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Apple is fairly well known for its over-the-top customer service, and we’ve come across a story that provides the perfect example why. Reddit user Kiggsworthy posted an anecdote in r/Apple today captioned “Pretty indescribable Apple service experience yesterday,” and we thought it was worth sharing.

Like many of us, Kiggsworthy was playing with iOS 8 yesterday when he came across an issue with Family Sharing that did not allow him to download content from his wife’s account. So naturally, he tweeted about his problem, and to his surprise, an actual Apple employee responded to his call for help.

From the r/Apple thread:

Out of nowhere, an Apple employee hit me up on Twitter asking me to send them a DM. Via DM, he then worked with me to isolate the problem. I discovered that not all content was giving me that error, only a subset. He got excited saying this is something they’ve been trying to track down but were not able to reproduce. Apparently I gave them the reproduction scenario he needed. 

Turns out, it was a subset of iTunes content that was uploaded over 8 years ago in a bad format that Family Sharing wasn’t playing nice with. They now know what bad content to look for and are going about putting re-encoded versions of all this media on their servers so that people will not get this error going forward.

Kiggsworthy goes on to say that he told the employee he was very impressed with the service, given how busy yesterday was for Apple. Apparently, the company has set up a “War Room” with staffers trawling through social media looking for various iOS 8 issues so they can address them as soon as possible.

Apple launched iOS 8 yesterday with a slew of new features, including the above-mentioned Family Sharing, which allows multiple Apple IDs to share content. As with most major software releases, there have been a few initial issues, but it’s nice to hear that Apple is taking extreme measures to fix them.

Thanks Matthew!

  • Mike

    Wow. That’s a first. Another reason why I love Apple.

    • BoardDWorld

      Brilliant service! I had an experience literally just 30min ago. My Apple TV (out of warranty well over a year ago) started this insane screen flicker straight after the mid July update. I phoned Apple support after a week of it. The apple support guy suggested it could be my HDMI cable. I had no way of knowing because the Yosemite beta 1 & 2 didn’t support display out on my Macbook Air. Beta 3 came out a few days ago and it brought back display out. Cable is fine I emailed the last rep I spoke to, no reply for 3 days, I phoned today and spoke with someone else. Long story short I’m getting a new one in the post! Stoked as… 🙂

      • BoardDWorld

        Dumbfounded, they even gave a new 1 year warranty!

  • abdullah575

    Everything is bugs , Apple , Samsung, and ..

    • Jonathan

      you. 😀

      • J. Rockwell


    • R4

      Yes, all technology have bugs, wanna change it? try and make your own bug free OS. good luck.

  • Jonathan

    This is why I love Apple.


    I’m having a lot of problems with ios 8.. things that weren’t happening while i was on 7.1.2.. hope 8.0.1 is around the corner..

  • Chang in Charge

    So we should keep tweeting about possible jailbreak vulnerabilities to a minimum/ not that I’m aware of any or how to even find any.

    • pegger1

      A couple hashtags to throw them off haha #iOS8unjailbreakable #ios8flawless

  • ThoseCurves

    glad to be a part of Apple’s eco system.

    • Viktor_Zweig

      You get extra 5 points for most idiotic comment today. Bravo!

      • ThoseCurves

        You despise me don’t you ? if i gave you any thought i probably would be.. Schmuck !

  • vifish

    One of the things that i really love is their costumer support, its awesome!
    Hey Google, learn with Apple!

    • 40bl

      Quiet the contrary actually, my retina macbook pro started having burn in dots on the screen and they did nothing just send me in circles and use some bullsh*t nlp techniques

      • J. Rockwell

        Well was it under warranty? Did you have Apple Care? My guess is no, so they told you to kick rocks. What do you want them to do give you a new computer?

      • 40bl

        EU consumer law states products must be fit for purpose with no defaults and customers have a claim window of two years after date of delivery. Also you pay a premium price for a premium product so don’t give me your die hard apple fan poop, I’ve been a loyal customer since I can remember and have their whole product line pretty much.

      • J. Rockwell

        Premium product??? If you buy a Lamborghini, Audi, or Ferrari and something breaks a week after you buy it and it’s not covered under warranty it is coming out of your pocket. PERIOD.

      • 40bl

        You missed the whole Consumer law part did you? Anyway I still love Apple (probably will get a the iPhone6 aswell) just think their Customer service on this side of the Atlantic needs to be improved…….greatly

      • J. Rockwell

        I wish the US had a similar consumer law.

      • Did you escalate things? If you have a genuine claim then Apple would probably fix things rather quickly rather than risk legal action…

      • 40bl

        Yep even told me to try legal actions route but would not give me any contact details just an address in a differrent country, also because of the price of the macbook it is too large a price for it to be applicable to the small claims court, i cant afford or have time for that during final year college and work

  • Diego

    That is another reason why Evaders and Pangu should wait to jailbreak the iOS 8.
    Apple should launch a new version to fix those bugs and consequently close the exploits from jailbreak.

    • J. Rockwell

      Trust me it took what 3 1/2 months to jailbreak iOS 7. We will be lucky to get one before Thanksgiving.

      • James Gunaca

        We’ll be lucky just to get a jailbreak, no matter when. We’re always lucky to have these devs do what they do!

  • J. Rockwell

    “Proud to be an American were at least I know I’m free!”

    This is what makes Apple king.

  • Waleed

    Within 15 minutes of using 8.0 i found 3 or 4 BUGS, but tweeted about it, and i was always sure apple is keeping an eye on all these problems thru twitter stuff.. Its really nice btw !

    • Mark

      So what were the bugs…..

  • James Gunaca

    iMessage groups have been a nightmare for threads with iOS7/8 people in them. But perhaps my Yosemite installation also caused the problems I was getting yesterday.

  • James Gunaca

    Anybody else get the bug with Facebook when you watch a video using the Facebook link browser where your device is on mute and then you unmute and it starts to play audio then turns off when the HUD disappears?

  • Bruce Burstein

    I found an ios 8 bug.
    I like listening to music while charging my iPhone 5S on my apple docking station. Since the ios 8 upgrade I no longer have the option of listening to music through the iPhone speaker. Of note, my Apple docking station also has an audio line out – and now it only allows me to choose that (“Dock Connector”), or my Bluetooth headset when it is seated in the dock. This was not the case with ios 7.1.1. Now I’ve got to purchase a set of speakers if I want to hear music while my phone is charging.