tim cook on stage

Well, that’s all folks. The ‘historic’ iPhone 6 event has come, and gone. All announcements have been made, all products unveiled, and we finally got to see what was in the mysterious white structure Apple built outside of the Flint Center.

A lot has happened in the last 12 hours, and we understand that it might have been difficult to keep track of everything. So, as usual, we’ve put together this awesome roundup for you of everything important that happened at today’s event.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

iPhone 6 laying

I don’t think there were very many surprises in terms of the new iPhone models. That being said, Apple still introduced two fantastic handsets today with larger, higher resolution displays, faster processors, NFC technology, and much more.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay in action

After years of speculation, Apple finally announced its intentions for the mobile payment space. It wants to use a combination of NFC, Touch ID and other technologies to make paying for things with your iPhone, online and in stores, safe and easy.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch customizability_top

It’s official, Apple is in the watch business, introducing today the [aptly enough] Apple Watch. The accessory comes in 3 collections, two sizes, 6 finishes, with several band choices, and aims to make powerful technology more personal and accessible.

Other stuff to check out


At the end of today’s event, Apple brought out rock band U2 to perform a single from its new album “Songs of Innocence.” It then announced that it would be giving the album to all iTunes users for free. Learn more about this and other stuff below.

And that should just about do it. We’d like to thank you for choosing to hang out with us today, and we hope you had as much fun as we did. Make sure you stay tuned to iDB throughout the coming weeks and months, as we continue the coverage.

  • Tobias9413

    So for some reason my phone downloaded the latest U2 album from the cloud. I was like wtf I haven’t had a U2 song in forever. Anyone else have this happen and know how I can delete it from my cloud??

    • Mike Colacone Saal

      Settings > iTunes and App Store > turn off show all music. its in your cloud, so it shows up on your device with that setting turned on.

      • LeePattison


  • Chris Holden

    great day for apple, some people are just to blind to see it (aka androidfags) but today was truly a historic day, apple pay is gonna be HUGE, its the future, no more wallets with dirty bills and a million coins. thanks apple

    • hkgsulphate

      but what about outside the US…?

      • N&LH

        wil be available later

      • anonymous23544

        Yeah, like in a 80 years or so.
        They are still not managed to make maps for my country, and don’t even talk about Passbook or iBeacon.

      • hkgsulphate

        x2 Apple Map still sucks hard for my city

      • springer85

        Try Google Maps.

      • Tommy

        Over here in China we have Alipay.
        Works better than what Apple is offering. Better yet, we’ve had it for years now.

      • springer85

        LMFAO of course it is better than Apple Pay…………if it was so good as you say then why has it not gone global?
        SAMESung guzzler alert!!

      • Tommy

        I’m an iPhone user and have been one since the first iPhone. You ought to calm your tits down mate 😉

      • BoardDWorld

        Well the Alipay I know is a more technical, lots of authentication steps during signing up and payments. & It’s only for on the internet. It’s a backwards version of PayPal if you had to compare. “Nothing” like Apple Pay.

        There is nothing like this. The closest I know is where I live some banks have NFC enabled cards with some participating outlets. But even that isn’t as simple as this.

        To compare you would only need to remove your wallet from your pocket and wave it i front of the cashier for a bit and put it back into your pocket.

      • Tommy

        Well you obviously know a lot less than you think you do. It’s fairly easy with Alipay. You sign up for Alipay just like would for an email. Next, you link your bank cards to your Alipay account. When you wish to make payment, a barcode will be created where it can be scanned to make payment. NFC is not even needed.

        But yeah, to you Apple is the world and even if it is more troublesome, it still is the best. Well good on you mate.

      • BoardDWorld

        I feel some but hurt coming through in your response. That’s great Ali has evolved. I’m open minded enough to look at everything. When I looked at Alipay that wasn’t the case. It sounds better but I’m inquisitive. What’s involved in linking you bank cards? If I know Ali that can be a huge amount of identification.

        Ok quick search & I see the system, how is that easier?

        Ali Pay:
        1 Remove the Smartphone from your pocket
        2 Unlock your device
        3 locate the app and log on
        4 Cashier scans the code
        5 Confirm the payment
        6 Return smartphone to your pocket.

        Apple Pay:
        1 Remove the Smartphone from your pocket

        2 Hold the smartphone at the scanner with your thumb on the home button.
        3 Return the smartphone to your pocket.

      • Tommy

        Ait ait you win mate. It does take half the amount of steps required on Apple Pay compared to Ali Pay. Simply revolutionary.

      • WolfgangHoltz

        I have never tried the Ali Pay in the phone only in Internet. We had a some similar system in Sweden but they had no big success. Today only one is still alive SEQR work both with QR-code or NFC so can’t see the need for a new system here. Personally I like the NFC buss cards in China and the Octopus card in Hong Kong perfect for small payment and no need to wave the phone at all.

      • springer85

        US is Apples biggest market kinda obvious they would release Apple Pay their first,.
        Once it has been released and more and more worldwide banks and businesses hop on board it will be released worldwide.

      • Omar Wright


    • Ishaan Malhotra

      Not all are your androidfags. Some are just realists. I have been loyal to apple for 5 years and yesterdays keynote was a heartbreak for me. The watch is the most functional one out there, but it looks like a kids watch. I was eagerly waiting for it, and now i have nothing to buy.

      • springer85

        Looks like a kids watch?LMFAO!!!
        GET REAL!!
        The Watch comes in 18 carrat rose gold, space grey aluminium,space back stainless steel, 18 carrat gold yellow, silver aluminium and stainless steel!
        The Watch and watch edition look awesome, the watch sport is the one that looks a little out of place but only due to the zany looking straps.
        The watch features and how it looks OBLITERATE SAMESungs lame idea.
        The Iphone 6 and 6 Plus OBLITERATE the 5S EASILY!
        Galaxy 1-5 has had the EXACT SAME DESIGN for 6 years!!LOL
        Suggest you go over to SAMESung and quit crying!!

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Is apple paying you to defend them? No need to be a cry baby bro. Who said anything about shitty samsung tech. IMO, moto 360 is the current smartwatch king, in terms of looks.

      • springer85

        Moto 360?LMFAO!!
        Its features are UTTER SHIT!!!
        Get real Moto 360 looks crap!
        You trying to tell me you not a SAMESung guzzler?LMFAO!!

      • Tommy

        Calm yo tits buddy, calm them down lol

      • BoardDWorld

        I not happy with the form either, but seeing it worn by Tim Cook it looked good on the wrist and his wrists are small. The fit and finish is well above anything else as is the UI.

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Well who knows, it might change my mind when i actually get to see it. Apple products do have that effect

      • BoardDWorld

        Agreed, I watched the announcement a second time with my wife & it’s growing on me. Not that I can afford to buy both it & the 128gb 6+

    • Dan

      Androidfags… seriously? Even if you wet your panties over Apple’s new offerings, doesn’t mean everyone is as easily impressed. Nothing revolutionary was showed today.

      • Tommy

        That’s what we refer to as iFags. They’re like us, who use and kinda like apple products, except that they eat breathe live Apple and can’t stand a single criticsm against it.

    • Sean Finn

      Chris Holden you are absolutely one of the stupidist people i have ever encountered. Its historic, its the future dont be so stupid.

      Have you seen the specs and price off contract for the iPhone 6 not the 6+ just 6.

      It screen isnt 1080p and it has 1gb of ram. For the 16gb here in Ireland for the iPhone 6 its €699 that is a crazy amount to spend on a 16gb phone that does not even compare to the Premium phones on the market.

      To put that in perspective if you bought the 64gb iPhone 6 off contract still with 720p screen and 1gb of ram that would cost you €799 which would buy you two PS4s or a Full HD Smart Tv or 2 Xbox Ones or any 32gb of a Premium Android phone.

      You say “some people are just to blind to see it (aka androidfags)” seriously if you dont see how much Apple take advantage of you and you boast that they are historic you really should look at your own comment and change android to apple 🙂

      • springer85

        LMFAO! who gives a cack about a screen?you Android rim lickers blow one off over screen ppi ect!LMFAO!
        The screen the Iphone 6 has is fine for viewing photos,browsing the web etc, if I want to watch a movie I will watch it on my 100 inch HD TV!
        Iphone 6 and 6 Plus design make the Galaxy S5 look like it was built in a toy factory with its shitty chunky plastic look!
        The 5S had a not so good screen yet still sold 9 Million in its first weekend, S5 took 6 weeks to reach 10 Million!!
        Wake up Apple consumers do not care about screen ppi, how many MP the camera is, that is ONLY Android rim lickers like yourself!
        You keep going on about price WHO CARES the majority of people who buy Apple products are loaded and always will buy new Apple products, the day an Apple product seriously bombs is when they may start dropping the price!

      • Dan

        You sure like rim licking don’t you? It’s ok, no need to project.

  • hkgsulphate

    the antenna breaks….YUCK
    5/5s is still the most good-looking iPhone by far

    • springer85

      LMFAO YEAH RIGHT!!!Iphone 6 is a million times better looking than the 5/5s by miles!

      • LeePattison

        How old are you ? i love Apple but that doesn’t mean you have to vehemently follow every product that comes out good or bad and say it the best just because Apple made it

      • springer85

        SAMESung guzzler alert….go blow one off to your phone that has not changed design for 6 years!!

    • LeePattison

      This the 4s/5/5s just look better the back and curved edges spoil it and the antenna breaks on the gold version just looks tacky why didn’t they colour code or just use glass like last year big fail there.
      Stick with my 5s till the 7

  • Brian 

    I should add that the 4.7 model does not have a “higher resolution display”. They did not cram more pixels into an area, they simply added more pixels to the surrounding area because well, the display got bigger. It still has the same 4 year old 326ppi display, which is extremely disappointing and frustrating that they are marketing it as a “new HD display”. The 5.5 however does have an increased 400ppi, which means it will be more clear and HD.

    • John

      Flagship phones are already at 538ppi. Very disappointing to see apple stop at 401ppi. 8MP camera for me was the biggest disappoinment. I crop most of my photos and 8MP will just not work for me. Will wait for the next iteration….disappointed…loved the features on the apple watch though..

      • Photography isn’t about megapixels. It’s about the sensor.
        If Apple were to up the MP count to, say, 20, you could do better digital zooming and cropping, but the pixels would get smaller, meaning less light on every pixel.
        That would result in blurry, noisy pictures and slower shutter speeds.
        What Apple is doing instead is they’re bringing better tech like a refined sensor (which is really the important bit) and software optimizations. Focus pixels and OIS are nice additions, too.
        Have a read on how digital cameras work in the internet, if you want to learn more about that, but I can definitely tell you:
        rest assured, the new iPhone camera is going to be great, even at 8 MP.

      • John

        Well, how then did HTC fail with its ultra pixels and 4MP cam on the HTC one? I some where read HTC agreed it was an epic fail. How are sammy and sony phones able to take excellent photos with 16MP and 20.7MP cams? or for that matter Lumia 1020 which has 41mp camera? Its regarded as the best camera phone. Agree that the sensor is the most important bit, but I would prefer a 20MP camera with good software algorithms to reduce the noise than to spend ~800$ to get a phone with 8MP cam. Like I said I crop most of my pics and hence 8MP will not work for me…..

    • Tommy

      Totally agree with you. We’re getting 2010 tech in 2014. But I guess that’s just Apple. Cant say I didn’t see that coming.

    • springer85

      LMFAO Apple customers do not give a cack about screen resolution like the Android rim lciking guzzlers do!
      If Apple customers did give a cack they would stop buying their phones but they do not.
      People buy Apple products for how they look, the cool new features,again Apple customers do not give a cack about how many megapixels it is like Android guzzlers do, 8mp which has been updated with lots of cool new features takes video and photos perfect for a phone.
      If I want to take better quality photographs I will use my DSLR camera what it was MADE FOR!
      Android guzzlers brag about ppi like seriously who gives a cack if the phone and screen still look amazing?
      The Galaxy 1-5 has had the EXACT SAME DESIGN for 6 years and Android guzzlers think they are kings of innovation!!LOL
      Eyescroll was the most pathetic useless phone invention ever!!LOL
      The 6 Plus will sell the best as it has a better screen and a much better battery life.

  • n0ahcruz3

    I’ll wait for 6s. Bring on the leak parts already lol

    • AndroidDogHeatandSteelersFan

      iPhone 6B for Battery And iPhone 6B+ for Battery too. Battery made out of Liquid metal that can sustain 24hours one charge. Or some solar absorbing / heat absorbing in pants or static absorbing in pants to charge.

  • Isaac

    For some reason I keep asking myself, “That’s it?” This event was hyped way too much. Only two new iPhones and a few watches? Kind of a bummer. Still getting the iPhone 6 Plus at full retail.

    • ishyg

      Probably because of the leaks. We knew too much about the iPhone 6.

      About the watch though, I’m bummed as well. I want one because I’m interested with the tech (fitness sensors) but I wasn’t impressed that much with the design. Bracelets are kind of classy though. With that price tag though, I’d rather get a PS4 first.

      • 空白

        That’s exactly it. The usual story. People see all of these things beforehand but they may not like it. So they hope and expect to be surprised. But when they aren’t they blame the company? You shouldn’t read the blogs that post those things if that were the case. The watch, though not really a surprise, was def. the main event. I think the phones took left stage on this one.

  • Max Rojas

    People are just bad mouthing apple at this moment, but soon enough they will give in and realize it was truly a great step for apple. They will probably end up with the iPhone 6 and Apple watch in their hands and be surprised at the great improvements. It’s always the little things that people fail to appreciate when it comes to technology, apple has done a lot since day one till now and they have approved a lot! so c’mon guys be happy! It’s definitely better from last year!

  • Last time they said it’ll fit perfectly in your hand, What did they do now, AGGHH

    • Tommy

      It’ll still fit perfectly in your hand, two hands that is. lol

  • David Hvilivitzki

    can someone do a piece about the differences between the 6 and the 6 plus ? and don’t say bigger screen or IS, we know that, I’m talking about the ones not mentioned in the presentation.


    • The iPhone 6 Plus has Reachability features and landscape homescreen, the 6 doesn’t. And the 6+ costs 100$ more. That’s all I know apart from the things you mentioned.
      All of the differences were mentioned in the keynote though.

      • David Hvilivitzki

        Every time there’s a new iPhone they leave some capabilities out of the speech, too many to mention I guess, What I want to know are the things not mentioned in the keynote but thanks ….

  • springer85

    Apple Pay is a genius move, yes it is only starting out in the US first but once more banks and businesses hop on board it will go worldwide!
    Apple Watch features and design OBLITERATE SAMESungs lame effort by miles!
    Iphone 6 and Iphone 6 Plus OBLITERATE the SAMESung S5 EASILY!
    Galaxy 1-5 has had the EXACT SAME DESIGN for 6 years yet Android guzzlers think they are kings of innovation!!LMFAO
    Just like the Iphone 4 the Iphone 6 has again had a radical new design that according to all the hands on reviews say is amazing to hold and feels awesome in the hand.
    Android guzzlers said the Iphone 5s would fail……then it sold 9 Million in its first weekend……………the Galaxy S5 took 6 weeks to reach 10 million!!

  • Here’s all you need to know about the iPhone 6…

    • springer85

      Better than the S5 by miles that is all you need to know!
      Galaxy S1-5 has had the SAME DESIGN for 6 years!!

      • Gotta hand it to you kid, you never fail to prove being an ignorant numbskull…

      • springer85

        AWWWW truth HURTS dont it you SAMESung rim licking cry baby!!
        S1-5 had the EXACT same design yet you are crying about the design of the Iphone 6?LMFAO!
        At least Iphones change design, SAMESung keep the same crappy bulky cacky design and have done for 6 years!!
        Go and play with your shitty S5 the phone that got OBLITERATED by the 5C!!!

    • Lol … Lets take all the things that are similar between iPhone and Nexus and say “we’ve had this for years” #idiot

      • springer85

        SAMESung rim lickers are the most B U T T HURT ever!

      • Well what is “new” with the iPhone 6? Thinnovation? Bigger battery? Better camera? Faster processor? Pressure/Motion sensors? Do share your list of “new” features #asinine

      • springer85

        Galaxy S1-5 has had the SAME DESIGN FOR 6 YEARS!!
        SHUT UP!!

      • Right, so, that’s what’s new to the iPhone…

      • springer85

        The Iphone 4 from the 3S was a radical new design you TOOL!
        And again now from the 5S it is a TOTALLY NEW DESIGN!!
        S1-5 has been the EXACT SAME DESIGN for 6 years!!
        Seriously go and blow one off to your SAMESung crap you are really boring me!!

      • Dan

        stop feeding the troll man

      • springer85

        Apple Pay is BETTER than anything on the S5!
        Im sure they will COPY Apple with a similar feature in the S6!!
        Apple release finger print scanner and 64 bit in 5S……….SAMESUNG than COPY Aplple and bring out the same with the S5!!

      • springer85

        Why are you here?You do not like Apple yet you are WASTING your time posting on an Apple article?LMFAO
        Like seriously go and play with your S5 and yourself and try and get laid!!

      • What’s going through this kind’s head? You smoking your dad’s d*ck as you type that?

      • springer85

        Awww go away and play with yourself and your same design phone for 6 years!!
        SAMESung are copy cats and why they had to pay Apple 1 Billion for COPYING THEM!!

      • The new features is everything that the previous phone didn’t have. Common sense. Apple doesn’t have to add every new piece of hardware that comes out as soon as it comes out. They wait until its matured or until they can perfect its function. Perfect example of this is Apple Pay which is merely just NFC.

      • “The new features is everything that the previous phone didn’t have”

        Which the Nexus 4 has had for 2 years now…hence proving my point.

        “Apple doesn’t have to add every new piece of hardware that comes out as soon as it comes out. They wait until its matured or until they can perfect its function”

        The iPhone 6 is far from the perfection of a Phablet IMO; the Note 4 is way ahead in many ways with it’s Pen input, IR blaster, multi-window support, expandable memory/battery support, etc. The Apple watch design looks fugly compared to the LG G Watch R, so, I wouldn’t consider it as a “perfect” SmartWatch.

        “Perfect example of this is Apple Pay which is merely just NFC.”

        Except that’s been around in Japan for the past 7 years now and it’s always been used here in Canada with BB and Android devices…guess Apple’s improvement is officially centralizing the cards (not sure if that was already done by an app on the Android store).

      • Sorry but you have missed the entire point of my post. Ill go slow. You asked what new features were added to the device. The new features are everything the previous Phone did not have. Its new to the iPhone not new to phones period everyone knows this sir. No one is saying it came first on the iPhone nothing did. I could be wrong though I believe the true-tone flash was a first on the 5S. Regardless, NFC may have ben around for 7 years but it literally means nothing. The Note 4 did not take a step ahead because they actually took a step back with the charging port. The Note 3 had a better one IMO. As for the pen, merely software that can be added via app. Nothing to really brag about. Lastly looks also shouldn’t be determined by others thought or pictures. Wait until you use it or have seen it in person before you compare which smart watch looks or functions better. Good day.

      • Well you’ve missed the entire point of my original post; the iPhone 6 is a 2012 Nexus 4 wrapped in Apple clothing.

        “Regardless, NFC may have ben around for 7 years but it literally means nothing”

        Sure, ’cause some die-hard fan says it means nothing it probably doesn’t mean anything despite the real-world usage…

        “The note 4 is not ahead. They actually took a step back with the charging port”

        K…wonder what makes it behind the prone-to-rust lightning connectors despite it’s fast-charging features.

        “Looks also shouldn’t be determined by others thought or pictures”

        Really? Wonder what pictures were invented for in the first place…either ways, I’ll check it out in stores, but I doubt it’ll make it any more appealing.

      • Nothing wrong with it being an nexus wrapped in Apple goodness. What was your point. The nexus 4 was a good device. Don’t play naive you know a picture can be deceiving its 2014. Lets not get the the rusting argument again. Its irrelevant to my statement about why the Note 4 reverted its charging port back to the old style.

      • Point is, Apple is years behind, and if you think nothings wrong with that, you’re definitely riding Apple’s d*ck too hard.

        “Don’t play naive you know a picture can be deceiving its 2014”

        Don’t play iDiocracy, what makes you think Apple would make deceitful (in a negative way) images publicly available on their product website? If they actually did that intentionally, then that’s stupid marketing on their part.

        “Lets not get the the rusting argument again. Its irrelevant to my statement about why the Note 4 reverted its charging port back to the old style.”

        It’s as irrelevant as your argument of what makes the Note 4 not ahead of the iPhone 6…

      • That is not a point. Just because they wait for good reason to add does put them behind. iDiocracy Lol, very clever actually but still not a compelling argument because it is only a photo. It does not always capture the essence of how good or bad it actually looks in person.

      • Right, now you have your dingbat definition of what a point is…way the go ride that d*ck hard.

      • No riding here. Just spitting the truth. If you can’t handle that with out name calling then.. Good day.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Sebastien has to ban this guy, he comes here just trolling and calling peoples names

      • Alberto Espinal

        Jay don’t wait your time with the biggest troll on the internet, this guy has no point, he is comparing phones that has no support, those phones have no resale value because they are junk, he is just a jealous troll and no business of coming here

      • Sean Finn

        Hi TheFran just to clarify the picture shows the Nexus 4 check out the Nexus 5 cheaper better and a year older then the iphone 6. Take away your love for apple for a minute and just look at the specs and price then common sense might prevail

    • As true as the image is their is one typo I have found so far. The iPhone has assistive touch which qualifies as virtual buttons. It has been on devices since iOS 5 if Im not mistaken and is even available on an iPhone 3G S!! (if that doesn’t show how determined Apple is at not fragmenting IDK what is). They are customizable options too you should know that with your 4S… I am somewhat disappointed in your sir. Good day.

    • springer85

      So the Nexus 4 had 2 years with NFC payments yet still could come up with something like Apple Pay?LMFAO!!

    • GzyOnline

      without jailbreak, the iPhone 6 still does not support widgets; with jailbreak, the iOS has had widgets for a looooong time now.. Cloud photo backup has been with iOS long before the iPhone 6, as well as notification actions. regardless, Android muthafxx’n sucks huge rhinoceros d!ck!-Lifetime Jailbreaker, Verified Android Abuser

      • Congrats on being a jailbreaker, now did you want a cookie for your lifetime achievement? Seriously though, if the iPhone still is constrained to 1GB of RAM (as Geekbench has indicated), it’ll never offer on-par functionality with the latest Android devices…with just a handful of system-wide tweaks, the iPhone would just lag like crazy.

      • dialogueanalog

        Samsung is pretty laggy…cant say they don’t stuff their phone with ram though!

  • springer85

    SAMESung guzzlers bragged the 5S would fail…………….it then sells 9 Million in its first weekend…………….took the cack S5 6 weeks to reach 10 Million!!

  • springer85

    Android guzzlers trying to mock Apple users about features when Eyescroll was the most pathetic useless pointless feature in the history of mobile phones!!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    What was the white building?

  • mwpitt52

    One thing comes to my mind when I look at the Apple Watch…”Fisher Price”

  • springer85

    Iphone 5s 9 Million first weekend.
    Galaxy S5 10 Million in 6 weeks!!
    Galaxy S5 is SAMESungs worst ever selling phone and got beat by the Iphone 5C!LMFAO!
    You Android rim lIckers try so hard when a new Apple product is released thinking you will change peoples minds!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    NOBODY gives a cack what you say the Iphone 6 will sell more in its opening weekend than the SAMESUNG S5 sold in its first 2 months on the market!!

    • Sean Finn

      springer85 you seem a bit obsessed with defending apple without actually stating any real facts why it is better then the competion cause based on specs and price it really isnt and any normal person knows that you just sound like a loved up weirdo and the girl is apple

      • springer85

        Defending?Sales tell the truth!!!
        There you go again bragging about specs LMFAO!
        Apple customers do not give a flying F..K about specs, when will you Android rim lickers realize this?
        We buy Apple products for how they look and feel in the hand, and as always EVERY Iphone 6 and 6 Plus hands on say the EXACT same thing!
        Like seriously go blow one off to the worst selling SAMESung phone the S5 or better still go to a SAMESung website!

      • Sean Finn

        Ok what i currently have in my house Ipad2 Mac Mini PS4 XBOX1 and a Note3. Before the Note3 i had HTC One and before that I had the Iphone 4s. i would have bought the Iphone 6 if its specs where up to date and the price was on par with other devices that have superier specs. You are saying that “Apple customers do not give a flying F..K about specs” thats your opinion but considering im a huge apple fan and a tech fan hence my ipad 2 and mac mini the latter been one of the best products i have ever bought, i do care about specs and so does 90% of apple fans out there your clueless and you must have money to burn

      • springer85

        LMFAO you are saying %90 of Apple users care about specs?LMFAO!!
        NO %90 of Android guzzlers do GET OT RIGHT!
        No One is asking you to buy the Iphone 6 so quit BIT..G about it!
        Go to your Android phones NO BODY CARES!
        The Iphone 6 will be Apples biggest and best selling phone ever and NOTHING will change that!
        Anyway you really are boring me now, go to a SAMESung website.
        EA has already announced that it is making games for the Apple Watch…..if Moto 360 and SAMESungs were so good why did EA not go with them?

      • Sean Finn

        Haha you seriously are some idiot all the apple fans on this site and not one agrees with you and when i say apple fans i include myself. You arguments are not based on facts and are just misinformed opinions from what i can only believe are coming from a child. You sir are a idiotic troll and there is no talking to you. And by the way you know there are different companies that make Android its not just Samsung for instance there is One Plus One,Motorola,LG,Sony and of course HTC whos latest flagship looks eerily like the iPhone 6 guess they must have copied that from Apple too 🙂

      • springer85

        LMFAO you are NOT an Apple fan stop talking bull..t!!
        You are an Android RIM LICKER so stop embarrassing yourself bragging you an Apple fan!LOL!
        Yeah HTC phone looks so like the Iphone 6 LMFAO!!!
        Seriously you are a joke!
        You pretend you are an apple fan and then talk smack about their new products hoping to change peoples minds!!LMFAO!
        NO BODY cares about specs ONLY Android lickers like yourself!
        The Iphone 5C outsold the S5!!HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
        SAMESung had to pay Apple 1 Billion for COPYING their products I would like to see HTC try and sue Apple for copying like you say Apple does!!LMFAO!
        Seriously please go away you are really boring me now, The Iphone 6 will be Apples biggest ever Iphone launch and biggest ever Iphone, you CRYING will NEVER change that!
        Go to Android you are a fake Apple fan anyway!!

      • Sean Finn

        What a tool not feeding this idiotic troll any more

      • springer85

        Thankgod you are the most boring person ever!!
        Android rim licker pretending to be an Apple fan….PRICELESS!!!

      • dialogueanalog

        twist plot. springer is paid by Samsung and is a double agent. slagging off smasung and supporting apple makes some people want to buy Samsung.

  • GzyOnline

    I havn’t watched the keynote yet.. so is the iPhone 6 waterproof like they said it was going to be hours before Apple Live kicked off?

  • Cayanide

    How much ram size, and battery rating in terms of mah

  • dialogueanalog

    I wasn’t that impressed with the apple watch. I was expecting something ground breaking but alas it was pretty much the same as everything else out there. I think the second iteration should be good though…well I hope anyway.
    the phones though…5.5 inches…wonder what that’s going to feel like!

  • dialogueanalog

    19th I would have thought but preorders are 17th?

  • Louise Wood

    Hi guys I’m new to the I phone 6 extra I’m trying to send via Bluetooth from old Samsung to new phone but it won’t let me. Plus how come you need to at for every single download on this I phone? Am I missing the free train here guys. We’re do I download songs without having to pay all the time.