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The iPhone 6, or whatever Apple is going to call it, has yet to be announced, but there are already people lining up for the device. CNBC notes that at least 5 customers have already set up camp outside of Apple’s flagship 5th Avenue Apple Store in New York City.

It’s not uncommon to see folks lining up outside of Apple retailers ahead of a major product launch—last year folks began forming lines around September 6th. But this year, campers have taken it to a new level, with some showing up before the month even began.

CNBC interviewed some of the people in the 5th Avenue line, and it seems that few of them are there solely for the iPhone 6. Brian Cebello and Joseph Cruz are representing reseller BuyBackWorld, and are hoping to beat the 18-day iPhone launch campout record.

The pair were actually the first in line, until Jason and Moon Ray, who are promoting a health app, paid them $2,500 for the top spot. Meanwhile, Robert Samuel, founder of professional line-waiting service S.O.L.D., says he already has orders for seven iPhone 6s.

For those of you who can’t spend 2+ weeks camping outside of an Apple Store to get the new iPhone, tune into iDB next Tuesday for Apple’s big media event. The company should announce availability for the handset, which we’re expecting to be around mid-September.


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    • Rowan09

      Not idiots at all the first 2 got over $2000 and last year Gazelle bought phones for the first couple of people in line. Usually people lining up now are promoting something.

      • Sean Clark

        Guaranteed, free, annual publicity just for sitting in a line. These people are smart. It’s the situation that is bats**t crazy.

      • Rowan09

        I agree.

      • rockdude094

        would definitely suck if they release it a week later instead of sept 9

      • Sean Clark

        …Do these people shower at all during this?

      • Rowan09

        I would assume they would go take a shower and come back, while someone is holding their spot. These events are very organized and the people waiting are usually adults.

      • Rowan09

        It’s usually released the following Friday or the Friday after.

    • Virus

      Yes I would Lol if they said release date was October 28th or something

    • Jack Wong

      Should use this as an example for the word “idiots” on wiki.

      • RuddyN

        Lol! Right you are.. I couldn’t help but laugh at this article. $2500? Seriously? Even for an iPhone… C’mon man! At what point does this start getting ridiculous?

  • As much as I am an iPhone fan I’d never line up like this.. At least not this early.. Its more than two weeks away.. who has that much freaking free time. I want their job!

    • Cameron Nelms

      Actual one week. Sept. 9 is when it’s announced

      • Announcing and releasing are two different dates.. Its not like they can buy it right after the phones are announced or see them in the store… Unless they know something we don’t its two freaking early for this…

      • Cameron Nelms

        Oh sorry, I forgot they don’t do it like WWDC with the betas.

      • mlee19841

        Exactly. Probably won’t be released until October

  • A’s Network

    I wouldn’t line up like this… especially in this weather.

    • Rowan09

      It’s nice in NY right now so the weather isn’t an issue.

      • Manuel Molina

        More like hot and sticky. Weather finally drops on Sunday, so those people will be getting the cold soon.

  • highNiggaPie

    This is why people make fun of apple customers

    • Tim Farris

      ya but if you didn’t notice nobody lines up to buy a android or windows phone i would laugh if someone did this for a black berry

      • Snailpo

        One time…. In band camp…. I lined up for BlackBerry…

      • Hosam Nasr

        Are we gonna buy the phone soon .. Cuz i am getting kinda Board !

      • Beat Modz

        yea because were not idiots

      • @dongiuj

        That’s because it’s JUST A PHONE. Only fangirls that have to make an excuse for everything to do with apple will line up outside a shop.

    • Rowan09

      They are smart, if you read the article the first 2 got paid $2500 to give up their spot and last year Gazelle bought some customers in the front iPhones for just wearing their t-shirt. Usually the people in front are promoting something which is far from dumb.

      • highNiggaPie

        Ok and what about the people behind the first 2-3 people……even bigger idiots lol and that stuff happened at one apple store what about the other 100 apple stores?

      • Rowan09

        Maybe but usually the first couple of people gets free iPhones from Gazelle. When I saw people get free phones and promoting their business it went from crazy to genius. I’ll hold judgment from now on until I know way they are lining up so early. They even have a company according to the article that apparently stay in line for you.

      • al7oot

        $2500 for a spot!!. It’s cheaper to wait and buy the new iPhone after the release

      • Rowan09

        That’s true but they are promoting something and you can’t beat the free press they’ll get.

    • Manuel Molina

      Only Apple products though. It says a lot if you get money for doing it. I’m sure Apple and other people are paid to stand in these lines a few hours a day and have their spot held. Never heard about this for other products since most other products don’t really sell out like a lot of iPhones do. Not all the time this happens, but still, it’s worth noting.

      • Rowan09

        The funny thing is this store usually always have iPhones on hand. It just became a traditional thing for people to do now.

      • Manuel Molina

        5 Ave? It does, dude. I remember after the line, I went there around 5 pm or so the day the 5 came out and asked if they had any still for sale. The rep told me he has more than he could count. 5 ave is the biggest Apple store in the city I believe, so the chance of selling out is very low until the following day.

    • @dongiuj

      Not just this.

  • AMB_07

    I’m sorry you gotta have no life at all to do something of the sort. I mean no job, no family to take care of, nothing. It’s sad when you sacrifice almost A MONTH’S WORTH of your life just to get your hands on a new phone. Pathetic….

    • Come to think of it, might be genius Apple marketing…

    • Jason Jones

      Or perhaps have a good job with six weeks vacation (or self employed even) and not married.
      Hell, look at NASCAR driver Tony Stewart. Owns his own race team and no family.

      • Chun-Li aka ThunderThighs

        You’re comparing a professional to regular people…

      • Jason Jones

        And who’s to say the folks waiting in line aren’t professionals of some type? I remember one year the Woz waited in line.
        Point was, one can’t assume these people are worthless or have no jobs and lives as the person I was replying to did.

  • Mexican guy

    I would do it, I have never visited the US

    • DopamineAddicted

      I am a Belizean guy and i would definitely join u lol

      • Nikhil John

        I’m an Indian, I may do it just to see why other people are doing it.

  • Piyush

    They are here for publicity. BuyBackWorld, some health app…..Got their site named on iDB for free!

    • Nikhil John

      So true. Its all part of growth marketing / hacking (PR) strategy.

  • Guess they’ve never heard of online preorders…

    • Guest


  • Guest

    Save a spot for me

  • DopamineAddicted

    Save a space for me

  • TwinSon

    Just a LITTLE early.

  • Guess they’ve never heard of online preorders…such iFlocks.

    • Alberto Espinal


      • @dongiuj

        iOriginal comment trolling with your troll comment.

    • Rowan09

      They know but if you’ve never been in line for anything it’s about the experience. Wozniak waits in line for his iPhones when he doesn’t need to. Anyways the people waiting are promoting something which is great marketing for them. They get free news coverage, etc.

      • Danial

        are you in line right now too?

      • Rowan09

        Lol. No, I’ll be ordering mine online. I waited in line for 3 days for a job once and it was fun actually speaking to people. They had TVs, grills, etc out there and tents of course.

  • Screw that! I’m gonna get in line for the iPhone 6s.

    • Jeffrey Feuerstein

      Me too! Just like last year;).

  • Rowan09

    I’ll be ordering my iPhone online. I only waited in line for a job (3 days) and the iPhone 4 the day off.

  • Charlie


  • Sad

    You must really have absolutely no life whatsoever to queue up in front of store days in advance for a phone you can have delivered to your house in 1 day. God. They’re so pathetic. It’s so cringworthy.

  • TwinSon

    I’m not even gonna front, I’d line up maybe like the night before but that’s as long as I would wait. Unless I was able to pre-order one online or in store, then screw all that noise I’m going to bed.

  • n0ahcruz3

    While people line up for a phone ready to spend hundreds of $, people are suffering and dying in africa from Ebola, people are being beheaded in Syria, crisis in Ukraine. And these people dont give a fck lol my faith in humanity is lost.

    • mlee19841

      Been like this for years.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I know its really sad..

    • Mgggb

      If you cared enough about any of those issues, you’d be over there trying to do something about it instead of posting irrelevant comments on a tech blog. Clearly you don’t, so get off your high horse.

      • n0ahcruz3

        I do, i donate 🙂

      • n0ahcruz3

        I dont upgrade phones every year. I donate to charity instead of shelling out the latest and greatest. And also i bought a moto G sold my 4s donate the extra cash. Oh the als? I didnt do the bucket challenge but i donated $100 feels good to donate to people that needs it. U should try it instead of camping out to buy a phone.

    • Rowan09

      What exactly are you proposing? Regardless of what’s going on in the world people still have to live and deal with it.

      • n0ahcruz3

        Yeah thats why my faith in humanity is lost.

  • Matt

    They’re lining up for the announcement? cause the phone isn’t going to be released on the 9th (most likely)

  • Brzfld

    I love my smartphone and all, but cell phones have peaked. I use to get a new phone every year. I have stuck with my iPhone 5, no need to upgrade anymore.
    This line waiting in nonsense, they will have an ample amount at launch I’m sure.

    • mlee19841

      Exactly. Their will come a point when nothing new will be implemented.

  • wonderboydave

    that girl is cute. umm o yeah iphone 6 what’s that again.

  • What do their employers say…oh. I see.

  • AndyDontCare

    These folks need to get LAID.

  • Hussam

    I won’t do it even if I will get a free iphone 6

  • jilex

    don’t get the point of this, but man, $2,500 for the top spot? damn!!!!

  • TheShade247


  • Lemuel K Maxwell

    why people don’t line up for Samsung ? because their product is just ok

  • suttonmontreal

    Since I’m getting it online the first day I’m starting the line here at iDownloadBlog
    So i’m first in line… who’s next?

  • felixtaf

    Thank God, I have a Job!

  • Kenny NL

    Who in the world will do such things…? Wait… where can i join?

  • Brian Cummings

    Even if you paid me i wouldn’t do this this is ridiculous.

  • blank

    They’re not gonna be smiling when Cook says it’ll be out September 27th.

  • blank

    September 17. Hahahahahahahahaha