Silver iPhone 6 6 Plus side by side

Every year it is the same scenario: Apple unveils a new iPhone, and we all start wondering what we’re financially able to afford. The question on everybody’s lips then becomes “am I eligible for an upgrade?” If you bought your device 2 years ago, then chances are you are already eligible for an upgrade. If you’re not sure what your current status is, we have a way for you to check if you’re going to be able to pick up the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus at the subsidized price, or if you’ll have to break that piggy bank you’ve been preciously keeping on your dresser for the past 15 years. 

Note that because T-Mobile does not offer subsidized phones anymore, we did not include the company in this roundup.

Check your upgrade eligibility from Apple’s website

Step 1: Go to the iPhone pre-order page on Apple’s website.

Step 2: Select a device and a finish. This will make the upgrade eligibility check available to you.

Step 3: Click on the “Check your upgrade eligibility” link.

Step 4: Choose your carrier and enter the required information.

Step 5: You will then find out what your status is and how much it would cost you to purchase an iPhone today.

iPhone 6 eligibility AT&T

I’m not sure about other carriers, but AT&T also offered pricing under the AT&T Next plan. Since other carriers have similar offers, I imagine you would have the same options if you chose Verizon or Sprint.

As you can see from the image above, I am not eligible for an upgrade until September 2015, right on time for the iPhone 6 Plus S. Of course I could choose to use AT&T Next but since I like to own my iPhones, this is definitely not an option for me. It you’re running low on cash, and if you’re not eligible for an upgrade at this time, the installments plan could be your best bet though.

Other way to check your eligibility

All carriers have a tool that lets you check your eligibility directly from their website. You usually need to login to your account and check your eligibility from there. It’s not as straightforward as using the method described above, but it is an option. Here are web portals for the three carriers:

There is one final way to check your eligibility, but from my experience, I do not find it to be very helpful because it doesn’t really paint the right picture. For example, I checked my eligibility with AT&T who told me I was eligible under the Next plan, which I guess is accurate, but it failed to tell me I am not eligible outside the Next plan. To check your eligibility from your carrier, open the Phone app, and dial the following, then press call:

  • AT&T: *639#
  • Verizon: #874
  • Sprint: 1311

After a few seconds, you will receive a text message from the carrier alerting you of your upgrade status. Again, this is not the best way to check your eligibility. If you want a true and accurate picture of your upgrade status, then follow the method at the top.

One more thing… Get cash for your old device

All carriers offer trade-in programs so you might want to check with them. We’ve also published an article recently on how to get the most money from for your old device, where we highlight a few good ways to sell your older iPhone for cash.

So, what’s your situation? Are you eligible for an upgrade at subsidized price, or will you have to cough up the full price of the device to get your hands on it? Share your game plan with us.

  • Creepa07

    any for the uk 🙂

  • Roy Chdid

    Which one are you guys getting, the 6 or 6 plus? Im quite lost b/w both!

    • marco1993

      SPOILER ALERT: (for the podcasters)
      We’ll Jeff, Cody and Sebastian are getting the iPhone 6 plus
      I think 64GB and they are not getting the gold one
      Though Sebastian may change his mind and get the gold one in a week 😛

      • Roy Chdid

        This time, there is no way Im getting the gold one. I waited 1 month to get the gold 5s and I wished I got the space gray. Im definitely getting the space gray.

    • Yash Gorana

      iPhone 6. 64 GB. Space Gray.

    • Gate

      6 Plus 64GB in Gold

    • ins0mniac1

      If they had identical specs apart from size, I would get the iPhone 6. However given the iPhone 6 Plus has optical image stabilisation, a full HD screen with superior PPI, and a cool iPad-like landscape view for some apps, I’m going for the 64GB Plus version.

    • 6 plus but can’t decide on the white or black. the decisions!!

      • mlee19841

        just print the iphone tester out

      • I want to feel the weight and see the color differences in person lol.

      • mlee19841

        same here. the 5.5 looks good just blows they didn’t add the features to both phones

    • Juan Genao

      6plus 64g, any color but silver is my first choice.

    • mlee19841

      i would like the larger screen for the better features but i dont really want the screen size. lol. just the better features i guess. i might be alright with the 4.7.

  • Ben Gareffa

    Debating the Next Plans vs. a new 2 year contract… AT&T does give me $25 off each line on the bill each month if you have a Next plan… And there is no $40 upgrade fee. Basically I would only be paying for a case initially. But I think the installments are much more expensive. Is that negated by the $25 off the bill though? Also, at the upgrade point does AT&T give you credit for the ohone that you’re required to turn in? Or do you just give it to them for free after you’ve payed for it… Anybody else making this choice? I’d love other opinions.

  • veda99

    iPhone 6+ 64 Gigs, 2 minded for gold or space grey!!

  • Every iPhone I’ve ever owned has been bought outright and unlocked. It’s a lot of money but I hate been forced into a contract. Even more so when I consider that 4G is still in its infancy in the UK so I’ll likely end up switching carriers 2-3 times over the course of 2015…

    • Saul

      That’s not very smart or is it? Have you saved any money but not being locked into a contract? What is the price difference in plans with contract or without a contract?

      Here in Canada for a plan with a good carrier with or without a contract is exactly the same cost. So there is no advantage in buying out the phone and paying the full price.

      • That’s not very smart or is it?

        I’d assume for my usage it is smart but perhaps not for others. I use my iPhone mostly for mobile data I very rarely use texts / phone calls and most contracts come with lots of texts and minutes that to me would be of little or no use. I pay for data spending anywhere from £10-£30 a month. With a contract I’d assume I’d be spending a lot more each month and be locked down to a specific carrier and unable to switch freely whenever I wanted (this is the key thing for me, I like to be able to switch whenever I want if my carrier isn’t up to scratch and their service is not where I think it should be).

  • Chang in Charge

    6+ 64 GB Space Gray

  • Clear

    I know it’s out of topic, but can someone tell me when OS Yosemite is being released? Is it along with iOS 8 on the 17th?

    • Any time between now and December. My bet is on some time in October…

      • Clear

        Oh, I see. Thanks buddy.

    • Harrison Hoffert

      No. The release date isn’t confirmed, but expect sometime this fall.

  • Amac

    Space grey 64gb Verizon! So ready.

    • mlee19841

      any word on if they can do both data and voice at the same time on verizon?

      • Amac

        I’m pretty sure when volte launches in your area it will be able to from what I gather. Anyone else know this for sure?

  • Shimon Avital

    Where can I get unlock device without a contract company

  • Is there yet a list of iOS 8 feature compatibility for the i5s?

  • JRnyc

    I am eligible for NEXT and for the 2 year pricing… but rather pay for my phone full price up front. Is that going to be an option?

    • veda99

      if you go through carriers site instead of Applestore

  • Juan Genao

    The apple store app on the iPhone also runs pretty smoothly showing the upgrade options on ATT.

    1. Is it better to order from ATT or Applestore?
    2. SO you order on the 12th, when does it ship out. In years past it would ship out a couple of days before the release date so that you would get it delivered the same day of release. Last year I remember that even though you could order a 5s a week before release, i did not ship until actual release so you ended up getting the phone 4 days after the initial release date.

    • Ben Gareffa

      I like to order from Apple because it’s more direct and I think it tends to be quicker. In the past when I have pre-ordered, it ships a few days before and arrives on release day just like you said.

    • quitcherbichinn

      There was no pre-order for the 5s, that’s why i spent 4 hours in line on launch day. The 5 had a pre-order, as did the 4s and the 4….all 3 of which I pre-ordered and received before noon on launch day.

  • Tobias9413

    Does anyone know a safe legit site that can unlock my iPhone? Also anybody know if the 6 and 6+ are going to be unlockable? My dad has an upgrade with att he isn’t going to use so I’d like to bring that phone over to T-mobile.

  • Gustavo Mirabal

    Can someone please tell me if contract free is the same as unlocked? i live abroad and i dont want to pay 850 bucks for a brick locked to T-mobile. A rep over the chat told me it can be used abroad but 10 minutes later other rep told me it will be in fact locked to T-Mobile and i will have to wait for the “sim free” version to show up on the website, that is like 6 months after release date.. Anyone??

  • mlee19841

    it seems like the 6 regular is just the new c version

  • I’ll be snagging the 128gb plus model. Will be up this evening late into the morning for the preorder online. Already ordered my case, just need a glass screen protector once those hit.

    • Amac

      What case did you order?

      • I fell in love with the Spigen Tough Armor Case, all black when I got my 5s. So I didn’t waste time and ordered the same case for the 6plus on their official ebay page for a bit of a discount. This time picking metal slate instead of the all black. The 5s case allowed me to use any off brand glass screen protector I wanted. Once the glass protectors hit for the 6 plus i’ll order one.

  • Krish Damany

    Can someone explain cross upgrading with ATT for me? That’s what I want to do, but I don’t know how to preorder. Do I preorder with the number that has the upgrade and put my SIM in once it arrives?

  • mlee19841

    seems like that plus will sell out first

  • Brandy Devisco

    im from indonesia and the iphone 6 plus price is higher than the one they display in the apple online store. my question is can i buy iphone 6 from apple online store and deliver it to my country? thanks

  • Charles

    If my contract ends next month. Will I be able to upgrade early without a fee. I remember back with the other iPhones if your contracted ended within 2 months you can upgrade early.

  • Diego Milano

    So no upgrade for those who spent a lot of money on an unlocked device. 🙂

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      If you buy an unlock device you upgrade whenever want.

  • Saul

    I’ll pass. Plus I’m not due for a new device till early 2016 anyways. I’ll wait for the IPhone that doubles the IPhone 5S performance and I think 1GB of RAM is not enough too. Once you jailbreak and add your tweaks, the ram goes down too quick

  • This “per month installment increase” is a marketing trick to upsell us…at the end of the way we are still shelling out close to $700 for the 128gb model