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Apple isn’t done refreshing its products this year. According to the same source who shared reliable information on product introduction and timing in the past, AppleInsider has learned that the Cupertino firm is about to unleash another wave of new products during the second half of next month.

Apple’s reportedly set internal deadlines for “major new products” of mid-October, with the planned unveiling to reportedly take place during mid-to-late October.

Micah Singleton at The Daily Dot thinks the event is scheduled for Tuesday, October 21. Citing sources familiar with the matter, Singleton says the event will bring the sixth-generation full-size iPad and the third-generation iPad mini, and also announce the release of OS X Yosemite.

The October 21 data was mention by Reuters while Bloomberg also relayed AppleInsider’s findings in a tweet and a subsequent article.

The well-informed Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, however, shot down these reports with his trademark ‘nope’ though he didn’t elaborate further.

Several pundits, but no major outlet, have previously mentioned the possibility of another Apple media event to be held at some point during October. As mentioned before, Apple is also widely expected to release the latest free OS X Yosemite update in October, following today’s release of iOS 8.

With the iPad lineup, the Apple TV media-streaming box and other products up for their annual refresh, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that next month should be about an improved, Touch ID-enabled iPad Air 2 and iPad mini tablets.

As a point of reference, last year the Cupertino firm unveiled the iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display at a media event on October 22.

Tim Cook holding iPad Pro (Bloomberg mockup 001)

Beyond new iPads, however, possible other product refreshes are anyone’s guess.

The Apple TV has received its last major hardware refresh two and a half years ago. A new model should include anything from a built-in router to TV tuner to speedier chips and a new software enabling an Apple TV App Store for apps and games.

A new MacBook Air model with a high-resolution Retina screen has also been much-rumored about in recent weeks, mostly by sources in Apple’s supply chain.

However, Intel’s already-delayed Broadwell chips are now facing new delays so that machine should not be expected before 2015, both Taiwan’s Economic Daily News and DigiTimes reported recently.

Mockup above via Bloomberg.


  • Mr.Coolfreak

    When are the new macs coming?

    • Hopefully soon with a new design and more colors options..

      • rockdude094

        Mac pros ?

      • I don’t think a silver one could hurt..

      • rockdude094

        Lol no I mean are they being refreshed ? I just got a 13 inch.

  • sdhn

    I’m ready for the 5k iMac/Display that I won’t be buying because I’m a student with no money! 😀

    • Jonathan

      lol same! *high five*

  • Mini Apple Genius

    Let ‘s hope we get an Apple TV with an app store!

    • Dany Quirion

      it would have leaked

      • Jason Jones

        AppleWatch had no leaks other than to say there might be one. Just saying.

      • Dany Quirion

        well i had seen leaks hahah

      • Fanboy 

        Apple Watch had no leaks because they announced it before starting mass productions of the product

      • There was leaked photos of the parts the day before the even. I agree with you though.

      • Mini Apple Genius

        Right, because we just saw tons of leaks of the new Mac Pro.

  • Joey_Z

    Intel’s chip delayed again, on the plus side, now at least my Macbook will still be the latest Mac for another 6 months, lol

  • Jason Baroni

    What you guys think regarding the iPod line up? Would you like newer iPods or updated iPods, like a 4″ inches touch boosted with the A8?

    • ltcommander_data

      I’m hoping they give the iPod Touch at least one last basic refresh, say same design but with iPhone 5s components (A7, 8 MP camera, true tone flash), but realistically they probably view the Apple Watch as taking over the fitness/music segment and iPhone/iPad as being for everything else.

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, I agree with you on all aspects. We have had this iPod touch gen for the longest time now and it’s time for an upgrade, or graveyard instead, like the Classic.

        I would prefer to see an updated iPod with the 5s hardware too, but I also think they will replace the iPod pipe line with the Watch.

  • John Tremendol

    when will ios 8 be out? i am currently deleting my jailbreak so i can OTA to ios 8, and i am pretty frickin excited!

    • Jason Jones

      Today. Supposedly at 10am Pacific time.

      • John Tremendol

        how many hours for that? sorry but i don’t follow pacific time, it would be great to have a countdown. 🙂

      • 30 minutes.

      • Jason Jones

        36 minutes. But expect servers to be slow as I’m sure many will be trying to download. Again, that’s not a confirmed time, just speculation based on past releases.

      • John Tremendol

        Thank You Everyone.

    • Dan

      Why are you deleting the jailbreak? As far as I know, if you install iOS 8 over the jailbreak, it will delete anything that’s not stock. (Honest question since this is what I’ve always did in the past)

  • Willie

    *patiently waiting for the “apple ipad 5plus with retina display”*

  • n0ahcruz3

    iPad will suffer a slow death. Lol

  • avd98

    I’m hoping for a 4K Display iPad with 20” display and a holographic display too, like iron man. Also i would like them to present an iPad with NFC, Octa Core processor, 10 a8 chips with a m10 coprocessor. If the iPad doesn’t come with those features, Apple is a dead company, and Samsung will rule the market!!! Where is the innovation Apple? Come on!

    (waiting for Domodo’s answer)

  • Andrew Roth

    iPod Touch 6 is also expected to make an appearance there.

  • Oliver Hyde

    Still no love for the iPod touch, two years without a refresh c’mon

    • Andrew Roth

      It’ll be at this event. Don’t worry.

  • Franklin Richards

    Fanless MacBook Air? Even though the CPUs are delayed maybe they’ll tease us about it.