apple tv update

In addition to iOS 8, Apple has released a new version of its Apple TV software this morning. The update brings about a number of improvements, including a redesigned interface, a new Beats Music channel, and support for various new iOS 8 features.

Easily the most obvious change is the refreshed design, which now utilizes flatter images and thinner fonts. The makeover is long overdue, and it helps brings the design language of the Apple TV software more in line with the iOS and Mac platforms.

Next, users will probably notice the presence of the new Beats Music channel. This is a standalone channel for subscribers to the Beats Music service, which as most of you know, Apple purchased this year, and it allows you to access the streaming service.

Other new features include support for iCloud Photos and Family Sharing, both of which are introduced in iOS 8. iCloud Photos allows you to access entire libraries across multiple devices, and Family Sharing enables multiple Apple IDs to share content.

If the update doesn’t install itself automatically, you can force it by opening Settings app > General > Software Update. If it doesn’t start right away, or seems to be moving slowly, be patient. Apple’s servers are going to be overloaded throughout the day.

Update: as pointed out by some of our readers, many of the improvements listed above appear to be limited to the third-gen Apple TV. Apple TV 2 owners may also see an update today, but it does not include the redesign or new Beats Music app.

  • James Gunaca

    Updating now. What a great day to be at home and sick. Gonna watch Star Wars Machete Order.

    • Jason Baroni

      Get better, bro!

      • James Gunaca

        Thank you, sir!

  • Eric James Clayton

    Will this update be for ATV Gen 2&3 or Gen3 only?

    • Arjan Vlek

      Gen3 only. Gen2 got 6.2.1 today

  • Jack Wong

    Where are the Samsung fans????

    • gittlopctbi

      What does ATV have anything to do with Samsung? About as much as Samsung flat screen TVs have to do with Apple flat screen TVs, I guess. 🙂

      • Jack Wong

        iOS device can do Airplay with Apple TV.

        Android can also do it with Chromcast.

        It doesn’t has to be an actual TV, a device like that can also turn a regular TV with hdmi port into a smart TV.

      • Eddie Hines

        I am unable to do airplay from my ipad air to my apple tv 3rd gen with wifi off. i thought you no longer had to have wi fi on for airplay to work

    • BoJack

      Maybe they are only paid to raid news about iphones

  • I’m reading on other sites this is limited to atv 3 only. Not cool if this is true.

  • Alatoerka

    What about handoff on Apple tv? I heard something about connection without router.

  • MacGuru17

    This made me immensely happy. It’s about time the UI was updated!

    • applebrainwashespeople

      How’d u like it? Looks worse i think.

      • MacGuru17

        I rather like it; it really looked outdated once iOS 7 came along last year, so I was happy they made it flatter to match. I love the thinner font as well. Sure, they could have redone the OS completely, but I think they’re waiting for a brand-new Apple TV (and perhaps the ever-elusive actual Apple television) to do so.

  • tstsr6

    Does anyone know if this update still allows us to use plex?

  • applebrainwashespeople

    4 hours to update??? WTF?

    • applebrainwashespeople

      Yep, took all 4 hours too. And somehow it looks worse. “Refreshed design” my butthole. Its the same thing just flat. Waited 3 years for apple to put out a redesign of apple tv interface and this is what they give us? Glad i bought Google TV today. Anyone want a 3rd gen apple tv? Lol.

  • James Clatworthy

    I can’t seem to get peer to peer to work. Every thing is fully updated…

    Any ideas?