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CNN updated its iPhone app this morning, bringing it to version 2.4. You may recall Apple SVP Phil Schiller showing off this app on stage at last week’s iPhone event, highlighting the way that it takes advantage of the larger displays of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

It looks like today’s update brings that support for the two new smartphones, as well as a handful of other enhancements. CNN says that the app has a much improved landscape mode—which looks great on my iPhone 5s—prettier photo galleries and more.

Here is your full change log:

What’s New in Version 2.4
– Updated design for iPhone 6
– Improved landscape experience
– Enhanced photo galleries
– Minor bug fixes

As Phil Schiller mentioned on stage, CNN has redesigned its app to take advantage of the larger displays in the new iPhones. You can see the new split-screen landscape mode in the image above, which is from my 5s. I bet it looks way better on an iPhone 6/6 Plus.

Anyway, if you want to check out the update, you can find the CNN App for iPhone in the App Store for free. And for those wondering, both the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are available for pre-order right now, and are slated to begin hitting store shelves Friday morning.

Thanks Matt!

  • sNick

    Landscape Mode inspired by iPhone 6 Plus. I like it.

  • Kenrick Fernandes

    Any and every news for CNN is breaking news! What a joke lol.

    • Jackson Cymerman

      Breaking News: Rock thrown towards house. Lol, so true.

  • Jackson Cymerman

    Is anyone having trouble with third party keyboards just not working at all?

    • Kenrick Fernandes

      ios 8 on the battery is a joke

      & yes third party is working okay for me for most parts. Doesn’t work on whatsapp in landscape. Looks horrible. and the spotlight looks fine for you but in the morning it was appearing in this greyscale washed up blurred look. But it started appearing fine today evening. There’s also some lag when it does the whole auto rotating thing.

      • Jackson Cymerman

        Try to ‘Reset All Settings’ for battery, maybe that will help that too.

    • kamocho

      Yep, same here. I get the same when I try to respond to an iMessage from the lock screen 🙁

  • Xee

    I cant update any apps today on iOS7 due to new terms and conditions pop-up, click okay and then blank page??? Anyone else get this?

  • Ted Forbes

    If you can get this phone out of the box and into a case before it breaks you’ll be lucky. Very disturbing!