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9to5Mac’s Mark Gurman is out with a new scoop this evening regarding Apple’s incoming wearable. Citing sources familiar with the project, the well-connected blogger reports that the so-called iWatch will feature support for third-party applications.

In fact, Gurman says that the device will come equipped with an App Store, and apparently a handful of developers have already received a pre-release of the SDK (developer tools). This group includes major social networks, and service companies.

Mark adds that the SDK was issued very recently, under strict NDA, suggesting that Apple wants to show off some of these apps at its event on Tuesday. It would make sense, as third-party app demos are common at major Apple product introductions.

From a hardware standpoint, the iWatch is going to have to be pretty powerful to run apps, something analyst Ming-Chi Kuo hinted at yesterday. On the software side, Apple introduced several new features in iOS 8 that could help: Handoff, Continuity, etc.

Not much is known about the device itself, but recent reports have suggested it will offer a curved OLED display, wireless charging, and an NFC chip to work with Apple’s new mobile payment service. Apple is expected to unveil the iWatch on Tuesday.

Top image iWatch concept via Curved Labs


  • Rowan09

    Is this going to be the new slice bread?

  • CS

    Yes! This is my favorite concept. What I hate about all of these smart watches is that they look like smart watches. I want a watch that you couldn’t tell the difference.

    • onesimpleclik

      I wouldn’t get your hopes up. Apple will probably do the unexpected.

      • CS

        I hope, and to a degree I think it will be less obtrusive (much like the pebble steel is to the original pebble)

  • Adam Bowman

    Soon we will have a jailbroken iWatch.

    • onesimpleclik

      If it is running a variation of iOS, which is probably is, than yes.

  • Eli Montoya

    I think this watch will be as popular as the Apple TV

    • Forlani

      yeah they have sold millions of AppleTVs

      • Eli Montoya

        -,- right. That’s kind of what I’m saying. I didn’t say iPads, iPhones, or iPods… I said Apple TV.

      • Mikasa Ackerman

        Yeah, I don’t get it. Didn’t he say Apple TV too? lol

    • CS

      What makes you think that? The smart tv market has never really been there…ever. Apple knows that, and that’s why Apple hasn’t shown any care towards the ATV.

      I’m not saying the watch is going to be a huge success, but I don’t think you can mark it off yet. Nobody knows about smart watches quite yet. This is why Apple is able to set lower standards (because there really aren’t any standards for smart watches) and build off of that.

      • Eli Montoya

        Well It might give off the positive impression like google glass, and many other products that seem revolutionary. But maybe it’s just something this world isn’t ready for, or simply doesn’t meet the publics needs. So go against my opinion and make it seem like if I’m speaking for half if the world, but that’s just what I think if this product. It will sell, but not like other apple products.

      • Rowan09

        Google Glass costs $1500 and is only for a very specialize market. A watch whether smart or not is for a larger demographic. It may not sell like the iPhone or iPad, but that’s not how you or anyone should measure it’s success (if it’s successful).

      • Ishaan Malhotra

        Moto 360 was sold out within a day after its release. And Moto 360 has definitely set quite a high standard.

      • Rowan09

        Sold out doesn’t mean anything without sales figures. The Nexus and original Moto X sold out as well and they both didn’t sell a lot of units.

    • onesimpleclik

      Apple TV only cost around $100, so I disagree completely.

  • Ryan

    Yeah right, I’ll believe it when I see it

  • Donovan

    If it looks like this concept, I want it.

  • SkyFall

    Video with the iPhone 6 review: https : //www.youtube. com /watch?v=eQopSbASO40 (remove the spaces)

    And here’s the translation:

    One is an iPhone 5s and the other is, I’m not sure what it is gonna be called, probably the iPhone 6. You guys might be curious if this phone that I am holding might be a knock off or fake, but it does have an Touch ID, I (you) don’t think so? Let’s try and see that again.

    My personal feel of the phone is that it is faster than the 5s. When I got the phone, I personally feel that it is very light, much lighter than expected when seeing the (leak) images online. It might be seen that the iPhone 6 is gonna be heavier, but it is not. Thus, I feel the iPhone 6 is much a lot lighter than the iPhone 5s. That is the first thought about the phone.

    (80% accuracy)
    The second thought is about the screen size. One might think that it is gonna be too big and needs more than one hand to operate, and Apple has done it with only one hand usage. (Not sure: By making the screen size taller to achieve it). Still feels comfortable using the iPhone just like the iPhone 5s.

    (50% accuracy)
    Thirdly is the ‘radians’ (according to Google Translate) or ‘Bezel’ on the sides, somewhat like the Samsung’s I9300 (or SIII). Which makes it feels comfortably good with one hand. [Talks about technology of the screen with him mentioning “2.5”.

    On the back, it still retains the design of the iPhone 5 backing of the 3 parts. And still on the back, the iPhone 5s camera is within the body of the phone, but the one on the iPhone 6’s camera is protruding outwards. Some may feel that it is ugly, but I personally feel that if the camera quality is better, it is something good too (or I don’t mind either).

    Since there isn’t much apps or software running, the performance feels about the same. But if according to Apple, the internal specs would certainly be an increase. For that, we would only know after the event.

    Let’s open the camera app, this is the screen, (takes picture), taking pictures feels very fast, very fast, can’t imagine that. *Goes on opening the Photos app* Photo still feels quite small.

    And that is all.

    *Shows the different apps on the phone*
    Unsure of the megapixel of the camera due to the lack of information.
    The health app may connect to the iWatch.

    And that is pretty much it.

  • Muhammad !

    Sorry for posting this here, but I want my control center to look like this, how ?

    • al7oot

      Like what ?

      • Muhammad !

        Like the control center in the picture !

    • N&LH

      You get it when your iPhone is running IOS 8

      • Muhammad !

        Okay, thanks.. But is there any tweak that can make it look like that ?

      • SkyFall

        Centrex, is the name of the tweak you want.

      • Muhammad !

        Thank you ^.^

      • SkyFall

        Your welcome.

    • R4

      Centrex from the big boss repo.

      • Muhammad !

        Thank you ^.^^.^

      • R4

        You’re welcome 🙂