iPhone 6 landscape view 2

Alongside its two new iPhones, Apple has introduced some new features that will help users take advantage of their larger displays. One gives you the ability to view apps in an iPad-like split screen view while in landscape mode, like you see above, and the other is called “reachability.”

The new Landscape mode is pretty cool, and works just as you’d expect it to on the iPhone 6 Plus (sounds exclusive). Apps that are built to support it will function very similar to their iPad counterparts, and you can even view your Home screen in landscape mode with rotating dock icons.


As for reachability, this is essentially the one-handed usability mode we’ve been hearing about. You double-touch the home button, and the whole display just slides down, so you can reach the top UI elements of apps. This sounds kind of awkward, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works in real life situations.

  • Jamie Tilden

    K so I couldn’t really tell with their lagging stream but are these landscape views available with both iPhone 6 Plus AND iPhone 6?

    • F Sergio

      I think only iphone 6 plus from what I understood.

      • Rami Tabaa

        What about ‘reachability’?

      • saurav432

        Reachability is in both iPhone.

    • Jonathan

      Just Plus.

  • Andres

    iPad Mini-Mini

  • jocastro


  • Lolly Smith

    They forgot to credit Ryan Petrich for IconRotator

  • Dani Hayes

    This will be in cydia soon. I remember a tweak that rotated app icons, seems Apple did too.

  • [anonymous]

    I just noticed that there will finally be exactly enough native iOS apps to perfectly fill the first page of an iPhone 6/ 6 Plus.