iPhone 6 Plus price

Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that have just been unveiled at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California will go on sale in the United States on Friday, September 19, confirmed the company.

Pre-orders will start this Friday.

The 4.7-inch model starts at $199 while the bigger 5.5-inch model carries a $100 premium, running you $299 for the entry-level with sixteen gigabytes of storage. Like before, these are subsidized so a two-year contract with your wireless carrier is required in most cases.

Interestingly enough, Apple has dropped the 32-gigabyte model from the lineup completely. Jump past the fold for the full details on iPhone 6 pricing and availability.

The new devices are offered in the following storage capacities — 16, 64 and 128GB.

The iPhone 6 will set you back $199/$299/$399 for the 16/64/128GB models, after a two year-contract. The iPhone 6 Plus is priced at $299/$399/$499 for models with 16/64/128 gigabytes of storage, respectively.

iPhone 6 pricing

“These are not only the best phones in the world, they really are a great value in the world,“ said CEO Tim Cook.

As suspected, Apple also brought the iPhone 5s down to $99, while the 8GB iPhone 5c is now “free,” both after a two-year contract. This is Apple’s iPhone lineup after these reshuffling.

iPhone Line Up

Both new iPhone 6 models are scheduled to ship on the same day, Friday, September 19, in the United States. Apple will start accepting pre-orders for the new devices this Friday, September 12.

iPhone 6 pre-order

By the end of 2014, Apple plans to have the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus available in as many as 115 countries around the world.

iPhone 6 worldwide availability

iOS 8 will release for public consumption on September 17.

iOS 8 september 17

The iPhone maker did not announce pricing of contract-free, unlocked iPhone 6 models. As a point of reference, unsubsidized iPhones typically go on sale in the United States a few months following their release, barring countries where carriers are required by law to provide unsubsidized hardware alongside contract-based offerings, like in Italy, Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere.

What are your thoughts on the new iPhone and Apple’s price points?

Will you be buying it, and which model?

To learn more about the new iPhone, check out Apple’s website.

  • David Gitman

    what about unlocked??

    • felixtaf

      650, 750, 850$ for iPhone 6 and 750, 850, 950 for 6+!
      Usual thing!

      • Aleandro green

        650 for the 16gb iphone 6?

      • felixtaf

        Thats the usual price they charge for unlocked 16GB phones!

      • Aleandro green

        im in canada though, forgot about that

      • Will unlocked iPhone 6 be available in canada?

      • Aleandro green

        im sure it will be, but it will be more expensive. hopefully no more than $800

      • Will it be available for pre-ordering?

      • Is it just me or does $950 for the top-of-the-range iPhone seem it’ll too expensive? Who actually spends $950 on an iPhone unless you’re rich of course…

      • felixtaf

        I see most people are excited over the 128GB iPhone. So may be they will. I myself will always buy 32GB. Since I can buy a 64 GB for the same price now, I may upgrade to iPhone 6+ in about 6 months.

      • I’d rather buy a 128GB iPod Touch but I have no idea what Apples plans are for the iPod, they’ve been neglected for a while now…

    • TeChNoStyLeZ

      like 2.000$ outside of the us

      • David Gitman

        It was 1100$ for me in israel

      • for me 900$ in jordan

      • Amr Badr

        Same for Egypt 😀

  • omrishtam

    worst event by far…

    • hese

      live stream stopped working when the keynote started.

      • GzyOnline

        _yeah, the live stream was pure garbage.. audio overlapping, no video signal, and what was with having to hear 3 translators over each speaker? SMH~!

      • Yujin

        I watch it on tmobile LTE and it ran with NO issues…probably your crappy internet…im in NY midtown where tourist suck data like crazy and still saw it live and in excellent quality

      • Domodo

        I guess 10 megabit down is crappy by your standards, but if it is enough to stream full HD YouTube and Twitch, but not enough to correctly play 240p without hearing Asian people in the background, freezing and crashing Safari on my iPhone and Retina MacBook, then it’s Apple that is the ducking problem.

      • Eric

        10 megabit IS crappy when your ISP oversells their service. Everyone wants to see the Apple announcement and you only .25 megabit is realized bandwidth.

      • Valinor

        Well then you were 1 of very few people who had a good stream.
        Tried it on iphone 5 and ipad air.
        First kept getting errors. Then it would load but an error would pop up after a 20 seconds. Then the apple site crashed completely. Then it worked great for about a minute but kept hearing a chinese translator.
        And then it started replaying different parts of the keynote all overlapping. Also audio overlapping, freezing etc
        Switched to my pc, still crap.
        Finally found 3 bloggers streaming through a ustream and they were also having problems but luckily not as much as i had so I atleast could follow a bit of the keynote.
        Ow and eventually it wouldnt even stream on my devices, safari kept crashing on both the ipad air and the iphone 5.
        So yeah GREAT keynote.
        Anyone know if ios 8 has also all these memory and ram problems?

      • Sergey Filatov

        I have 25Mbps up/down, the stream was real garbage. My friends has problems too.
        Sometimes I had an “Access Denied” error on the whole site

      • BoardDWorld

        I received Chinese/English a lot on the Apple TV but it really hung on that, I had to pull the plug on it for the first time. I watched it in Safari & it eventually ran great in English.

    • GuyWithTheThings

      I watched it on sucky school wifi just fine.

  • Dan

    holycrap… great value in the world my @ss.
    I really doubt the cost to build these justifies the price. 399$ for 32 GB iPhone 6 Plus with 2 year contract is insane.

    • Justin Bates

      Well, this is awkward. There is no 32GB model. Clearly 16, 64 and 128gig models

      • made the pricing options better IMO.. $100 more for additional 16 was pretty high..

      • Jhonatan Kendall Del Rosario

        they shoul quit 16 gb and let 32.64,128 its gonna be better

      • That is true however there are far more users who struggle to fill the 16GBs so as of now thats probably why it still exists. It will most like get discontinues with the S models.

      • Bob

        lol total ownage

      • GzyOnline

        haha.. nice1 ;-1

  • Prices are a joke! 32gb should be standard, 16gb is to low. And 8meg camera another joke! It seems like they take old tech and just add some fluff around it. So far I’m not impressed.

    • Dan

      seriously, 5.5 HD screen but 16GB, once the OS is installed you have what, 9GB left? Room for about 2 HD movies and a few songs? Storage is so cheap these days, this is just Apple trying to get even more money from an already overpriced phone.

      • felixtaf

        At-least they could have replaced 16GB model with a 32GB one!

      • DIesel

        Here’s a sime solution: don’t get the 16gb model! That is the base model, for people like my family members who use their phones for casino games and Facebook.

        I think it’s safe to say anyone who cares enough about iPhones to frequent a forum would not get the base model

      • This isn’t android the OS is not even close to 2GB.

      • Dan

        Do you even own an iPhone ? On my 32 gb 5S there’s only 27.4 gb left after the os. That’s 4.6gb for the os alone.

      • LOL you fail my friend, its not the OS taking that space.

      • Dan

        That wasn’t really the point, friend. The point was available space.

      • Well I have 64GB and since when does a 250Gb Hard drive give you 250Gb of space? Common sense. in comparison the androids are far worse when it comes to this.

      • Dan

        I never even mentioned android. The point was the 16gb version should not exist.

      • It should. The 8GB should not.

      • Jhonatan Kendall Del Rosario

        but others use micro sd,

      • Some of them.

      • GzyOnline

        wow, the 16GB Galaxy S4 only has 8.56GB out of the box?! what a rip off!

      • Jhonatan Kendall Del Rosario

        yes it is same here… i around 3 o 4 gb my friend lol

      • I repeat is not the OS, just how the space is calculated.

    • NaSty

      I agree, im not impressed with this years iPhone/s. The only good thing they have going for them is the larger size and the design. Im in no rush to buy it honestly

  • Domodo

    They kept the 16GB just so people would upgrade to the $100 more expensive 64GB version. Wow. The nerve of these guys

    • Yujin

      and they have the NERVE to keep the 32 GB pricing and give you 64GB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……instead.

      • Domodo

        Keeping 16 instead of just upping the base model to 32 is a scumbaggy attempt at pushing people to upgrade.

      • Trevor Phillips

        You are incredibly dumb, good sir.

      • Domodo

        Well, that’s your opinion. It’s a great business move on their part, and I have every right to dislike it and consider it scumbaggy.

      • Jhonatan Kendall Del Rosario

        he just right my nigga, ure dumb cause u like be manipulated by apple and its bullshit, base should be 32.

      • JBH

        Total scumbag move. This is where they get greedy and lose money in the long term. Would have been smarter to sell the 16gb for like $175 or offer iCloud for a year for $199. Some sort of compromise

    • Amr Badr

      This is just the most rational reply here (Y)

  • felixtaf

    Why there is a 16GB model? Bone heads!!!!

  • Virus

    why anyone would get 16gb when you can get 64gb for only $100 more

    • zahkkkinnnn

      thats why they did it this way, so we want to pay more :

      • Virus

        but what about people who normally buy the 64gb models they’re getting it for $100 cheaper

      • Abbas

        you don’t need too. getting 20GB icloud drive for $0.99 a month when it launches with the 16gb is not bad. i think that’s what apple kept in mind.

  • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

    Wow these dickheads had the nerves to get rid of the 32 but keep the 16 wtf. These dumbasses are money hungry.

    • Trevor Phillips

      Did you just now figure that out? Lord, you’re dumb.

      • McBobson

        Stop name calling people. Go away.

      • Trevor Phillips

        NO. 😉

  • jocastro

    man this whole thing is a joke…. come on apple….. mind f^ck me with something new

  • motti

    Apple about to announce the iwatch!!!!!!

  • George

    Why the hell would you drop the 32gb and keep the 16? Why is apple always doing the opposite of what people want?

    • Dan

      money man, it’s all about the money

      • 空白

        They’re a business?

      • And the sky is blue?

    • Rak S

      But the price for the new 64gb is the same as the old 32gb, no?
      If you wanted a bump in storage without paying extra, you’re out of luck. I normally go for the 32gb version, so I’m happy.

  • RuddyN

    Wooo! 128GB!

  • Tom C

    Apple is a rip off

    • HamptonWalley

      Yes, and I cannot wait to give them my money 😉

  • Eddie Hines

    How will T-Mobie sell these then if they do not do contracts?

    • Yujin

      tmobile gives you interest free financing…just break the whole price in 24 payments and you pay a little each mom. or you could go to att and Verizon and be capped, and charge way more than your phone, bill and they own made up fees.

      • dnice

        but we dont know the full price of the phone right? so far all ive seen is the price with a 2 yr contract. not the total prices.

  • pauleebe

    Way to save $3 per device to keep us at 16GB instead of 32GB.

    • Bob

      $3 doesn’t sound like much but it makes the difference of millions in revenue for Apple.

  • George

    The iPhone 6 vs m8 videos are gonna be fun considering it looks like an m8

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    Apple has forced to me buy an android as my next phone

  • Matt

    IMHO the worst looking iPhone to date…

  • Martin

    I thought those prices were for the unlocked ones xD. That would’ve been great!

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Wow I’m really disappointed. The pricing is terrible.

    16gb not enough space
    64gb is over kill, at least for my needs
    My 32gb iPhone 5s was perfect for me.

    The design of the iPhone 6 & plus is still questionable to me.

    Worst part is Cell Carriers are fading away
    2-year contracts

  • Someshwar

    I guess there is no need for iPhone 5s users to update!

  • Armed in the Villa

    I wasn’t going to get the 6+ but I was bewitched. BEWITCHED I tell ya!

  • Lance Baker

    I always buy the 64GB so I’m not complaining. It’s now cheaper for me. Going with a space gray iPhone 6. I like the features of the Plus but not the size.

    • mlee19841

      Same here. That just makes that sweet 64gb a better price.

    • Eric

      Other than the screen size that you dislike, what features are you referring to on the 6+ that the 6 doesn’t have?

      • Lance Baker

        1080p display and optical image stabilization. I guess that’s it.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Apple why not kill the 16gb and give us 32gb for $199

    • Yujin

      is a business not a charity

      • Domodo

        A ripoff is what it is.

      • Benjamin Lopez

        They make charity with the U2’s free album …

      • JBH

        Businesses and charities both try to make money. Point is this isn’t how Apple got this big and they’d make more money not playing games with customers. This used to be a high end phone that people were willing to pay for.

  • mlee19841

    Damn the choices. Which size!!!!!!

  • RyleyLamarsh

    And with all the complaining, we will still go out and buy it.

  • n0ahcruz3

    8gb and 16gb are ripoffs. Better get the 64gb.

  • TwinSon

    Ugh its either the 64Gb 6 or the 64GB 6 Plus…..I don’t know which one to get.

    • Abbas

      defiantly the 6+.. it’s better investment. i am doing the same. or since apple f…ked with me pricing on the 16gb model i might as well just buy the galaxy note 4 as a protest……

  • Xxx

    Iphone 6s leaked!

  • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

    iPhone 6 & 6+has two models world wide. Verizon Tmobile & At&t on same Model but Sprint on separate Model. But the Sprint Model has more bands and contains all the ones vz t & tmus has.

  • Dave

    I wait to iPhone 7 comes out

    • Eric

      That’s a 2 year wait. The “S” model traditionally come a year after.

    • GuyBey0ndC00L

      Not waiting 2 years for a phone. So many great phone out now.

  • mlee19841

    What is it made out of.

  • Bkr Colobane Tilene

    well done!!

  • JayDee917

    What would you take: 64GB iPhone 6 or 16GB iPhone 6+ for $299?

    • Sergey Filatov

      I would take 64GB iPhone 6

  • utsav koju

    Apple is rubbing its fan. It’s way expensive. Go for Samsung show room and try note 3 before buying this piece.

    • mlee19841

      Note 4 is about a month away.

  • Unicorn Drank

    Buying a Verizon iPhone would almost be the equivalent of an unlocked version.

  • HamptonWalley

    If I buy a contract free T-mobile for $750, means already unlocked or it will take only T-Mobile Sim cards?

    • iPhoneLvr6

      Good Q!
      I want an unlocked GSM now! Or if it just takes T-Mobile cards, can you forsure unlock it (in 2014)?

  • Juan Genao

    I would like to get the unlocked 64gb model. On the AppleStore it has the option for unlocked but it says unlocked/tmobile Will that phone work for ATT also?

    • Kim_in_the_north


    • Chris

      Spoke to Apple tech. The contract free iPhone 6 is T-Mobile contract free but NOT unlocked…

  • GuyWithTheThings

    I already know I’m not getting this. My current contract ends next summer. I’ll just go without a phone for a few months until the 6S comes out. But I do want kinda want to wait for the iPhone 7. The 10th iPhone.

  • Wilfred Lim

    From Malaysia…
    a usual schedule will be Nov/Dec
    planning to upgrade from my 4S to the 6
    was thought of 32Gb version….now i would be forced to consider 64gb…

  • semaj

    Question for ya’ll: preorder opens on Friday September 12th. Does that mean it opens at 12 AM? Or do they use east coast time, so perhaps it’s actually 9 PM on Thursday? I remember getting up at midnight to preorder my iPhone 5, I wonder if it will be the same. Anyone know?

  • Aaron Gaskill

    All you people bitching about the fact that they got rid of the 32gb are idiots! You get 64 for the price of 32! Even if they did keep the 32, it would be 100 more than the 16! And I’m sure the reason they have a 16 is for the people that want to experience the iPhone and use it only for basic stuff! Not everyone loads it up with music and pics! And if you were true iPhone fans it would t matter how much it was! So stop bitching or don’t bother buying one. People always have to find something to bitch about..don’t like it, go buy an android

  • Radical Conservative

    Nearly $1000,00 for a PHONE???? _ The Mexican Cartels must be saying ” We’re in the wrong business”

  • amir

    How come in Canada it’s 100$ more expensive than the US ? Can I order online by the US apple website?

  • It’s got iRipoff written all over it…not surprised. Sadly, that’s the standard market price for such bastardized pocket computers.

  • Zod

    anyone know what the price of the iphone 5 will be for at&t?

  • Furby8704

    Pre-Order Friday 9/12 @ mdnight??

  • Marie T

    Buying the 64gb iP6 Plus… was going to get the 32gb but I won here since the 64gb is now the same price the 32gb would have been!

  • Siamand

    for me is 849$ in iraq ( 128GB ) T-Mobile