapsnap via 9to5Mac]

  • Der Faust

    awesome article :)….thanks for the link! 🙂

  • Brandon Higgins

    The 4 almost looks as good as the 6

    • KungFu

      And that was only a 5mp shooter…

      • Benjamin Reynolds

        Sometimes less is more.

      • KungFu

        Or maybe they just haven’t improved the sensor at all, unlike their claims.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Dont believe any apple marketing hype or marketing moniker. “Phase detection” “focus pixels” blahblah blah lol

      • Kurt

        Should I stop saying my iPad is “resolutionary”

      • JoJo

        Don’t forget that these pictures are scaled down from their original size. If you put the originals next to each other you will see a world of difference.

      • Benjamin Reynolds

        Having owned both the new Iphones certainly have better sensors. There’s a huge difference between the 5 and 5s alone.

    • ThisBrian

      Don’t know if I agree or if it’s the screen on the new iPhone, but the pictures look great.

    • My lockscreen wallpaper is a photograph taken on an iPhone 4S. I also use it on my iPad and it looks just as good there as it does on my 5s.

    • sriram varadarajulu

      I believe Apple was using camera modules from sony for the i4 and i4s

    • Dan

      the 5S definitely looks similar though

  • mwpitt52

    Ok. If you really need a camera then buy a DSL. $649.00 for two year technology that bends. Time to revolt. Listen Apple!

    • Antonakis Kipouros Nikopolidis

      If i need a camera then I should by a Digital subscriber line(access to internet)? I try to take a selfie with my Ethernet cable but no luck!!! Oh and these cables really bend a lot….. And the cost, wtf!!!

    • I think you mean “DSLR.” 🙂 But I totally agree, my Nikon D5000 would run circles around all these pictures.

  • White Michael Jackson

    Anyone else notice that the iPhone 6 plus bends easily?

    • applebrainwashespeople

      Yes. Its all over the news and other blogs, but of course this blog doesn’t want to post it. They dont want yall to know how crappy of a design it really is.

      • hkgsulphate

        said by applebrainwashespeople

      • iDB is well invested in Apple, so, they won’t want Apple stocks taking a dip with such horrendous headline…

      • Dan

        it’s all sunshine and rainbows

      • Jeffrey Feuerstein

        Yeah, iDownloadBlog readers make such a large part of Apple stocks owners… (NOT)

    • TJ

      it doesn’t bend easily, any sensible person can see that. Any phone will bend if considerable pressure is applied to it, it’s not unique to just the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Do the same thing to a Samsung phone and it’d snap I’m sure. If I recall the same ‘bend’ stories were all over the web last year with the iPhone 5S, so nothing new here, move along.

      • Well the same test was done on a Note 3 and it withstood the pressure (http://bit ly/1ohkf6k). It most definitely won’t bend in your pocket at least…

      • White Michael Jackson

        Sensible person? WTF? I had the phone in my front pants pocket while I was traveling to work and now its curved. Dont worry Im going to the Apple Store for a replacement soon.

      • TJ

        I believe you, thousands wouldn’t.

      • White Michael Jackson

        not anyone on this site at least. you cant even have an intelligence conversation without people saying apple never makes mistakes. its annoying and I barely comment.

    • leart

      The last strong phone that it was not prone to any kind of damage was nokia 3310 which is still alive and working from 2002, every modern phone especially with very big ones with touch screen can easily break so no surprise there

      • They sure won’t bend in your pocket at least. The Oppo Finder (http://bit ly/1rmQLIO, thinner and stronger than iPhone 6, yet also made of metal) and Note 3 (http://bit ly/1ohkf6k) are materialized proofs that it was just poor build quality and poor material choice on Apple’s part, and no, look and feel =/= build quality.

      • leart

        These are just excuses, iPhones are not the right devices for climbers or divers. When you get a device like that is so obvious that is fragile device and you have to handle that with care and not try strange things.
        If you really want something hard get a 3310 like mine 11 years of hard job just a battery replacement, no software update still

      • Right, storing your phone in your front pocket is now strange…makes iSense.

      • leart

        I dont think storing that big iphone in front pocked is a good idea, buy the way im not a fan if big phones for me even the 4s is fine or not to say perfect, my next update probably will be on 5s, im on a bicycle most of the time and i dont want to take a bag with me just to put my phone in

    • Kurt

      Let “bentgate” commence!

  • toortoor

    they all look the same on facebook. instagram, etc…, and you never need zoom :). there was never any need for apple to improve the camera ;).
    if you want to take photos for anything else, buy a real camera, stop using your phone’s camera 😀
    I wonder where are those people now.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Off topic! Finally received my i6! Good to be back on iOS. Hoping for a better battery life. Still going to keep my G for backup 🙂 anyway camera is ok but not impressed lol

  • ishatmypants

    Dem scrawburries got a nigga tummy rumblin

    • Dan


  • Kim Olsson

    As the article states the biggest difference is in how these diff. sensors handle noise in low light. I mean most cameras last 2-3 years perform well in sunlight or overall well-lit places, its in the dark scenes where new versions really do shine!

  • TeChNoStyLeZ

    According to this samples if you have an iphone 5s there is no reason for wasting money on the 6(plus) since the shots look almost identical, and other tests have shown that the processor power is almost the same. Even the iphone 5 compares really good to the 6

  • Akicyron

    Am i the only one to say Iphone 4 was the ultimate transformation from build quality of Iphone to the technology incorporated within the hardware by Apple ?

  • Guest

    I never found the Camera+ to take pictures of the same quality as the built-in camera App.

    • sNick

      It’s all about editing photos.. so they seem to look nicer.

    • vifish

      Ya me too, don’t know why people love that app, it’s just a “better” instagram.

      I like to take photos with 645 Pro app, it’s almost like a DSLR, and i feel the photos are more pure, with no filters i took some great pictures with that app, too bad that few people know this great app

  • BrRafique

    Playing with people’s intelligence

  • leart

    I still prefer to take photos with my iphone 4, not sure why but photos are coming with warm colors and the quality is very acceptable

  • ARIA

    IDownloadBlog?!! You’re off?!!

  • abdullah575

    No change between iPhone 6 and 5s !!

  • Kurt

    I think the strawberries look most delicious in the 3GS’ photo. But 6 Plus has the best looking photo.

  • William D. Lombardi

    You should do an article about the front facing camera from the iPhone 4 to iPhone 6.

  • Ricky

    Great now I can wait patiently and know that the Iphone 12 will have an even better camera.

  • Wow, the 3GS looks almost as clear as the rest of them on the strawberry’s.

  • Dude, those all require way more force than your pocket…unlike the iPhone 6.

    • TJ

      You’ve clearly misunderstood. I bet 99.9% of people aren’t experiencing any problem with their new iPhone.

      • Danial

        Now yes, after 20m (as we speak) people who saw bend test video they are more careful than they were going to be and those who wanted to go caseless probably changed their mind .