Normally, swiping up from the bottom of the screen will launch Control Center, which provides toggles, quick launch, media controls and more. Centered is a new jailbreak tweak that doesn’t provide a new feature but rather changes the way you can access Control Center.

Developed by Noeliel, Centered allows you to access Control Center directly from Notification Center. Everything that was previously accessible from the original Control Center will now be added to a new tab in Notification Center called ‘CC’ right next to Notification Center’s ‘Missed’ tab.  This allows you to view notifications as well as access Control Center all in one place.

After you install Centered, swiping up from the bottom of the screen will no longer launch Control Center. The only way to open it is from Notification Center. This also allows you to assign Activator actions or tweaks to the bottom swipe up gesture.


The tweak also adds a new preferences pane to the stock Settings app where you can enable or disable it, rename the tab as well as choose whether you want the Control Center background to appear bright or dark.

If you’ve been looking for such a tweak, I’d recommend you to try it as it works flawlessly and provides access to all your Notification Center and Control Center sections in one place.

Centered is available on Cydia’s BigBoss repository for $1.15 and is compatible with all devices running iOS 7. The developer also recommends that you install CCLoader along with the tweak for the best experience.

What do you think of Centered? Is it something you’ve been craving for? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • sriram varadarajulu

    i tried this on my iphone 4 but nothing happened except my phone would respring each time i swiped the notification center.. i even installed ccloader but same problem exists… 🙁 please provide a fix for it Dev

    • Damian

      And we have got a first pirate! Who’s next ?

      • n00kie

        It’s common that certain NC/CC tweaks have issues to each other. Don’t blame for pirate tweaks at once!

      • Damian

        ok just to be more clear. IT IS PIRATE

        when you pirate this tweak, this is the issue you will be experiencing.

      • leart

        It’s not completly true, ok in some cases pirated tweaks are causing problems like that but for the most the problem is a old hardware, probably who create tweaks don’t spend to much time testing them on older devices.
        I always tested pirated tweaks before to buy them and in the one I had troubles I had in both versions, pirated and genuine one.

      • Damian

        ok just to be more clear

        I talked to a developer about this and we agreed that he is pulling a nice one on those who pirate his tweaks.

      • LocalH

        Anyone who makes your phone respring as a half-baked measure against piracy is not a good dev, IMO. What about false postitives? It’s been known that other tweaks have had bugs in their anti-piracy code and basically called paying customers pirates.

      • Damian

        agreed but it is only 1 dollar tweak and he is taking precautions against those who are willing to steal a silly 1 dollar from him.

      • highNiggaPie

        If it’s a “silly one dollar” then it shouldn’t matter that much to him

      • sriram varadarajulu

        oops… sorry but i had no choice 😛

  • Umut Bilgiç

    This should be useful if you want to use the” slide up from the bottom of the screen” gesture for something else!

    • Damian

      like QuickDo alternative switcher. 😀

      QuickDO gives you alternative to CC and combines auxo ios 6 like switcher into one. Plus you have a list of favorites apps and recently used apps. IT is a giant tweak.

  • Merman123

    Very unique price. That said, no thanks.

  • jmh2002

    Interesting. Ive already been using the existing tweak that does the same thing for a long time. I much prefer having CC and NC together in one menu.

    • LocalH

      Which tweak is it, is it free, and does it work on an iPhone 4? I’m interested in this concept because a bottom swipe on my phone is difficult with the case I have it in, but I don’t have problems swiping down the NC. I don’t see it as being worth paying for, tho.

      • jmh2002

        To answer your questions:

        – tweak is called “Multitasking Gestures”
        – yes it works and I use it on my iPhone4 (not 4S)
        – no it is not free (but it does offer more features, and the various compatibility issues have been worked out months ago already)

        If you dont want to pay you could install Activator and set an alternative gesture to activate your existing CC.


        Multitasking gestures is not updated for iOS 7.1.2

      • jmh2002

        ok good info! DId you test it, and confirm it doesn’t work on 7.1.2?

  • what was the name of the other tweak that used to do this?

    • udovoodoo

      Multitasking Gestures

  • Chocolatewe

    115? Haha i get it, #Trollarch