iPhone 6 (drop test 002)

As Apple Stores around the world opened this morning to the legions of fans and early adopters eager to get their hands on the company’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus handsets, enthusiasts have already recorded first drop-test videos that provide non-scientific evidence as to whether the new phones are more easily damaged versus the previous models. I’ve included a nice drop-test video by YouTube users PhoneBuff who was among the first customers at Apple’s retail store in Australia.

I’ve also put in another clip of a brand spanking new iPhone 6 slipping out of its packaging and slamming onto the concrete — as the cameras were rolling — much to the horror of its proud owner.

PhoneBuff’s torture test involved dropping the devices on their back, side and face. So, how durable are Apple’s latest smartphones?

See for yourself in the video below.

Unsurprisingly, the new iPhones are not indestructible despite the aluminum Unibody construction which should withstand more damage than the previous design. It doesn’t hurt repeating that the iPhone 6 Plus features an ion-strengthened display, not a sapphire-coated screen as suspected in the months leading up to the official unveiling.

Of course, any smartphone is going to break if you continue to drop it.iPhone 6 (drop test 001)

On the downside, conventional wisdom dictates that the larger form factor and the bigger screen would be more prone to scratches, dings and shattering when dropped accidentally. The truth, as per usual, is somewhere in between because the damage is heavily dependent on how and where the phone is dropped.

iPhone 6 Plus Home landscape

For what it’s worth, PhoneBuff is intentionally slamming these devices into the ground. Therefore, I’d take his video with a grain of salt because no one is going to torture their pricey investment like this.

For good measure, here’s another torture test video, this one by Android Authority.

And finally, a Perth, Australia kid named Jack Cooksey has outdone PhoneBuff with un unintentional drop-test which I’m sure is gong to haunt him for the rest of his life.

Have a look at it below, via Perth News Today.

This is just too painful to watch.

I’d definitely be curious to learn if Apple has replaced his just-purchased unit with a new one. This is why an Apple Care+ protection plan makes lots of sense for the new iPhones, especially if you’re opting for a bigger model.

I’m definitely an iPhone 6 Plus person so I’ll be investing in a premium hardshell case, I think, to protect my device from drops.

Are the new iPhones more fragile in terms of proneness to accidental drops than the iPhone 5s design, do you think?

[YouTube via MacRumors and Cult of Mac]

  • SummerLover

    the poor boy …

    • Ahmed Karoui

      Haha yeah 😀 UNBOXING & DROP Test in just a couple of seconds xD

    • im2slick4u

      It didnt break

  • First drop and it cracks. I dropped my 5s so many times all and all it has minimal scratches on the side.

    • People aren’t going to be happy about how easy it breaks but it comes with the territory of having such a thin device with a thin aluminum housing and thin glass..

      • Yea I know, I never had cases on my phone because I’m never clumsy with it. Only way I dropped my phone is when I’m bumped or I’m running while it’s in my shorts.

      • springer85

        Yeah and people having spent just £700 are so like going to INTENTIONALLY SLAM IN TO THE GROUND!!LMFAO!
        The guy from Perth proved that when slipped out of the hand on to concrete NOTHING happens!
        Seriously go play with the cheap plastic looking S5 that got outsold by the 5C!!

      • BoardDWorld

        Go to Android Authority and the results are the complete opposite. Both came out with only a couple of little marks on the body. It makes me wonder is Aussie getting different glass?

      • Ive seen them already. Im not sure why it didn’t break though.

      • BoardDWorld

        I could only think that the block used by phonebuff created a vacuum as he pulled the block down. If this occurred it would send the phones down at a greater velocity than a simple drop.

      • I think you are right here, it made it seem more like a throwing instead of dropping.. Making it fall at a faster or harder rate.

      • Onyxus_Music

        This is why it may be somewhat of a good idea to hold off from buying the first batch and see what will pros and cons from the actual released phone. The drop test may not be a 100% certainty that the iPhone is fragile, but it’s showing people that it may be more fragile than other predecessor iPhones. Whether or not you have damaged your iPhone before, it is a good idea to get warranty for a $700+ gadget.

    • Tim Farris

      you should ask for a new one because you got the first one ether that or if you got warranty claim warranty

      • No bloody no, lol I was talking about the video.
        I don’t think the lad in the video had apple care he looks traumatized.

      • Rowan09

        They’ll give him a new one.

    • Antzboogie

      This worries me I won’t lie lol. I feel like the 5s might be stronger and it survived with a bumper case and full body screen protector, but I really can’t say for the iPhone 6 Plus I’m getting because I don’t get it until Monday. I will update this comment if anything.

  • Jason Baroni

    Android Authority has it tested and the results are pretty impressive: nothing happened to the screen on both phones, only micro sucffs on the back.

    • It will always be different results. Two pieces of glass or better yet two glass bottles will never ever break the same.

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, I know. But I think it’s important to tell that yes, it has some good hardness.

      • NeftyCorrea

        the 6 cracks easier from all the previous iPhone cause its thinner drop on the side or screen your screwed with the 6 YOU will NEED APPLE CARE lol

      • Jason Baroni

        Well… that is not what the video by Android Authority showed us. Ok that it was just 1 video, but it was thrown face down to the ground and the screen remained pretty fine

      • NeftyCorrea

        damn do you have that link i wanna see that video. there goes the rumors of the iPhone 6 to be unbreakable they should of just went with sapphire glass

      • BoardDWorld
      • NeftyCorrea

        ok thanks

    • Thanks, added the video to the article

      • Jason Baroni

        My pleasure, Christian!

    • sharmanhall

      these results are fake, you can clearly see screen seperation around 3:40, also the video quality drops in attempt to blur the result.

      • Jason Baroni

        Of course Android guys would fake a video to cover any glitch from Apple…

  • DukeBastardo

    Android Autority too did a drop test their phones seems fine..

    • Guest

      3:40 note the screen comes partially off.

  • hkgsulphate

    apple should give that guy a new iPhone
    both good to the company and him 🙂

    • Alberto Espinal

      The news channel should give him a new one for being nosy!!

  • Chris Tangler

    I’ve had my iphone 5 in a Lifeproof Nuud case for nearly 2 years and not a single scratch on it. actually took it out of the case for the first time in just about a year the other day. love that there was basically no dust inside the case. There may be better cases out there, but when i get my i6(+) sometime soon, better believe I’m putting a damn good case on it. Kills me that some ppl spend all that money on a phone and are too cheap to buy a decent case for it.

    • Sometime the case makes it the looks ugly, such beautiful design but you must hide it. Due to fear of ruining it. I don’t like cases because my phone looks better that way. To each of his own I guess.

      • Chris Tangler

        i agree but i spent $700US on my phone unsubsidized and figured i better not screw it up. I’m even careful with my phone but too scared to not use a good case.

  • Osama Hamdy El-Sharnoby

    Why drop them !!!!
    Just ship them to me 😀

    • Guest

      Why didn’t I think of that?

  • Merman123

    TIL: If I drop my phone on concrete 3 times in a row , damage will happen.

    • Jason Baroni

      Everything happens when it’s your phone.

      • ThoseCurves

        right on !!! lol

  • Stark

    I’d blame the media for rattling that boy.

  • Ricky

    iPhone 6 users shouldn’t have to be too afraid for dropping their phone. However, they should be worried about have some scratches on the lower back of the iPhone due to the protruding camera. iPod touch 5th gen(not using any case) users will know what i meant…

    • pegger1

      Why would the lower back get scratched because the camera sticks out?

      • Kurt

        Think about. Think of the angle as it lies on a surface

  • Darth Kai

    I just wish I had the money to get two new iPhones just to drop them…

  • Thanh

    I dropped my first generation iPhone once and the bottom part on the backsidr fell off lol

  • springer85

    Kinda OBVIOUS the phones would break if he was intentionally trying to smash it!
    The guy from Perth proved that if it just slips out of your hand on to concrete it is fine!
    Hilarious how these PATHETIC SAMESUNG guzzlers have to make videos to try and stop people buying Iphones!!
    WAKE UP people will NEVER stop buying Iphones!

    • Sean Finn

      Springer85 it was a Drop Test they do it with all phones not just Iphone you pathectic apple guzzling idiot

      • springer85

        Aww go play with your plastic shitty looking S5 that got outsold by the 5C!
        This is an IPHONE WEBSITE…go blow one off to a SAMESUNG site!!

      • Sean Finn

        See your an idiot troll no one is talking about samsung we are discussing a drop test you absolute cretin

      • Lmao

      • Sean Finn

        He is some idiot he says the same thing on every article just a stupid troll

      • springer85


      • Sean Finn

        Absolute cretin why do you think everyone is a Samsung enthusiast you are and idiot

      • springer85

        So OBVIOUS you a SAMESUNG guzzler!!

      • Sean Finn

        Read my comments you idiot I have a One Plus One your just so stupid its unreal sad life you have really is that you just troll its a video or a drop test and you think Samsung are doing it haha LMFAO at how stupid you are and everyone that reads your comments knows what an idiot you are

  • springer85

    If SAMESung actually put the effort they do in making videos trying to mock the Iphone in to making their phones they actually could have a decent looking phone….but instead choose the shitty crappy plastic toy look!!

  • jilex

    I personally don’t think an smartphone is an investment… But thats just me, and the poor kid!!!

    • Rowan09

      It is if you’re selling them to the highest bidder at launch date. I saw a Chinese lady with a list to buy multiple iPhones, so I can only assume what she’s doing.

      • NeftyCorrea

        where i live In Boston EVERY new PRODUCT that Launches there people including myself that buy like 500 and more apple products to sell them over seas there lots of groups that do that over were i live cause you make much more money selling them over seas

      • Rowan09

        I know. I use to fix phones for an Indian business owner who sent phones back to India.

      • Jayy

        I’m from Boston too

  • NeftyCorrea

    DAMN id cry that new report was all up in his grill lol. But i feel like it the iPhone screen crack you can replace it like you could with the iPods pop the screen out

    • Rowan09

      The price for the 6 screen will be very high right now.

      • NeftyCorrea

        very high I’m going tomorrow to test it out and if i like it I’m pick on up

  • Juan Genao

    Time to get the applecare !!!

    • NeftyCorrea

      FORREAL ! i never get apple care but with the iPhone 6 its a must even tho i never drop my phone

  • CS

    I’ve had AppleCare forever, only used it once when my phone fell into the ocean. Still, better safe than sorry

  • therealjjohnson

    I hate these type of videos.

  • ericesque

    That “side drop test” on the Plus clearly landed corner first. Corners are the most vulnerable spot. Oh well. I just had a brief hands on with the iPhone 6 and that sucker is going in a case simply to give it a bit more chunk.

  • Sean Finn

    All phones smash with that impact i dropped my HTC One last year the very day i bought a cool grip skin for it on flat concrete and the screen bust, back and front of my 4s broke back first which i didnt repair just stuck a case on then the front went too so had to fork out to fix it. My Note has survived many falls but there are loads of marks after it on the One Plus One now love the phone but sticking a case on the minute my order arrives.

  • Ted Forbes

    This is disappointing, very.

  • Adam

    I have a question.. Probably off topic.. If my iPhone haven’t shipped or probably haven’t been been made yet. Can I call Apple and ask them if I can change my storage capacity or can I just do it online?

  • Akicyron

    For dropping that thing off ……… INSANE…..

  • john diaz

    why would you do this it’s like stepping on the american flag, “OFFENSIVE”

  • Bugs Bunnay

    brick is softer than concrete.

  • n0ahcruz3

    Fail… :/

  • jocastro

    ANNNNNNDDD that’s why i did not buy this phone, Apple is a great company with good phones and good ideas, but there is nothing new about this phone at all. I don’t know why such a hype is needed. I’ve had my fun with Apple’s IPhones from IPhone(1st) all the way to Iphone 5 and i got to say i am pretty bored these days. Even with the jailbreak scene(not coming up with anything new and the same tweaks over and over again.) Apple really needs something new and not something that was already introduced already years ago. Even the jailbreak tweaks… come on man, seriously……. please come up with something new, not the same crap tweaks over and over again. It seriously just blows my mind how many of the same tweaks are on cydia. You guys got to be bored with this, because i am. The day apple decided to grow bigger balls, is the day i will come back to the IPhone scene.

    • n0ahcruz3

      I agree this is the most overrated and overhyped iphone yet. Though i preordered one. So much for the “ion hardened” bs. I dont buy apple marketing moniker “focus pixel” “ion hardened screen” “phase detection”etc. Just sugar coating the iphones lack of strong specs compared to the competition.

      • jocastro


    • Kamran Mackey

      Actually, there are plenty of things new with this phone. You’re just too dumb to realize it…

      • Kurt

        You’re just too dumb to realize it…

        Says the 8 year old troll.

  • NeftyCorrea

    yea thats true i feel like it depends how you drop it too

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Cheap crap cracks easier than a 5S

  • hab ibyo

    Can i get the tested and the cracked one please ohh god when u five me such divice anyways u gave me ip4 i highly thank you

  • mwpitt52

    I will not buy the iPhone 6 plus until they start using SAPPHIRE GLASS

  • blastingbigairs

    It’s glass, it’s going to shatter if the impact is just right. How is this even a surprise to anyone????

  • sharmanhall

    I expect this to be deleted, but Android Authority FAKED this test! Unfollow them immediately!

    These results are fake, you can clearly see screen seperation around 3:40, also the video quality drops in attempt to blur the result.

    • dpacemaker

      Can plainly see the screen separate on the 6+ screen down test. Completely fake.

      • Kurt

        Weird, why did they try to hide it?

      • dpacemaker

        I don’t know, I would think a channel named “Android Authority” would show it. I would think every channel that actually cared about the consumer would show it. The pic is at the 3:53 mark of the video. even as bad as this photo is the separation can be seen.

      • Kurt

        Yeah I saw it and it was clear that they are hiding it. Especially they avoid answering everyone’s question about the the picture above. Maybe a PR firming acting on Apples behalf paid them. Samsung had a PR firm pay trolls, and Apple is not a noble firm by any stretch of the imagination so having Android Authority do drop test where it passes with flying colors would make the iPhone look great in peoples eyes.

      • dpacemaker

        Oh I’m sure Apple or some other entity paid for the skewed results. While I don’t think this one test is mainstream enough to matter on Apples bottom line, it could however help a Apple connected reseller.

    • FreezeGame



    • FreezeGame



  • What clearly happened is one (or both) of the screws that hold the screen in place (except for the glue) broke. If you watch it frame-by-frame, it’s clear the debris isn’t the iPhone 6 glass. All they would of had to do is push it back into place depending on how the actual screws or port was broke. They marveled on the screen not breaking, not the tiny little screws holding it in place (which can be replaced by the way).

    End of story. Please stop with the hate.