Google Chrome for iOS 37.0.2062.60 (iPad screenshot 001)

The Internet giant Google on Monday issued a minor update to its Chrome browser for the iPhone and iPad adding support for the new third-party App Extensions in iOS 8 using the multi-purpose Share sheet.

This allows you to download apps which advertise their own extensions and actions to the system, making them available in any app that makes use of the standard Share menu, Chrome included.

This edition of Google’s web browser also includes iOS 8 compatibility as well as stability improvements and bug fixes.

Third-party app extensions are available in Chrome via the Share option found under the main menu (click the icon in the top right corner).

This brings up iOS’s Share sheet with scrollable extensions in the top row, followed by custom actions below, as evidenced by the screenshots at the top and below.

Google Chrome for iOS 37.0.2062.60 (iPad screenshot 002)

Note that even though third-party apps automatically add custom extensions and actions to the iOS Share sheet, they’re disabled by default. To enable a custom action or extension for an app you’ve installed, bring up the Share menu in any app like Safari, swipe to the left and choose the “More” icon.

This will take you to the new screen where you can manually enable or disable the extensions and actions you need, as well as reorder them.

This is actually great news for fans of Chrome as you can now use custom sharing options like Pinterest to post web content to more places than ever before.

Note that Safari extensions such as the just-released Awesome Screenshot, which lets you capture a whole webpage as an image, only work in iOS 8’s Safari browser.

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  • JS3

    until ppl start updating for the larger screen the 6 isnt really all that great IMO. i still love it but having basically every app blown up is really annoying.

    • Give it some time. Apps will be updated before you know it.

      • I bet most are in a review queue just waiting to be processed. The wait is annoying but at least unlike other application stores it ensures we have quality apps that are malware free…

    • iamse7en

      Exactly. Any app that isn’t 6 plus optimized, it really looks bad. Which is most apps. I’m using Safari for the first time in years because of this.

      • Kurt

        I want to see some older apps on the iPhone 6 plus. I wish someone would make YouTube vid. I really want to play my favorite boxing game on the 6 plus, Fight Night Champion by EA Sports. I’m sure it will never be updated so I’m curious if it’s ok.

  • Sagar Shah

    no support for 1Password it looks like. Not sure why it’s not coming up still.

    • Testing LastPass but it says no matches for sites so far. Annoying to say the least as bookmarklets work fine.

  • Fardeen Beharry

    lastpass still does not work 🙁

  • JulianZH

    Still no support for swipe back and forward…

  • Fede777

    Still waiting for the Share > Gmail share sheet

  • Mike

    Does anyone else hate how the Share page takes up so much room on the iPhone? I’m not sure why there’s so much empty space at the bottom of the Share sheet.