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At some point during the craziness after yesterday’s event, Apple quietly rolled out new iCloud storage plan pricing. In an update to the iCloud section on its website, the company posted pricing for storage plans ranging from 5GB to 1TB.

As before, customers will continue to get 5GB of storage for free, with 20GB of additional storage available for $0.99 per month. 200GB of storage will cost you $3.99 per month, 500GB $9.99, and the 1TB plan costs $19.99 per month.

The pricing brings Apple more in line with competitors, but it’s still a very expensive offering. Dropbox, for example, offers 1TB of storage for just $9.99 per month, as does Google Drive, and both services offer cross-platform/mobile apps.

icloud drive price

Still, the new iCloud Drive service should appease users who have criticized iCloud in the past for its lack of file support and drag-and-drop functionality. It will work with iOS 8, OS X Yosemite, and Apple recently sent out a beta to Windows users.

iOS 8 launches to the public on September 17th, and OS X Yosemite is expected to drop sometime next month.


  • David Gitman

    Apple at least give us 10GB of icloud for 16GB device.
    5 is just too small

    • JoshuaHulgan

      Apple wants to incentivize you to pay for an upgrade.

      • nonchalont

        Exactly, that’s why they made a 16gb, 64gb, and 128gb. They did away with the 32gb. They should have done away with the 16gb and made the 32gb the first tier. However, they want to incentivize us to spend the extra $100 for the 64gb. If 32gb was the first tier, more folks would purchase the 32gb over the 64.

      • JoshuaHulgan


    • Ksain

      Oh, just grab 20gb for 0.99 cents, this is really nothing

      • ic0dex

        Thank you, its $.99 a month $11.88 a year you spend more money eating crap each day so I’m sure you can come up with $.99 a month.

      • Ksain


      • Diego

        Honestly if you can afford an iPhone you can afford .99 a month. Buy one less song.

      • It always annoys me when people say that. I worked my ass off on my low wage to save up for my iPhone 5s on release day. Just because someone owns a high-priced product, it doesn’t mean they have plenty more money for other stuff

      • I’m sorry, but if you have to “work you ass off to buy a (particular brand of) phone on release day,” you might want to check your priorities. It’s just a smartphone, not lifesaving medication. You could wait a month, save up 12 more bucks or watch for a discounted offer before purchasing it. That would make more sense if money is an issue, surely.

      • Priorities? I buy everything I need in including food and bills and whatever’s left over, I save it for a product I want. Why is that so hard for you to comprehend? Sure, I could save for those extra gigs for iCloud, but with 20gb in Dropbox, another 15 with OneDrive and 50 with Mega. Why would I want to spend money on iCloud?

        Ohh, and I’m in the UK, so I don’t pay for “life saving medicine” 😉

      • Please reread my comment. At no point did I state that you have to pay for medicine. I merely stated that that a phone is not life saving medicine so you don’t have to prioritise it on a ‘must have on release day’ basis. Why you read price into that, I don’t know, I can only assume you are sensitive about money.
        P.s. your cute smiley is likewise rather trite. 😉

      • David Gitman

        I am already paying 100$ for month for a developer program

      • therealjjohnson

        $100 a month? Are you some kind of super developer? lol

      • David Gitman

        A Year! LOL my mistake sorry XD

    • Totally agree

  • Frank Anthony

    Now I want to ask a question: Maybe dumb question, maybe not but some people(me too) may want to know if this iCloud drive: CAN store data like Musics, Movies and documents without sacrificing the Mac SSD Memory (for example i have 128GB and i want to move all the musics and videos to iCloud drive and free my memory without internet access ofcourse) Is this how it works or is this even possible? Thank you for answer without criticizing 🙂

    • John

      I don’t believe you can, I believe the iCloud Drive is for data files such as photos, iWork documents…that said, you do have access to the Drive via a folder on your desktop.

    • John

      Looking at the folder (in Yosemite), it seems you can dump files in there without any problem….just not 100% sure how you would access them on an iOS device.

      • Accessing them on the iOS device might depend on the filetype?
        I sure hope we can use iCloud storage like this. And once they add some kind of history function (or is it in there) they will have any other cloud service for Mac/iOS beat, Apple’s their service runs system deep, far more effecient than say Dropbox’s software constantly sniffing for file changes (at least here it uses a lot of CPU). Fingers crossed.

      • Frank Anthony

        I think if this iCloud drive could store my files and i can access them offline and free my MAC memory then i can quickly get 1TB for even 2yrs but as it appears this is not gonna be possible but i would love to see this kinda of iCloud services in future ) No more SSD upgrade and carrying external hard drive around – Breakthrough 😉

      • 4pp1e

        To access iCloud you need internet and with the new iCloud Drive you can storage any type of files> Simple

      • A solution to that would be if Apple allowed us to set folders to by synced or not. That way you could have folders just for online storage.

      • Ales Bellotti

        There’s an app for that. I’ll make shameless promo but I believe it is justified since it is really convenient for this topic. Pocketdriveapp dot com

    • nyangejr

      iTunes Match


    it should be 5 GB for every device , not for every account. If you have more devices and pay mopre for that whay should you have the same 5GB storage like user whou have 1 device?

    • BoardDWorld

      There is a way around that, you give each device it’s own default iCloud account, it’s own 5GB, turn on the features you want to utilise the 5GB. Then in your Mail Contacts & Calendars you set up a shared iCloud account & turn on the things you want to sink across all your devices, email, notes & calendar events etc.

      • MASAKRA

        how do you manage to do that? I always put my 1 exiting account email name to every new device iPad , Macbook and iPhone and when I do backup for example it uses the same 5GB storage no matter now many devices I have.

  • Micky Ganon

    iPhone 5s is prettier

    • Forlani

      i agree, the 5s is prettier but who cares. I will use a case a usual anyway. The most important thing is the rounded design feels great in the hand & we finally get a bigger (wider) screen.

      • Micky Ganon

        The size of the screen on the iPhone 5S and down is the right size for a mobile device

        Beyond that, it’s a tablet

        -No Comfortable in the pocket

        -No Comfortable to hold in one hand

        In a natural way because of his size is more exposed to shocks and scratches

        – Cell phone does not need to be big!

      • Diego

        True but it’s not a cell phone anymore. It’s an Internet Commicator, iPod, book reader, movie watching device, etc…I don’t want just a cell phone anymore. But if I did, Id go back to the cool flip phones that Motorola made.

      • I wonder how hard cases will fit onto the iPhone 6/+, with the square edges, they just squeeze around the sides but that won’t (I don’t think) be possible with rounded edges

      • You do realize the original iphone had rounded edges and they had cases for those.

  • Deiniol

    I’m guessing this pricing is only available in the US, just tried my icloud still has 10GB at £14 a year..

    • Dan

      will probably change at the same time as IOS 8 update I’m guessing

  • Meh…local storage ftw.

  • Andres

    Wow nothing in between 20 and 200

  • Rares

    OneDrive gives you 18 GB free.

    • True, but it’s made by Microsoft which kinda lets it down

  • Dan

    I’ll probably get the 200GB. While it may be true that 1TB of DropBox is cheaper than 1TB of iCloud, not everyone needs that much memory. For me the 200 GB is a better deal.

  • Yaron Reiter

    Where can I dl icloud drive for windows beta?

  • lemonhead

    why would I pay 19.99 for 1 TB, if I can get two 500GB for 19.98…

    Just a question?

  • James Gunaca

    Any details on when this will launch? Still seeing 20GB/50GB options only. Checked on OS X Mavericks, and iOS 8 GM (iPhone 5s).

    500GB option for now, 1TB later when Photos launches in 2015 🙂

  • How’s this accessed on a iOS device?

  • Unicorn Drank

    Rip off, I’ll continue to use Dropbox and photo stream to save my pictures.