With four days until Apple’s big reveal and the impending public launch of iOS 8, the Cupertino firm is already preparing the first iOS 8.0.1 update, BGR reported Friday. The software contains unspecified “further improvements” and Apple is going to seed it to its carrier and testing partners shortly. Note that BGR has a pretty solid track record in predicting carrier-related news.

Just recently, the site correctly claimed that the current iOS 8 Beta 5 would be the final beta released to developers ahead of a Gold Master. Indeed, the iPhone maker last month exclusively released iOS 8 Beta 6 to carrier partners for testing ahead of the iOS 8 launch.

According to BGR founder Jonathan Geller, iOS 8.0.1 should contain unspecified “further enhancements to iOS 8”. I’m going to update this article with the official changelog as soon as BGR gets hold of it.

It’s possible that Apple will release iOS 8.0.1 the same day iOS 8.0 gets released for public consumption. Last year, for example, iOS 7.0.1 went live the day the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were released to fix launch-day bugs.

iOS 8 (Camera filters 001)

If I were a betting man, I’d say that iOS 8.0.1 is for the most part a bug-fix release.

Some of the missing iOS 8 features that will likely make their way into an upcoming iOS 8.1: an improved Maps app with public transit directions and a car-finding feature, a standalone iTunes Radio app, native TextEdit and Preview apps and more.


  • Wow I didnt’t see that coming especially since iOS 8’s final version isn’t even out yet. BTW iOS 9 is also in the works…

    • Jonathan

      So is OS XIV..

      • Guest

        There will be OSX only. This is Apple, “Thinking the Same”

  • Mozaik

    Cmon Apple give us the update , its killing me.If update has battery issues take your time no hurry

  • David Gitman

    iOS 8.0.1 already? give me iOS 8 first

    • Jonathan

      with more bugs? Okay.

      • David Gitman

        But iOS 8 is not even out yet

      • neil belanger

        its because iOS 8 will have some form of feature thats not available to us dev’s and will need a large scale testing to see for bugs and fixes needed

      • David Gitman

        I am a dev too

      • Guest

        Where can we see your work? Think you posted it before?

      • David Gitman

        I am on helping the system being mure secure. finding security holes etc

  • Any ideas when iOS 8 will be released? Or will it be the same day as iP6 reveal on Tuesday?

    • It should be released a few days before you can purchase the iPhone 6

    • Redha Hassan

      After 4 days … after the keynote … Every year like this

      • justme

        I hope so

  • Brian 

    Reporting the obvious as always….

    Btw, Apple is planning on releasing an iPhone 6S and iPhone 7 eventually! Who would have known!

    • Guest

      Credulous Ziberg might believe you and write and article about it lol

  • Anthony Snyder

    False. I haven’t seen any production delay so I call BS.

    -Extreme sarcasm, if any at all-

  • Andy

    Captain Obvious reporting again.

  • Basically phones are already being packed and ios 8.0 is finished and ready. And once those phones are set to be activated and plugged into iTunes after purchase you’ll have the option to update to 8.0.1 to fix some issues they found after the fact. That works for me, just really hoping the 5.5 screen comes out the same day as the 4.7. Otherwise It might be 4.7 + iwatch assuming that thing doesn’t cost 400.00.

  • Kyle

    iOS 8.0.1 will also be compatible with the iPhone 6.0.1!

  • Eikast

    Probably fixes for the iPhone 6.

  • Waleed

    Just saying
    Apple got know about some jailbreak exists for 8.0 ! So they patched it in 8.0.1

  • Yunsar

    I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t they just add those ‘further enhancements’ in the first public release of iOS 8?

    • chris125

      Prob due to the OS already being loaded on iPhone 6. That way once they get activated they have this bug fixer update