u2 apple event

As rumored, Apple brought up U2 on stage to perform at the close of today’s event. Bono and the band played a single off of their new record “Songs of Innocence,” and following the set, Tim Cook announced that Apple will be giving a free copy of the album away to iTunes users over the next month.

This may not seem like a big deal at first, but think about it: this album will be free for every iTunes Store customer. That’s over half a billion users, in some 120 countries, that will be able to access the free download today. Cook says this will make Songs of Innocence the “largest album release in history.”

Apple says the album is available “right now,” but we’re not seeing it yet. We imagine it will take a while for it to roll out to all regions.

  • Apple Watch is still too much expensive :p

    • Yash Gorana

      Don’t buy it then !

      • Don’t worry i will not !

      • Jason Baroni

        Thank you! One more available in the world for me!

      • yeah Apple will reserve it for you

      • Jason Baroni

        Remember iPhone 5c? No one would buy it. iDB has reported that it was the 3rd best selling smartphone by last December, behind the 5s and the Galaxy S4.

      • I know that Apple watch would be best wearable no doubt about it but i said its expensive and its true

      • Jason Baroni

        Yes, no one can deny it is expensive, however, this is their DNA, it’s Apple being Apple. I mean, it may not be the really best watch out there, but it is going to sell.

    • Jeo Ten

      Yes, we know … like the Mac, the iPad, the iPod, the iPhone … heard it all before … but of course you’re wrong since millions of people are buying these products and you get a high quality experience with all that Apple produces. Nice try though.

  • we don’t need U2 Performance we need cheap Apple Watch

  • vergilvsdant

    and the stream is dead

  • Dan

    This makes up for the overpriced phone and disapointing watch imo

    • avd98

      Stop talking, please.

      • Dan

        Since you asked, no

      • hyphin

        You really think that watch was disappointing? I mean, if you honestly do, and this isn’t a troll, that’s incredible. That thing is really something. I cannot think of a way to make it better. Thinner maybe? That’s it.

      • Dan

        No trolling, it has cool features but I expected a better looking device. Thought apple would do something amazing. To me, looks like all the other smart watches out there. I’m not the only one to think that it seems.

  • Deep Down

    The price is irrelevant. I wouldn’t wear that watch if recieved it for free.

  • jocastro

    WORST event i have ever seen, Tim this is going to ruin you for sure, especially for a over priced watch and 2 iphones that are basically not even revolutionary. Some one go back in time and bring back Steve jobs

    • Jason Baroni

      I can’t actually remember when Apple wasn’t over priced…

      • avd98

        Hahaha verdade…

      • mwpitt52

        Are you Tim Cooks gay lover?

      • Jason Baroni

        Well, at least Cook has someone’s attention, right? Must be awful to be a lonely Internet troll that the only life achievement is to get thumbs up on a post. And for the record, I am not even gay, and even if I was, it would be no problem at all.

  • omrishtam

    WORST event ever.
    also the watch is WAY too expensive and isn’t that good looking…

    • Dan

      he’s dead Jim

      • omrishtam


  • Burge

    Downloading now

    • downloading what ? O.o

      • Kieran.Lillis

        The new U2 album that’s being offered on iTunes for free

      • Burge

        Can you read ? What’s the title of this post ???? Have you watch any of the keynote?

      • Kieran.Lillis

        To be fair, the steam was pretty dodgy and the post title got updated after he wrote the comment.

  • Kieran.Lillis

    FINALLY: apple website gets redesign!

  • Woodlandstar

    Very clever! They will sign up thousands of new iTunes customers wanting their free album, then those customers are seemlessly ready for ApplePay

  • Anmol Malhotra

    Redesigned Apple website is finally here!

  • Peak

    Lol at the Apple fanboys of the past. Saying dumb crap like 1080p resolution is not needed and is pointless that’s why Apple doesn’t do it. Well lookie lookie. Years later and they do! The fact is Apple always arrives years laterto the party implementing features and specs that everyone else already had years ago. LMAO at Retin HD touting it as some remarkable feature.

  • August Ebbesen

    Give me his glasses with the album and I won’t be mad about the expensive Watch.

  • Ian Leon


  • Virus

    should have gave dr dre detox

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    iPhone 6 & 6+has two models world wide. Verizon Tmobile & At&t on same Model but Sprint on separate Model. But the Sprint Model has more bands and contains all the ones vz t & tmus has. ~

  • firerock

    Apple said it will available from September 9th 11.59pm PST

  • Andres

    Let’s have Lady Gaga next year

  • Mike

    hmm, it says purchased when I look at it in the iTunes app but it’s not in my purchased items or my library, so how do I download it?

    • Bruce Christie

      Same here. 6 hours after you posted this

  • Okhoo

    I really thought Dre was gonna perform Detox…

  • Shawn

    My dad was excited to get it. About it though from what I’ve been reading.