Ininifty Blade III (Kingdom Come update 002)

The highly anticipated Infinity Blade III ‘Kingdom Come’ update is now available in the App Store. This is not only the final content update for the popular game, but ChAIR says that it includes everything needed to bring the entire Infinity Blade trilogy to an end.

Among the additions in today’s release are 6 new treasure maps, 5 new enemies to battle, and over 25 new items for both Isa and Siris to collect and sell. It also features new goals and achievements, and unlock-ability for Master Items has been raised to level 100.

Infinity Blade III (iPhone screenshot 003)

Here are your release notes for Kingdom Come:


– In the aftermath of the Worker’s defeat, Siris sets out to confront Lelindre and learn the ultimate fate of the Ark!
– Explore the frozen wastelands of Nafusaan, fighting monsters and tempting fate in an attempt to claim the huge loot reward sitting at the feet of the legendary and fearsome Dragoor – King of Dragons!
– Unlock ability to Master Items up to LVL 100!
– 6 new Treasure Maps!
– 5 new Enemies to battle!
– Over 25 new items for both Isa and Siris, including magic rings, weapons, shields, helmets, and armors to collect, master, and sell.
– New Goals and Achievements.
– A number of additional balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements.

And here is the official trailer for the update:

The Infinity Blade series was born out of Epic Games’ “Project Sword,” which Steve Jobs himself introduced during the iPhone 4 keynote in mid-2010. It has since been a staple at major Apple product events—particularly those showcasing powerful new hardware.

Infinity Blade III first debuted during the iPhone 5s keynote last year, and it launched in the App Store in mid-September. The game went on to win several ‘Game of the Year’ awards, and it currently sits at a 4-star rating in the App Store on more than 20K reviews.

Infinity Blade III (iPhone screenshot 004)

Today’s Kingdom Come update is free to all existing Infinity Blade III owners, and can, of course, be found in the Updates tab of the App Store. For those who don’t already own the game, it’s currently 50% off in the App Store, making it just $2.99 for a limited time.

  • Star Lord

    Truly saying I am not gonna buy this app because i know in future it’s gonna get free like Infinity Blade 1 & 2, nor i am in rush to play this.

    • TJ

      You’re that much of a skinflint you won’t pay $2.99 for an app, yet you’ve probably spent hundreds on the device you’re going to play it on!

      • Shakur Ali

        Your right

      • Crap

        Inifinity Blade is shit. Why in the world would pay for this. It’s boring as hell. If it was open world then we can talk but it’s just a sleep inducing rail movement factory game.

      • TJ

        Matter of opinion. I’ve played all three games and find it anything but boring as do millions of other players.

      • Star Lord

        I’ve 2 reasons for not buying.
        1. It’s gonna get free.
        2. The gameplay is same as 1st and 2nd part. Only graphics improvement. Don’t want to play a monotonous game.

        And I buy good games like Room, Broken Age ($9.99), Leo’s Fortune ($4.99). Games which are worth buying.

      • regkilla

        None of those games you listed are worth buying neither. Buy Bioshock and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on iOS. Now those are REAL games worth buying.

      • Star Lord

        Already bought GTA, will buy Bioshock in near future.

  • nyangejr

    free to Infinity Blade III owners, yaaaaaay