If you love customizing your iOS 7 device, you’d probably be interested in ‘Faces’, a brand new jailbreak tweak that was released on Cydia recently and offers a fairly unique feature that allows you to customize the passcode keys on the Lock screen.

Developed by Ben Rosen & CPDigitalDarkroom, Faces allows you to customize the Lock screen passcode by adding images to each of the buttons. These images will appear right behind the keys as you can see from the screenshot above. 

After installing the tweak, head to its preference panel from the stock Settings app to start adding images. You’ll find a toggle that allows you to enable or disable the tweak and a ‘Choose Images’ button which will take you to a new interface where you can add a photo to each of the passcode buttons from the stock Photos app or even take a picture instantly and use it.


At the bottom of the settings pane, you’ll also find a slider that allows you to adjust the opacity of the images. This said, the only time that you are required to respring your device is when you enable/disable the tweak and when the amount of opacity is changed. For the rest, the changes are made in real time.

Personally, it’s a solid tweak that really makes your Lock screen passcode stand out. I tested it on both iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.4 and another with 7.1.2 and there were no lags when transitioning from the Lock screen to the passcode interface.

If you’re interested to give it a try, Faces can be downloaded now from Cydia’s BigBoss repository for free and it’s compatible with all iOS 7 devices.

  • sdhn97

    so pointless D:

    • Mike M. Powell

      I like it 🙁

      • sdhn97

        Then you get it, sir! And you enjoy it!

      • Mike M. Powell


    • Gucciipad

      I like it too better than having numbers on my lock screen.

      • sdhn97

        then again you dont really spend long looking at the lock screen 😉

      • R4

        Its about the little things.

      • i agree, this is a nice touch

    • R4

      It looks great, thats the point.

  • Leonardo St.Brice

    Off topic but anyone knows when amazon will have the iphone 6?

    • sdhn97

      Very off topic …. try next friday

  • guitahero

    Love it

  • therealjjohnson

    Suppose this could be a good way at creating a new passcode. Better yet, remembering a new passcode. Assigned faces to particular numbers and just put them in order by age, importance, who you’ve known longer etc. pretty neat. For example your code could be: Mom, Dad, sister, brother or something to that effect.

    • Agru

      Nice idea but.. It’a a 4 digit passcode, how difficult can it be? 🙂

  • sdhn97

    This tweak needs an update to remove the numbers so its purely photos

    • Beta382

      SimplePasscodeButtons exists.

      • Yep much better and cleaner…

      • sdhn

        Living on the edge at 3%…

      • All the time, as far as I know were on here once so why not lol.. it died overnight and currently charging sense the bolt next to the battery.

      • Jonathan


      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        Can we get a tweak much like this where the circles are gone?

      • I’ve been looking but hanvn’t found anything yet have you? Although the circles with nothing shown are awesome too.

      • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

        I’ve been looking and since someone mentioned the Emergency being able to be erased in the key strings, it should implicate the same with the circles.

      • Well if I find anything Ill let you know.

    • Der Faust

      or just make each button a color….your pass code could be: red, blue, orange, purple 🙂

  • jolehp

    somebody make landscape mode jailbreak tweak for 5S and below 😀

  • Muhammad !

    Nice tweak 😀

  • Waleed

    To get “minions” and agnus pictures from Despicable me Movie.
    You guys should try “dsipicable me keypad” from cydia. Which puts some cool images from the movie in the keypad, and yes these spellings are wrong; but same spellings are in cydia.. Soo . Try this ! 🙂

  • Varun Soi

    Makes lockscreen little bit laggy otherwise a fabulous tweak!

  • Marcus

    All I can think about is restoring my iPhone 5s and updating it to iOS 8… I’m literally so stoked for the new Messages features and just everything in general.

  • 空白

    This is awesome! But a little too late, lol.

  • Courtney Macfarlane

    I love this idea! 😀

  • Whats the point; I just ordered an iPhone 6; and Im bummed Im gonna LOSE my hard won beloved jailbreak. Oh the pain…… what kind of wait will we have till the next exploit?

    • ✯Mike✯

      Some have said a longer wait then iOS 7, some have said shorter. I personally think it could be about the same, since there were only very minor changes in the OS overall

      • surely we will be able to at least download those Widget extensions; like a clock for today view; although I still don’t see where

  • Seff Causapin

    Anybody who has an idea if there’s a substitute of this tweak for ios 6 devices? Thanks

  • Claire Dougherty

    how do you install it?

  • awesam

    What do you download to do this?