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In light of recent hacking antics that have come to light regarding Apple’s iCloud service, we are all much more aware of how important it is to secure our personal data. One of the best way to ensure that your iCloud account is protected is to enable two-step verification, but this alone might not always be enough to prevent hackers from gaining access to some of your data.

Of course, a strong password manager helps ensure that you aren’t using those dreaded simple passwords for dozens of different accounts, which makes it even easier for a predator to gain access to even more of your private data. Today, we’ve got a list of what we think are the best password manager apps for iPhone and iPad.

Disclaimer: While we have researched the features and availability of these apps, we do not have the ability to confirm that they are completely free from vulnerability.



My personal favorite, and the app I use regularly is 1Password. It allows you to store passwords, credit card information, and more. Create complex passwords using letters, numbers, and symbols. You can browse the Internet directly from within the app and use your saved passwords directly. The app syncs across multiple devices and the Mac version allows you to access all of your information from your desktop. Dropbox integration allows for cross-platform syncing on PC and Android, as well. 1Password also features integration with App Extension and Touch ID. This app is available for free.



Another robust password manager comes in the form of LastPass. This app allows users to store passwords, create notes for credit cards, and backup sensitive data. You can send logins for shared accounts to friends and family who also use the service. Created complex passwords and activate in-app multifactor authentication for even more security. For $12 per year, you can upgrade to the premium service, which gives unlimited access to use of LastPass mobile apps, more multifactor authentication options, and more. The multiplatform support includes Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and Blackberry. This app is available for free.



Not only does this app give you all the important features you need to create and store passwords and account information, it also shows you just how safe you are with your data. If you have a weak password, or use the same one too often, you’ll know what to do. Plus, you’ll get security alerts sent to your device if every one of your accounts were compromised. For $39.99 per year, get secure account backups, syncing across all devices, unlimited secure sharing, web access to your passwords and priority support. The multiplatform service is also available on OS X, Windows and Android and the browser extension (with the premium account) gives you access to your password data in Safari, Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer. This app is available for free.



Basic features of this app include the secure manager, password generator, auto-backup of data, and more. Additional measures to help you stay secure include hiding of sensitive fields, auto-locking to prevent accidental access, and optional self-destruct mode in case a hacker attempts to access your master password. Dropbox and iCloud syncing lets you store data on all devices. The app includes a mobile browser for direct access to websites where you can add account information. The multiplatform service is also available on OS X, Windows, and Android. This app is available for $9.99.

LoginBox Pro

LoginBox Pro

If you are still fearful of storing such information as credit card numbers and medical insurance cards, you can still safely create and store passwords without all of the extras. Instead of having a separate virtual lock box for your information, this simple app acts as both a password manager and a web browser. You can automatically log into frequently used websites without needing to memorize or type in URLs or account information. As soon as you open a website from within the app, your username and password will automatically be filled in the appropriate sections and you will be given immediate access to the page you wish to use. This app is available for $6.99.



With this useful app, you’ll be able to store passwords, credit card numbers, bank account information, photos and videos, and much more. Send data you use the most to the Favorites folder for easy access. Customize categories to organize your data quickly. Use advanced security measures like double-protection, auto-lock, decoy safe, and self-destruction options. Keep track of whether hackers are trying to get into your accounts and send yourself reminders to regularly change passwords. Sync across all your iOS and Mac devices using iCloud. oneSafe can also be used with Windows Phone, Android, and Windows PC. This app is available for $9.99.



If you don’t have very many passwords to keep track of, this might be the perfect app for you without any extra charges. You can store up to 25 password before running out of space and even increase storage through the rewards program. For an annual subscription of $11.99, you can unlock unlimited space. One unique feature of this app is the Legacy Locker, which allows you to designate one person you trust to be the beneficiary of your data. The individual will receive your master password after you pass on so your digital information can be properly taken care of without as much of a hassle. This app is available for free.



Use this app to conveniently store all of your password information for various website accounts and use the AutoPass feature to automatically launch a site page and insert the information in the appropriate fields. Store calling card numbers, credit card information, health data and more. Synchronize your wallet with your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Use the built-in password generator to create complex passwords that are stored for easy access. Customize the look of your wallet with card templates, backgrounds, and categories. Sync with eWallet on the Mac so you can access your data at home or on the go. eWallet is also available on Android, Windows, and Blackberry. This app is available for $9.99.



Store your passwords, credit cards, and personal data, as well as your most private documents with this useful app. You can securely save confidentiality agreements, photos, videos, and more by uploading them through the app. Share files directly only with those you invite using the in-app vault-to-vault feature. Keeper for iOS and the compatible Mac app are available for free for a 30-day trial. After that, you can maintain your vault with an annual subscription of $9.99 per device or $29.99 for unlimited devices. Keeper also works on Android devices, Windows Phone, and PCs. This app is available for free.

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  • Warmachine69

    I think nortonIDsafe is one of the best it’s free, secure, works on all platforms, unlimited password storage

    • tastydisqus

      I wouldn’t trust anything with ‘Norton’ in the name.

      • The same as I wouldn’t trust FileVault or Bitlocker on OS X / Windows. It goes without saying they’re likely backdoored…

      • Warmachine69

        Why is that

      • Beat Modz

        I never had a problem with norton in 10 years or so. What’s wrong with it ?

      • Mark Boltz

        Norton is extremely unreliable.

  • Ahmed Karoui

    1Password ftw! they also said we’ll have a free upgrade when ios 8 comes out! 😀

  • Linton Findlay

    Don’t see the point in them, why provide someone with a one stop place for all your passwords, since you have to have a memorable password for your master password or Dropbox password when you’re on a public computer

    • tastydisqus

      A a single memoriable password vs potentially 100’s? I missed your logic.

    • If it’s worth locking it’s worth locking properly. If celebrities had 1Password they wouldn’t have got hacked. Heck if 1Password were smart they’d put their app on sale and give it to celebrities for nothing (because they’ll likely talk about it and give free publicity). Yes you memorise 1Password (as its name implies) but you can use to generate random long (very long) passwords like this:


      According to the website howsecureismypassword[.]net it would take this long to crack this password:

      It would take a desktop PC about
      2 tredecillion years
      to crack your password

  • Adel Ali

    Dashlane is the best!

  • The_maestro

    Using DataVault. Been a longtime user. I have maybe 500 entries and want to switch over to 1password. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do soI have seen 1password to dataVault but not the other way around. Anyone have any ideas?

  • QuarterSwede

    One thing to remember is that a password manager should have very strong encryption and other factors that make it secure. Some managers look great but are just too easy to break into.

    My personal favorite is 1Password. It’s secure, looks great, works great, and works anywhere (desktop & mobile apps, personal website for access on any internet capable device, multiple cloud storing options).

    • Completely agree. The only thing missing from 1Password is a sync using webdav option. If it had this I wouldn’t have to sync with Dropbox / iCloud and could sync with OwnCloud on my own webserver…

  • John

    LoginBox is excellent. I just love it. Thanks!

  • firerock

    I use enpass password manager. Nothing gone wrong and you should try it. The best for me.

  • GoMAD4

    Password Box!!!

  • Marcus

    I don’t know why anyone would use something other than 1Password if they can afford 1Password.

    • Kurt

      Because most people don’t want to use Macs. And we know not to put anything important into Dropbox

      • QuarterSwede

        1Password is available for Windows too.

    • Niclas

      Dashlane is pretty sweet.
      1P is a bit irritating in some regards, still great though and with cross platform support + dropbox sync (witch is among the best sync option there is).

  • Jason B

    KeePass is what I’ve been using for years. Free and secure. You can use your own web server, or sync with Dropbox.

    • deepdvd

      What do you use for your iOS device? MiniKeePass?

      • Jason B

        Yes! It’s been great!

    • Kurt

      Dropbox? How does it work with Dropbox, NSA has full access. Sure you really want to use it?

      • Jason B

        The database file is stored on Dropbox in order to be able to access it from multiple locations, such as a PC at work/home and on mobile. The database is encrypted at the program level. So if you have a strong password, it generally should be safe. If you’re paranoid, then use your own server.

  • Use 1password almost everyday. Can’t imagine live without 1p!

    • Chocolatewe

      same man!

  • James Mitchell

    I’m using iPassSafe for last 3 years , it is very secure, got 19 built in categories , and 24 dynamic categories which are user define, save websites login , any kind of passwords, photos , and documents (PDF, XLS,…), can sync with Dropbox , iCloud , AIrDrop, FTP and more, also provide free mac app viewer

  • Kurt

    This is an article that should be republished regularly.

  • Ron

    Thanks for the great tips. I tried LoginBox and it’s a wonderful app. The best thing is that it even answers security questions and clicks buttons automatically. Superb!

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    1Password is so worth it. I never regretted paying for it, and cannot wait for the Touch ID integration with the iOS 8.

  • Nice information and images make them more readable. Screenshots make users reading this interesting; Great Going !

  • Peanut Butter

    is 1password only for 8.0?

  • Judge

    I want to put saved passwords into apps not have to go to safari. Which app does that