Apple Watch

Apple just answered perhaps the most-asked question in the tech world over the last two years by unveiling the ‘Apple Watch,’ and now there are just two questions left to ask: how much is it, and when can I get it? Tim Cook just announced that the Watch starts at $349, and will be available early next year.

For now, it sounds like the Apple Watch requires an iPhone for most of its functionality, but the good news is that it supports a wide range of models: iPhone 5, 5c, 5s and of course the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The Watch itself comes in three flavors: Apple Watch, Sport and Edition, with the latter expected to be the most expensive.

  • Utrarunner5

    Holy shit. I see why they are selling it later next year. So we can recuperate our money from the iPhone 6 haha

  • Dave

    To much money

  • Soto

    I can get an iPad for that price, or an xbox 1.

  • The pricing might turn some people away from it at first, but considering it is likely that most mobile carries will start selling these too, it is likely they will do things like what At&t has done with their Next program.

  • n0ahcruz3


  • Unrelated to iWatch specifically, but have there been any rumours or do we expect there to be any updates in the MacBook Air, looking to purchase one for uni in lecture etc, then use my iMac at home. But want to avoid purchasing one then a retina Air with better internals comes out.

  • Paden Guerrero

    If the battery life is good, I might buy it eventually.

  • R4

    so £300

  • Peter Fernandes

    phhff and said Jony Ive Switzerland was screwed, ja foste not even close lol

    Besides swiss is not worried or even interested in watch competition, I live in Switzerland so i check the news paper

    Anyways the stream through apples website was laggy as f*** ( iphone 4 safari ), the iphone 6 sure was a big news but the iWatch, meeh i dont know if id have the time to ” write a message ” via the watch

  • Gary Traffanstedt

    I was at the Fossil store a week or so ago looking at a decent watch for $160 that was larger than this (estimating as I obviously haven’t held them side by side). While I feel $349 is a lot for a watch, there was a time when I couldn’t see spending $199 for a phone, haven always had whatever was the latest “free” cell phone. Then I bought a Blackberry Curve for $99, and then an iPhone for $199. Now I think nothing of plopping down a few hundred for a phone because of all I can do with it. I use my phone all the time.

    Right now the idea of a $349 watch seems excessive but I have to change how I think about it. Will I actually use it? Will it be something I use quite a bit? I would think so. When I’m out i have my phone in my pocket and pull it out often to check scores, reply to messages, read emails, etc. With this, I’d be pulling my phone out only once in a while. I often setup alerts for various sporting events. Having the scores pop up on the watch whenever there’s a change will be awesome. Having things like the weather right there, or my speed and what have you when I’m cycling. I have a mount for my iPhone on my handlebar but when Mtn. Biking I worry about it flying off. Even though it’s a sturdy mount, a crash could cause it to come off possibly damaging the phone. So to me, with the amount of use I expect to get from it, $349 doesn’t seem like so much.

    And unlike a lot of other commenters on here, I think it looks really nice. And I bet Apple sells a crap load of these.

  • siddique

    no siri…aluminium ?? get hot like iPhone…and bad design…

    • Maxim∑

      it has siri and aluminum not sure what your reading

  • Judge

    I totally agree with other posters the price point is WAY OFF!!!!!. No indication on battery life or even if its waterproof. Plus the look YUCK

    • Danny Montoya


  • BozzyB

    it’s not curved neither circular. LG was able to react in a period of 6 months towards the moto 360’s round design. Apple’s watch looks like they are years back in time. And – they definitely are far behind with their watch and also their phones.

  • McBobson

    That’s so expensive! No way!

  • iwatchbitch

    OMG i thought it would cost like 500-600$ Im dying

  • Jordan D’Souza

    …I waited two years for this?

  • Jordan D’Souza

    They were already late introducing a smart watch, now they wanna put a hefty price tag on it as a thank-you for waiting so long? Kind of a slap in the face if you ask me.

  • Lhu

    wtf, 4S not supported? Would need to spend more than 1K$ to be able to use this smartwatch!!!

  • MrDDify

    Ok it’s pretty cheap! But damn it’s ugly!

  • don

    To me it appears only people whom can’t afford this watch are hating on it, based on the grammar I see in their comments. It appears those who are intelligent, and I assume can afford this watch, have constructive criticism and positive comments about it. I will be purchasing one and my only wish is that Apple would have spent more time with their next iPhone. Integrating more sensors and a pressure sensitive layer in the screen would have been a big improvement, like they did in their watch. We now get iPad mini look-a-likes that serve as a phone, with not much innovation over current market/last years phone. As always, Apple lets leak that they want to make a watch, they let the competition go through the mistakes, trials, and hardships in creating and selling a “smart watch” then they make revisions and come out with an Apple Watch. Awesome!

  • Phred

    They should ask $800 for it. The young crowd wants things that are expensive, or at least look expensive.

    I do not foresee many people over 40 showing any interest. I would not wear it if was free.

    The Apple Watch is another Newton.