iWatch and iPhone 6 mockup (Martin Hajek 001)

According to a new report that KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo released to clients Thursday morning, the rumored Apple wearable device that Re/code said would get announced next Tuesday alongside the iPhone 6 will come outfitted with a whopping eight gigabytes of storage, with its yet-unknown processor thought to pack in 512 MB of RAM (of the LPDDR3 variety), like the iPhone 4/4s.

According to AppleInsider which has obtained a copy of the analyst report, the device should be available in a gold finish (”to add a luxury image to the product”) and aluminum variants (“as it has been widely used in Apple products”), as well as two sizes — one with a 1.3-inch screen and the other featuring a larger display measuring 1.5 inches diagonally — which matches up with previous reports calling for different iWatch sizes for men and woman.

Featuring rectangular rather than rounded design seen on Motorola’s Moto 360 smartwatch, the analyst noted that Apple’s wearable device is unlikely to hit store shelves before 2015 due to a mass-production delay caused by ”both software and hardware design challenges”.

Indeed, hands up who’s seen a single iWatch component leak out.

Furthermore, Kuo expects two screen sizes and a range of color finishes and choices of materials, including a gold option. Finally, the analyst expects there to be “a number of holes on the back side of the device that can be used to monitor users’ vital health signs such as heart rate”.

iWatch mockup (Martin Hajek 001)

The device should include some rather advanced features uncommon on your typical smartwatch, such as eight gigabytes of storage. Strangely enough, Kuo doesn’t expect Apple to leverage multiple storage tiers as a differentiator, like it does with iPads and iPhones — and plenty successfully, if I may add.

iWatch mockup (Martin Hajek 002)

Yesterday, Apple’s Senior Vice President of all design across the company, Jony Ive, told The New York Times’ Nick Bilton that Switzerland-based watchsmits are “in trouble” (he actually used a “much bolder term”) in describing how cool he thought the iWatch was shaping up to be.

What’s your read of these assumed iWatch specs?

Is Kuo expecting too much or is iWatch really going to feature eight gigabytes of storage and be offered in multiple material and color options?

If you ask me, hardware specs alone indicate strongly that the iWatch could be a standalone device after all, rather than a companion device which must be tethered to an iPhone.

Reports Kuo released today:


Mockups via 3D artist Martin Hajek.

  • Adam

    Shut Up and take my money 🙂

  • Maycon Savio

    Looks like shitt… I want a Wristband like nike fuel band… thank u

    • Delis Encarnacion

      then get a nike fuel band. thank u

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      These are just mockups…its not what its gonna look like. We have no IDEA whats its gonna look like.

  • Someshwar

    512MB Ram and 8GB ? Woohoo !! Apple is really onto something here !!

    • rockdude094

      I swear I’ve seen this before hmm.. I wonder where ?

  • NYSportzNut1

    If the mock ups above are what the iWatch will look like, then Mr. Ive’s statement would be rather incorrect, Switzerland would not be in trouble at all. So my guess is the iWatch will not look anywhere near what is shown above

  • Better really have some insane hardware other then 512ram for a rumored $400.00 price tag. Not that I’ll be paying that price anyway, insane!

    • TheProphet

      I will buy it no matter what, what else am I going to spend it on? Have a better idea for a Gadget?

      • I already have a fuel band that I got for 20.00 when the price dropped on gen 1. And I have an ihealth watch I got off eBay used for 5.00. Not the greatest devices but they do exactly what I need them to do for super cheap. I don’t mind the new watch being 249.99 but higher is going to be a tough purchase for me.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Way to judge things by the way mockups look like. We have yet to see one leak, yet you guys are judging it on how the mockups look. lol

  • Lance Baker

    I hope the phones looks like that. The camera lens doesn’t look too bad and I’ll have a case anyway. Getting really excited for Tuesday. Wish I was off work though.

  • mahe

    waiting for a jailbreak for it xD

    • Star Lord

      That will unlock a whole world of awesomeness. XD

  • Stefano

    could you imagine none of this is true, and its been a false on going rumor from the get-go. haha oh man.

  • Jason B

    Well, if it’s running standard iOS, then you know probably 1.5GB of that 8GB will be taken up just by the OS. My guess is the only reason for the storage, is for offline biometric data storage. I doubt there is any plan to allow music storage on the device, which I wouldn’t care about anyway.

    I’m interested to see what they come out with after what Jony said, I still can’t believe that true mechanical watch makers would be in trouble from a tech device such as a smartwatch. Guess we will see. But to me, a mechanical watch is in a different class. You don’t buy a mechanical watch to have biometric data, interaction with your phone, or to even have that many features. It’s about mechanics, style and a brand. Someone that’s a true lover of a mechanical watch brand is not going to ditch their mechanical watch collection to buy a tech device that will be obsolete in 3-4 years. People buy mechanical watches and expect them to last years, even possibly to hand down to future generations.

    • Jason B

      That said, I’m still looking forward to Apple’s offering, because I don’t actually wear my mechanical watch much. I am more interested in biometrics, and interaction with the phone. If I want to wear a mechanical, it’s generally on a special occasion.

      • Jamessmooth

        I agree with you. This could be more of an “everyday” watch.

  • pnh

    2015 might be too late to the party

  • Chocolatewe

    8gb RAM and 129GB ssd would be worth it