The new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus powered by the Apple-designed A8 processor leave the vast majority of Android competition in the dust in terms of CPU performance and battery life, according to a series of performance benchmarks conducted by the reputable hardware review website AnandTech.

The website’s founder Anand Lal Shimpi recently joined Apple for an undisclosed role.

Speaking of the handsets’ graphics performance, the site has found the iPhone 6 Plus performing a hair slower versus the iPhone 5s due to the increased screen resolution. It’s also approximately fifteen percent slower in GPU performance than the Nvidia Shield-based tablets. Despite this minor setback, performance gains across the board translate into “a pretty solid lead over the competition for the iPhone 6/A8,” wrote the site.

According to Apple, the A8 processor has two billion transistors, twice as much as the previous A7 chip. The piece of silicon incorporates twenty percent faster CPU and a cool fifty percent faster graphics while enabling up to 50 percent more energy efficiency than its A7 counterpart, as per Apple’s official numbers.

For those wondering, the impact to the iPhone 6 Plus’s graphics performance is due to the fact that the handset actually renders everything in the 2,208-by-1,242 resolution before automatically downsampling images (I know, it sounds crazy) to fit its five-inch 1,920-by-1,080 pixel resolution display.

AnandTech speculates that this technique, which inevitably introduces overhead, is necessary because the rendering system for iOS “cannot easily adapt to arbitrary resolutions and display sizes”.

iPhone 6 (GPU benchmark, AnandTech 002)

iPhone 6 (GPU benchmark, AnandTech 003)

The new iPhones recorded a thirteen percent faster performance in the SunSpider benchmark test for the A8 chip’s CPU portion. The site underscored that better CPU performance cannot be explained by frequency increases alone (the iPhone 6’s A8 is clocked at 1.4GHz versus 1.3GHz for the A7 inside the iPhone 5s).

Have a look at the SunSpider benchmark test below (note: lower is better).

iPhone 6 (SunSpider benchmark, AnandTech 004)

Keep in mind that these benchmarks are just that, benchmarks.

In real life, the responsiveness and the perceived speed of any mobile device is dependent on a number of factors, including the responsiveness of the touchscreen, the speed at which apps load into memory, the visual effects and even such mundane things as the design of various user interface elements.

And this is where Apple’s oft-praised vertical integration comes into play.

Because the Cupertino firm designs its own chips, operating system, services, apps and hardware components like the M8 motion coprocessor and the display assembly, it is able to integrate the components for maximum power efficiency and make the hardware and software work in concert for maximum efficiency.

AnanadTech thinks the benefits of Apple’s vertical integration are really evident when taking into account the iPhone 6’s 1810mAh battery with 3.82V nominal voltage.

“Apple has managed to do something quite incredible with battery life”, explains the article.

The1810mAh battery inside the iPhone 6 would otherwise have filed as “quite a poor performer” had it not been for the fact that the iPhone 6 is “a step above just about every other Android smartphone on the market” in terms of energy efficiency.

iPhone 6 (web browsing battery life, AnandTech 001)

The 2910mAH battery found inside the iPhone 6 Plus has earned the handset second place, behind the Huawei Ascend Mate 2.

Putting the A8 chip under a microscope, reputable semiconductor experts over at Chipworks have been able to determine that the A8 chip owes its power efficiency in part to a 20-nanometer process technology by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), as opposed to the 28-nanometer A7 chip which is thirteen percent larger than the A8.

A8 (Chipwroks 001)

In addition to being manufactured by TSMC rather than Samsung, Chipworks’ analysis has discovered that the Apple-designed processor still packs in one gigabyte of RAM.

AnandTech will be posting its full hardware review of the new iPhones in the near future. Chipworks’ detailed analysis of the A8 processor is coming later this week.

If you can’t get enough of benchmarks, Tom’s Guide has interesting benchmark scores comparing the new iPhones to the previous-gen iPhone 5s and Samsung’s Galaxy S5.

While power users typically care about speeds and feeds, normals couldn’t care less about the numbers: during its opening weekend, Apple sold ten million iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones, including the four million pre-orders fans placed in the first 24 hours.


  • But.. but… it only has 1 gig of ram!!!!!! /sigh

    • Umut Bilgiç

      Yeah. But I believe that it doesnt effect the ux much other then reloadimg pages and apps. I know it is a bummer but, more ram = more power becouse you need larger immediate data to address more memory. So maybe it is worth the comprimise because the phone is blazing fast and smooth any ways.

      • David Villamizar

        The ram doesn’t increase the power as much as you think, but it bumps the performance and the UX a lot. If we had more ram, developers would have more space for their apps to work with and that’s a bummer for more complex apps. Take the iOS 8 update for example, it needs more ram to work well, but since Apple still uses 1GB, it stutters a lot when it is filled, even using a 5s.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        It does affect it. I dont know how much it would since it is very OS dependant, but it does take a hit on battery. But as you said, I think Apple should be able to push a little bit more and stop playing too safe. I always hate the “If steve wasnt dead” comments. This is tim cook apple right now. But I wish apple was more perfectionist.

      • Annie Leonhardt

        He was mimicing the Android users. 2012 specs xD blew them out the water!

    • Merman123

      I do hope you’re mocking people and not being serious…..

      • should have added /sarcasm

      • smtp25

        no seriously. I hate how Safari has to reload pages when you switch back to it, it does this because it doesn’t have enough ram to cache them

    • Antzboogie

      We smoked them as it should be 😉

    • DevXav

      That’s why I am patiently waiting for iPhone 6s+ (hmm.. sounds weird lol)..

      Hoping for a sapphire screen, 2gb RAM and even more..

  • SkyFall

    And my 5s smokes most of the Androids that were released in 2014. In Geeckbench.

    • Arturo Polanco

      battery tweak?

      • SkyFall

        Its a theme for Alkalaine called Circular.

      • Jonathan

        Live Battery Indicator

    • ChingLip

      Hey what is the tweak for the icon on your status bar?

      • SkyFall

        Its called OpenNotifier it allows you to have app notifications on your status bar.

    • grumpyfuzz

      cool, it beats the phones in numbers. a nexus 5 from a year ago is on par performance wise to a iphone 6…

  • Merman123

    Keep scratching your head, Samsung.

    • MrDDify

      You misspelled Shamesung

      • GuyWithTheThings


  • Chetan

    Oh that is good but but but….. why is iPhone 5S smoking out iPhone 6 and 6+ in FPS????

    • Michael Kent

      Read the article.

      • Chetan

        Oh that was not for you guys!! I have read the article but question was for apple if they increased the size, they could also put some more processing power!!

      • Adrayven

        Power is more important in this case.. otherwise, as the article said.. it would consider it a poor performer overall.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Agreed. But higher specs = more power usage 99% of the time. So that was probably the trade off.

      • Chetan

        I know and I agree but just wait for 1year specs will go higher and battery life won’t fall.. They will increase specs and battery both but business strategy was to just increase the size and let people demand for more.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Haha agreed. That is why I am waiting for the 6s+! (Or 6+s…)

      • mrgerbik

        when they jumped a node, apple should have been able to push things a bit more even at same/less power envelope … at least thats how tings are in desktop/laptop world

      • They did, GPU is 50 percent faster but that’s not enough for the vastly increased pixel count and the fact that all UI is rendered at 2208×1242 before being downsampled to the 1920×1080 screen

      • Why is it downsampling though? Is it to do with limitations of iOS? If so then a major (or minor – but probably major) rewrite of iOS would fix everything wouldn’t it?

      • SkyFall

        Thats for the 6s to have. I bet Apple will release the A9 which will be 2x the power of the A8 (And boy will that be awesome, most 6 and 6 Plus iPhones get a GeekBench score of 2930 and multiplying that by 2 gives us 5860, so if they do that the 6s will be a beast). In addition they will probably release the 2 Ghz clocked with 2GB of RAM processor.

      • Chetan

        I agree..

      • Matt Taylor

        Omg that will be awesome… And precisely why I didn’t buy a 6!

      • I just buy every one and resell the last gen to cut the cost. No point in waiting lol..

      • coLin

        well….take into consideration that they lowered the clock speed for the macbook air from ~1800MHz to 1400MHz to get better battery life. they might do the same with the iPhones. So 2GHz won’t probably happen

    • SkyFall

      Smaller screen size. And thus less energy and power needed.

  • toortoor

    google AnandTech biased apple 😉
    sony experia z3 is already out, where is sony experia z2 comparsion,

    I want to know more about those series compared to others,
    my future destination after apple 😉

    • The Xperia Z3 design looks like what I’d expect from an iPhone after the 4s (excluding the home button)…thanks for sharing, got another stuff to consider after my 4s

      • toortoor

        no problem :),
        I will continue to investigate until I can get my hand on one,
        for some reason the article only mentions tmobile branded z1s, which is ~2 years old 🙂

      • Saeed ghattas

        Are you serious? OMG!

      • Yes I’m serious…I dislike the all Aluminum design of the i5 and later.

      • Cameron Chao

        you must be a dropper. and 8 feet tall to cause bends and dents.

      • Yeah, just like jailbreak dev iH8sn0w had his bend while in an otterbox case (bit ly/1mqzzSu)…he must have been 8 feet tall…iDiot.

      • Cameron Chao

        you dont believe this is a case of an exception? otterbox cases, from what i heard make iphones near indestructible, ive never used one, the most i get from my naked iphone is nicks on the metal bezel.

      • That’s one out of many on the internet (http://bit ly/1B3mCzb), google it and stop ignoramusly pretending like it’s not a problem…it just gets worse with the iPhone 6 (bit ly/1mqzVIA).

      • Cameron Chao

        thats way too little examples considering the wide pool of phone droppers and breakers. And there is also a wide pool of people who almost never drop their phones, me for example. 0% screen crack since iphone 2G. And yes ive had them all (except 5c)/ “stop ignoramusly pretending like it’s not a problem” its a problem on all phones, no proper statistic to show why, even drop tests (in which Apple phones tend to win, even on AndroidAuthority), cant be completely fair.

      • Yeah, a problem with all phones, yet we don’t read about competitor phones like the GS4, LG G2, Sony Z2 etc bending…oh well, if some stranger on the internet says it’s no problem, then it probably isn’t a problem, despite the evidence.

      • Cameron Chao

        isnt it technically impossible to bend the plastic material on those phones?

      • Hence why I prefer such to full-body aluminum, plus the Z2 is no plastic, it’s like the 4s; metal frame glass front n back.

      • Cameron Chao

        There is such an obvious higher amount scrutiny on iPhone compared to the rest anyway. And coupled with the fact that English reviews are more likely to come from iPhones as it sells more in English countries. The only time I read about foreign news on the iPhone or android is when it catches fire.

      • K…

  • Chindavon

    Optimization is king.

    • Dani Hayes

      I bet the guy on the right can’t even feed himself. Lol.

      • George Yfantopoulos

        I bet he died. 😐

      • GuyWithTheThings

        I bet it’s FAKE. lol

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Note 4 should be included. Thats the only shamesung phone that might give a bit of competion

    • Kurt

      To be fair, in benchmark tests I would think the iPhone and it’s basic OS would do better. But those are just numbers.

      Barometer, temperature sensor, IR Blaster, Wacom Stylus, DMB, most accurate screen for colors (hue, value, chroma), split screen multitasking, sd card, removable battery, etc make the Note 4 a better phone so it’s not fair to compare them 🙂 it’s nice no lag, and no crashing apps and OS. Wish my iDevices had more RAM so that wouldn’t happen

      • Let me leave this here for you.

      • Hahaha…never thought iDiocracy could be that hilerious.

      • Kurt

        Thanks, I’ll be sure to post it on this site. It makes iFan Dorks look so dumb. A stylus in the S5? haha thanks dude!

      • Haha idiots, this was created by The Onion, as a joke. Obviously it went way over your little heads. The Samsung VS iPhone thing is for fuckers who can’t get laid.

      • Kurt

        Excellent. how does failing to mention that his is from the onion make me look bad? You are a typical loser apple fanboy who will stick up for apple to no end. I bet you though S5 had a stylus. haha.

        You did know I was trolling you with my last comment right? I didn’t lay it on thick but…yeah.

      • Oh I understand trolling, you are the biggest one on this God forsaken website. I love to watch you waste your time. It’s glorious.

      • Kurt

        Sorry I’m not biased liek yourself. Worship your inanimate object, Apple. Pathetic troll

      • Cameron Chao

        plenty of pictures like this that makes ifans look dumb, this is not really one of it, theres another one that tells ifans “welcome to 2012”. But we all know that the iPhone is still going to win the most awards and also going to be the most sold smartphone, it will also likely come back with the highest customer satisfaction. We will also likely see paying with the smartphone used like nothing else we’ve seen before. It is likely this year/next to be the biggest for Apple, since it released its phablet, making the biggest thing going for its competition to be voided.

    • Rowan09

      Its unreleased.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Ohh. My bad

    • J. Rockwell

      They should have the iPhone 6s on there to since neither have been released yet……

    • Saeed ghattas

      Why would shamesung’s phones or phablets should be included? After all shamesung lie in benchmarks.

  • SeekTruth

    Anyone compared the iPhone 6 plus to the OnePlus One phone?

    • Here’s one comparing the specs (http://bit ly/1siH0Oe), no benchmarks, but it’s easy to imagine the iPhone 6 winning there as the OnePlus One is practically a Galaxy S5 priced right…

  • Bugs Bunnay

    how is this possible?!? isn’t it a 2 core running at 1.4 gigahertz?? how is my phone so much better than the rest??!!@?#$%^

  • All that supreme computing power, yet you still end up with crashing apps and a poor multi-tab web browsing experience…fix that Apple.

    • Dan

      i was thinking the same thing, but I don’t bother posting about it anymore, wrong blog for this kind of thinking.

      • Really? Could someone kindly link me to this new “Pro Apple commenting only” policy? Other open minded commenters have warned me about this same thing…

      • Matt Taylor

        Well said! With you one hundred percent!

      • curtis

        If you cant afford then just say so. I am pretty sure the Chinese knockoffs are based on Apple iPhones not the other way around. Look i loved the iPhone 5s and all the ones i had before it, but the iPhone 6 plus craps all over the older phones. Battery for example lasts for more than 7 hours. I don’t need to take a cable to work anymore to charge the phone. Plus watching movies on this thing beautiful.

      • Umut Bilgiç

        There is no reason to call people names. If I buy every single new Apple product, why does it matter for you. I spend my money in what I think is valuable and a good purchase. If you wait for smart upgrades, good for you. But what other people do with their money is non of your business and doesn’t let you call people “sheep” or what ever because they love a brand and its’ products.

      • Matt Taylor

        I say it because I care…

    • Umut Bilgiç

      I dunno man. I want to believe that Apple has its reasons for not upgrading the specs. I love thid company, their philosophy and their products buf I dont know why they would not upgrade specs. I will gibe you my money anyways Apple you might as well cram a few megahertz and gigabytes here and there

      • Competition has had it for years, don’t see why Apple can’t…they’re just milking die-hard fans like you to the last drop, and you’re happy about it.

      • Kamran Mackey

        Dude, that isn’t true. iOS is really optimized. It doesn’t need more than 1GB of RAM. App makers just don’t know how to optimize their apps.

      • You really haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about. I explained it to you b4 in terms of multi-tab browsing in Safari, take the red pill whenever you’re ready…

      • Tyler Smith

        you obviously do not do programming..

      • Umut Bilgiç

        I am happy with the products they make. So I purchase them. They are a company and their job is to make money, and if this is how Apple makes money no need to be hurt about it just go buy any phone you want from any company. Obviously you are not trying to help out people all you want is self accomplishment but you fail to realize that there are people with diffrent life styles and thoughts. I am not happy that Apple has pushed low specs while higher specs could have helped. I am no hardware engineer or designer at Apple so that is why I think they have their reasons.

  • JasonL1C4

    I have a htc one m8, but I plan on selling it to get a 6+ #backtoapple 🙂

    • SkyFall

      Can you sent me the M8 if you don’t need it?

      • JasonL1C4

        If you’re willing to pay $600-$700 lol

  • Kurt

    Impressive stats. Imagine if we had enough RAM.

    • Saeed ghattas

      Guess what. It doesn’t have to have more RAM to be better than any other phone out there after all

      • Kurt

        Yes it does, because when the OS crashes, apps crash, lag…yeah iOS is suffering from those problems. And we need more features. iOS has given some awesome features, but we need far more.

      • Kamran Mackey

        It’s because app makers don’t know how to optimize their apps.

  • 4pp1e

    Still iPhone 5s the best iPhone so far …my opinion!!

    • Kurt

      4S, no need for a case

      • SkyFall

        Well in my opinion, the “S” models are way better than the non “S” models, because in the “S” models the design is perfected, hardware features are added, there are major camera upgrades and processor speed ups.

      • Kurt

        Definitely has been the case. So many “****gate” problems are with the 4, 5, and I’m sure with the 6. But camera-wise, this year was the big year for me. Would be nice to have 4K vid, but most importantly is OIS!

  • Unicorn Drank

    I am not going to lie, my 6+ lags when I am sending quick reply messages from the lock screen while receiving messages.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      My iPod 5 did that when I upgraded to iOS 7. There are new features, and since your phone is brand new, it’s only been running iOS for a few days. Give a few more and you’ll be fine.

  • Zzzz

    Goddamn. I’m fkin stuck. I have an iPhone 4. Was planning on buying an iPhone 6 but it only has 1 gb RAM!!!!! I don’t wanna buy an i6 only to find out that next years iPhone has 2Gb RAM! That would vex me to no end…

    • Smart iDea to wait it out…if the next iPad comes with 2GB, then you can expect the S variant come with 2GB as well.

      • Kurt

        If they can manage to make their split screen work, the iPad will have more ram. Time will tell.

  • Rowan09

    Samsung didn’t make the A8 chip this time I see.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    And cue the Shamesung haters…

    • Kurt

      If it wasn’t for Samesung/Shamesung/Samsh*t there would be no iPhone Plus. Let’s embrace copying.

      • Kamran Mackey

        Actually, yes there would. Apple doesn’t use Samsung to make their chips anymore, they used TSMC.

  • J. Rockwell

    The iPhone 6 makes the Samsung G5 look like an Etch-A-Sketch.

  • Alberto Espinal

    The Butthurting begins

  • Alberto Espinal

    I found this!

      • Alberto Espinal


      • Neh, just pointing out the ignorance, nothing to be sad or jealous about official iOS…

      • Cameron Chao

        The biggest fact of this post is that alot of these features are basic smartphone capabilities that really should have been at a higher priority than what Android only knew how to throw in, future proof features (that werent even used that much) like mobile payments, wireless charging. I dont even know how an educated guy like you can diss apple so much, it scares me. Maybe you are educating some ifans, but i highly doubt it, from your post it seems all you care is to piss people off. Android is better only for people who give themself a reason to want it. (or maybe genuinely needs its customisation and multitasking)

      • Yeah and ancient basic stuff like Bluetooth file sharing, contact group creation, etc are still missing from the iPhone…not to talk about basic true multitasking, true multi-tab browsing.

        ” future proof features (that werent even used that much) like mobile payments, wireless charging.”

        Yeah they’re not being used by iDevice people, they’ve been in use by millions in Japan…

        “Maybe you are educating some ifans, but i highly doubt it, from your post it seems all you care is to piss people off.”

        K o.0

        “Android is better only for people who give themself a reason to want it.”

        Implying Apple buyers don’t have a reason to buy Apple products…I tend to agree to some extent.

      • Cameron Chao

        3rd one. Smartphones and its features are for everyone, Android has more features that some people may want to use. 1st one, in Japan, because Japan has somewhat a lot of people and is usually considered in smartphone conversations. Did you know the Japanese only use their own brands, ive been there twice, most were still using fliphones. Japan is a bad example to even compare smartphones with.

      • K I get it, you prefer the official iPhone…

      • Kurt

        iPhone is better because iPhone can/has: 4K video, QHD screen, most
        accurate colors (hue, value, chroma) for any mobile device, IR blaster,
        an altimeter, sensors for humidity, temperature, wacom styuls, SD card,
        swappable battery, split screen multitasking, etc

        Edit: oops sorry, wrong phone. lol

      • Alberto Espinal

        And still the iPhone kicks ass with 1gb of ram so what’s your point?

      • Kurt

        Lie. OS crash, apps crash, lag on iOS has to do with your kick ass 1 gig. Lol keep dreaming. iPhone is a good phone but can really compete over all. But if you pick a few features The iPhone is on top. Most important to me is screen size, apps, camera. iPhone does very well with those.

      • Cameron Chao

        There are plenty of articles showing that iOS is the most stable OS to use, least crashes, least lag. Plenty, i mean not a single one against it.

      • Kurt

        Apple fanboys on this site even disagree with you. So I’ll believe them and my experience.

      • Cameron Chao

        Are you wiling to make things up to prove your point? Check my post history and find Apple fans disagreeing with me. Notice how I said articles, it’s because I don’t have much experience with android as you don’t have with iOS, ios 7.1 and above to be specific, there are way too many reports on iOS being the smoothest and most stable, even though some users may suffer from crashes, the lag is near invisible for all, samsung on the other hand, is plagued with a whole array of lag and other issues.

      • Kurt

        I have far more experience with iOS than you do. I have had jailbroken devices since iPhone OS 1.1.1 or 1.1.4 (I forget which). Stop trolling me. Thanks.

      • Cameron Chao

        More false info, so did i, iPhone 2g to 5s (soon to be 6) only never had the 5c, and you know I jailbreak too. You most likely skipped generations, or stopped at around 4 to get samsung galaxies. Do you know what troll means or is that your only counter attack, you’ve called so many people trolls for the wrong reasons here.

      • Kurt

        Still have my 4S, and iPad Air. More false info (right back at ya). Troll starts fights/arguments. You are a troll. You never come at me as a friend. But an enemy. So, I kindly ask you to leave me alone.

      • Cameron Chao

        You know how stupid you sound now, I did say probably and was half a generation close on my guess. And this argument needed more recent technology like 5 or 5s updated to latest iOS, not an obviously laggy 4S that is 3 years behind. Your argument was flawed from the beginning. And no trolls aren’t just argument starters, that’s just ignorant, people have been starting arguments since the beginning of mankind but the term troll only came about in the last 5 years. Use some brains

      • Kurt

        iPad Air is the latest iPad you twit. Use some brains.

        Do yourself a favor. Stop trolling me. Thanks in advance for your cooperation. Bye now!

      • Umut Bilgiç

        Oficial vs official. Then you go compare jailbreak tweaks and android features. Thats a whole another world of confusion. Stock os vs stock os. Seems pretty fair to me.

        The same works the other way around eh? Nothing jailbreak tweaks werent able to do.
        This is why I hate “…. Did it first” discussions. Lazyniess is all over these conversations.

      • It is official you nincompoop…as official as apps on the AppStore offering heart-rate monitoring and other sub-functions of Android TouchWiz. Only difference is Android apps have always been able to give system wide enhancements, something new to iOS 8…but never expected you to know that.

    • BozzyB

      incorrect. All of those features listed existed already in other android roms before. There is just no feature which is not available on android because you can implement whatever feature you want. Thats the core sense of android. This gfx is lame…

  • Alberto Espinal

    And this

    • Kurt

      I didn’t read this picture, but thought I’d let you know that the Exynos Note 4 has a 64 bit processor.

      • Cameron Chao

        you should, it shows how Apple deals with the most important features most effectively.

    • BozzyB

      there are only 4 phones – there are alot more..
      some arguments are just vice versa and are ignored: NFC implemantation is poor on iOS (not useable for other tasks)
      or Airdrop – there are alot of apps which share content differently and not via bluetooth.
      very ignorant argumentation. just untrue in every point…

  • Lazy Ghost

    So this is where all the cock mongers hang out and talk about their apples. If you keep talking about videos games and fps and how its awesome then you are a geek…and I don’t mean the cool funny kind that people like. I mean the fat lazy live in your moms basement kind that nobody likes. Enjoy yet another android update to your cells and finally catching up with times…watches, widgets, larger devices…etc. Oh and don’t bother replying. You are ignored as of now for being pork sword swallowing izombies.

    • curtis

      Just another mad droid user that has to wait 5 years just for a update to get released and if and when that update is released it will only work on the new phones they release. Face it, Apple doesn’t have to be the first for everything they put out, but when they do release something it shits all over your android phones. Jesus with only 1 Gig of ram it kills all your android phones. LOL. LOL. LOL

      • Guest

        iDevices lag and crash (apps and OS) because of low ram. Don’t brag about it dude

      • Lazy Ghost

        Sorry I have money. Plus there this thing you can do to android devices to get updates for your device before they’re actually released for certain devices. Learn more about the os before you comment…I live in a world free of apples walls.

    • Umut Bilgiç

      That is a terrible stoerotype and you should be ashamed of your humanity

  • Kurt

    Design, 4S is much better.

    What cheap case do you have on your 5s? Of course now you will tell me you don’t have a case on it :-p . How many scratches do you have? How’s the premium feel on your iPhone case?

    • Andrew

      My case is an aluminium gold color bumber case from the Apple Store. It only protects the sides which are the only part that can really be scratched. If you want I can send you pics, there’s not a single scratch on the back (or on the front either – thanks to gorilla glass). The material used in the back is extremely durable. I saw a video where someone tried to scratch the back with his keys really, really hard and something that looked like scratch appeared but with a wipe of a hand made it completely disappear. I dropped it multiple times and I don’t have a singe scratch anywhere and I still have the premium look and feel of it. Not like some dumb people who think iPhone is the best because of the design while they have a life proof otterbox case and some shitty screen protector which is completely useless.

      • Kurt

        Sounds like you’re enjoying the phone the right way!

  • Andrey Savostikov

    I’m not a hater person. But i have an iPad Air and it crashes 5-10 times a day. (I can have only 2 opened tabs in Safari!!! 2!!!) It is not normal… I think at least 4GB RAM could be on an iPad (it has a huge battery) but it is not. And PLEASE don’t tell me it is because of battery life. It is totally because of marketing. iPad Air 2(or just -S) will have 2GB RAM, A8 and TouchID 🙂 Pretty sure.

    • Kamran Mackey

      Did you do a full restore when you upgraded to iOS 8 or did you just update OTA? If so, I would highly recommend doing a full restore as it might fix the crashing.

  • The question is why would I want to upgrade from an iPhone 5s to a 6 / 6 plus when the benchmarks clearly show my 5s to be performing slightly better with worse hardware…

  • Yunsar

    Doesn’t the 6 Plus have a 2915 mah battery?

  • Danial

    There was more benchmark you should put them too
    just saying 🙂

  • blastingbigairs

    Good to see my 5s is still hanging tough.

  • gittlopctbi

    “the A8 processor has two billion transistors”
    My gosh–what a day and age we live in, especially when we take such things for granted!

  • Smash

    And the K1 smokes away power hungry apples beta chips.