Microosft ad (Cortana 001)

Microsoft on Tuesday started airing a new Windows Phone commercial that takes another jab at Apple’s Siri. The 30-second commercial titled ‘Mirror, Mirror’ has been posted on the official Windows Phone channel on YouTube this morning.

The video depicts Cortana, Microsoft’s personal digital assistant for Windows Phone devices, performing a series of tasks that Siri on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can’t do, starting with deeper integration with core Windows Phone apps like calendar and Maps.

One scene depicts Cortana tapping information stored in a user’s calendar to provide accurate route and mapping information. Another scene highlights dual front-facing speakers on the HTC One M8, to which Siri responds that she has but a single speaker and that she’s “sitting on it”.

Here, check it out.


Featuring a sleek, brushed aluminum body, a five-inch 1080p HD screen, a long-lasting battery and Windows Phone with Cortana, the HTC One M8 is one of the best Windows handsets available.

Cortana is exclusive to Windows Phone 8.1 devices, though Microsoft remarked recently that it might bring the feature to other mobile platforms, including Apple’s OS.

Back in July, the software giant released a Cortana ad which also features Siri. It depicts Microsoft’s assistant completing a number of contextually-aware tasks using a plethora of services and data sources.

What do you think of today’s ad?

[YouTube via MacRumors]

  • 12345678

    you mean the HTC One M8 is the best WINDOWS phone ever, right?

  • blastingbigairs

    Windows phone is garbage, but the M8 with Android is very sexy.

    • Completely agree! As an Apple fan if I didn’t have an iPhone I’d definitely have a HTC over any other Android phones…

      • I’m with you being an apple fan and I have repair many android phones. You do not want an HTC. They really do look good of course but the inside is pretty bad.. I’d definitely go with an LG.

      • MrM0N0P0LY

        How are they “pretty bad?” I’ve had a One M8 for 4 months and haven’t had any problems

      • HTC’s normally have chips fail on the board preventing the device from booting. Not saying they all fail. and also the internal design is very messy.. I dreaded repairing any HTC starting with the HD2..

      • Guest

        but your an iphone fanboy so your opinion is mute

      • Rowan09

        He mentions something which he finds is true from repairing these devices and he’s mute because he prefers iPhones? What a joke. Did Tim Cook sleep with your partner or something?

      • Hmm. I said I would prefer an LG meaning I am not just an iPhone fanboy… Being someone who works on these things you will always prefer one over another. Out of all the issues I see with android Samsung and HTC are kings of faulty chips.. Same with HP’s for computers.. And American Manufactures for cars..

  • Rares

    What a piece of shit!

    • Domodo

      I agree, Cortana is much better.

  • Jonathan

    I don’t like how they used Siri’s, old more robotic sounding voice. (it’s the voice you hear right after a restore. But it starts to download her newer more realistic sounding voice) They should’ve used her new one… Bad move Microsoft.

    • M_thoroughbred

      They can’t use it because it’s Apple owns the rights to the new voice. Apple didn’t own the voice sound when they released Siri which is why they changed it.

    • Domodo

      Oh, I wasn’t aware that Microsoft should paint their competition in a good light in *their own* advertisements. I guess that’s something new. Great logic.

      • Merman123

        So “accuracy” to you means “in a good light” ? I guess it comes to show why they must be inaccurate in order to make their product “stand out”. I thought being inaccurate in an ad would defeat the purpose ? I guess not. Must be something new. Great logic.

      • Domodo

        Oh please tell me how many people would actually buy McDonald’s sandwiches if they portrayed them accurately in advertisements.

      • Merman123

        …what? Did you just really go from electronics to fast food? I’m done.

      • Well it’s accurate ’cause that’s the default…not Microsoft’s fault that Apple chose that as the default voice.

    • Kurt

      Siri sounds better than before but still sounds like crap compared to Cortana or Google Now. But as a fanboy you can come back at me and others by reminding us that no one really uses Siri.

  • Anthony Gilera

    That was a better job in comparison to the time they did the iPad vs Surface Pro ad. I give them a kudos and well played this time. Lol

  • Chris Jackson

    I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with Apple. Notably they reject certain applications from their App Store (that you can find when you jailbreak your device) and then implement the features in the next OS update as if they’re “revolutionary” (though the JB community has had them for months if not years.) Anything that takes a dig at Apple is just funny.

    • Keep in mind Apple is a giant company and has to deal with a lot more than simply telling a bunch of coders and designers to implent a logical feature to their OS. They have to make sure it gets done in such a way that it breaches the least amount of other people’s patents and such. That’s my thought on why it takes so long to get new features and by the time we do get them, others will always have beaten them to it (like our beloved Jailbreak tweaks)

      • Chris Jackson

        I’m not suggesting Apple should rush anything out. Re-read the comment. I’m stating my issue is that Apple rejects an application or feature that they later include as revolutionary. Since many iPhone users don’t jailbreak they buy into it as Apple’s “new idea” when they’re little more than copycats.

      • Ah got your comment now, I rushed my respons. I have seen a lot of cases where this has happened so you made a valid point.

    • Rowan09

      When Apple improves on their OS they get bashed and when they leave it the same they still get bashed. All that matters is the useful features are added to OS and works properly. Give me any added feature that’s been spoken of as revolutionary that was around for years in the same form?

      • Chris Jackson

        I actually typed out a long reply to you listing the features (with a link to a three-year-old article from this very website suggesting Apple owed the jailbreaking community an apology) but for some reason they deleted it. Either way, a quick Google search will reveal multiple websites with multiple iterations of iOS that “borrowed” and “adopted” features already available for years in Cydia.

      • Rowan09

        Definitely the argument is when did Apple say it was there’s first or try to act as if it was? Apple owes all developers and they give them credit.

      • Chris Jackson

        Hmm. I’d like to see an article where they thanked them. Searching for “Apple thanks jail breakers” only seems to be a thanks for “patching up security holes and vulnerabilities.”

        More to the point of your question, check out Apple’s website after their event next Tuesday, specifically the iOS8 section. They typically tend to release “200 new features” (seems to be the magic number on OS refreshes). Of those 200 features they tend to highlight the few that seemed to be most asked for or are most notable. Of those, take a look at Cydia and I’d bet you’ll find most of them already there. The aforementioned Google search already highlights a few new features in iOS8 that have been around for some time.

        Again, when you pass it off as “new” you’re passing it off as your own. You can call it semantics or argue it’s “new to them” but most people don’t realize these apps and features have been around for a while.

      • Rowan09

        Pass what off as new? New to the OS yes but I have never heard them say we have a notification which never existed before or something to that extent. I said developers but they would never specifically thank jailbreak developers. Most of the additions are APIs for developers not regular consumers.

      • Chris Jackson

        I see. So we’re going to continue to go round and round based on semantics. I’ll say this and then I’m done.

        Let’s say your grandmother has a recipe for something. One day your grandmother passes that recipe along to you. You take that recipe and cook it for your family and say “this is my new recipe for ____.” That’s exactly what Apple is doing. They’re saying specifically, exactly and implicitly on their website “this is a new feature.” They do not say “this has existed on Android for some time and we’re bringing it here.” They do not say “this has existed in Cydia for some time and we’re bringing it here.” By any reasonable standard from any reasonable person when they read that Apple has a “new feature” they are assuming – accurately or not – that Apple themselves has thought of, designed and rolled out this specific detail. And frankly that’s exactly how Apple wants it. You say most of the additions are APIs for developers and not back end consumers. YOU know that. You think most iPhone users do?

        Yet again, my point is Apple portrays an app or feature as “new” (not “new to them”) and counts on the ignorance of their consumer base to buy into it.

      • Rowan09

        Why would they say that? Did Google say we made Google Now because of Siri or Microsoft say we made Cortana because of them both? No that would be dumb. Saying something is new to your OS is true so it’s fine.

      • Dayne McNab

        All you have just illustrated with your point is that Google and Microsoft are doing exactly what Apple is doing…it all goes back to Chris Jackson’s point. Furthermore, the fact that more than one person/entity is doing something that is wrong, does not validate or justify the wrong action. I suppose when an idea is ingenious, it suggest only one person could have possibly conceptualize or implement it. In this case when a jailbreaking developer ingeniously develops an app or tweak it can only be imitated and imitation is the purest form of flattery. Therefore the jailbreak community should feel flattered that the ‘awesome’ Apple community is imitating its initiatives. In all honesty though, they should give credit where credit is due. It is the classy thing to do.

      • Rowan09

        Give credit to who exactly Saurik? They give credit to the jailbreak community when they say thanks to all developers. There is no need to say thanks to the App Store developers and them thanks to jailbreak developers. Apple gives credit by hiring jailbreak developers like Comex. There is no need to say we got this idea from the jailbreak community because whether you believe it or not, most people don’t know about jail breaking. Like I said earlier I’m waiting to hear an improvement made by Apple taken from the jailbreak community, etc that was passed off as some new creation.

      • Chris Jackson

        Either you’re a homer, a fan boi or being difficult to be difficult.

        Clearly we disagree. You make the argument that because Apple doesn’t come out and say with a banner pulled behind a plane “check out these new features we created!” that they’re not crafting every single sentence on their website to compel people to believe these are, in fact, new features created by Apple. Google “Apple iOS7 preview” and click the Apple website. Do it with iOS8. You’ll see Apple scatter in the word “new.”

        In fact, all new companies – phones, cars, computers, clothes – can only add so much that is original design and thought. To be fair, most, if not all companies, “borrow” or “adopt” from their competitors. That has and never will be my issue. My issue is when Apple says, for example, in the iOS8 preview “each new feature deserves to be a new feature.” Does it? Take iMessage. “This ‘new feature’ of iMessage allows you to add audio and video to a text message.” Congrats Apple. You’ve invented a time machine that’s gone back a few years and done what Cydia has offered for a few years now (I’ll have to find out the name of the app my friend used.) Who cares if you’re offering something years late? Oh word, this car comes with power steering now? What?! A radio, too?! You don’t get credit for saying “oh crap, why didn’t we think of that?” and then rolling it into your platform as one of the 200 “new features.” They’re like the cooler version of Blackberry. See what the pros are doing and then copy it.

        Makes no difference, I suppose. You’ll state that they’re allowed to call it “new” because they’re not implicitly calling it their *own.* Instead they count on the tacit approval by way of oblivious knuckleheads that don’t realize these features have been available for years and Apple has decided when they, the unwashed masses, are worthy to receive it. That’s a major problem for me and a lot of other consumers. If it’s actually impossible to do something, fine, but Apple is choosing not to give me a product because someone else made it better and Apple can’t get credit for it.

        Until, of course, they roll out the next iteration of their OS.

      • Rowan09

        My messages aren’t being posted for some reason. Every company releases features when they see fit, this is not an Apple creation. If in your example a car company never had power steering and then in the 2015 model they advertise power steering as their big feature, it IS a big feature and selling point. Does it mean they are taking credit for making or developing power steering no, it’s about what their company is doing. This company wouldn’t need to say thanks to all other car companies for using power steering first. Jailbreaking voids your warranty like rooting so public gratitude would mean Apple should openly allow it without any consequences.

      • Guest

        Apple gets bashed? Certainly not by you!

      • Rowan09

        Proof? I hate paying these prices for the iPhone and the battery life needs to be better. I say what I don’t like.

  • RarestName

    The last sentence got me chuckling!

  • I can only agree with the speakers, kinda wish iPhone had that too :/ On the bottom is still stupid but I can see why it’s there (less space in comparison to the M8) they should have added them with the iPhone 6 if it’s that much of a bigger model.

    • Rowan09

      Front speakers on the HTC phones are great, but being on the bottom is better than the back.

  • MikeOxlong

    Why do they continue to use the voice of Siri that has been out of use for a year now? At least be accurate in your representations.

    • Domodo

      Just like Apple was accurate in those Mac vs. PC advertisements? Stop the crap. It’s Microsoft’s advertisement. What did you think? It was an ad for Siri?

      • MikeOxlong

        Nice mouthpiece on ya there snapperhead

      • Kurt

        Restore your iphone. what voice is there? Yup that one in the video, not the one you are talking about which is still inferior sounding to Cortana and to Google Now’s. Siri sounds the worst out of the 3.

  • omrishtam

    of course they show it off against apple, coz how else could you advertise your product besides comparing it to another company’ product.
    GZ microsoft you became samsung.

  • Tronjheim79

    Voice assistants were so 2011. Guess that’s why Apple hardly did anything more to improve SIRI after the iPhone 4S’ time.

    • You say that but Apple wishes they could say more which could perhaps hint at possible Siri updates?

  • The siri voice is the old one, that doesn’t show the product as it is (= manipulation) and everybody knows that HTC love apple design (the One has many lines in common with iPhone). But windows phone 8.1 isn’t anymore garbage: it only lacks of apps, while iPhone has the best app market.

  • Marly Marl

    Its time for Siri to stop sounding like a Robot and start sounding more real

    • Chindavon

      MS is using an old voice. iOS 7 Siri don’t sound like this.

      • Marly Marl

        Maybe its becuz of where i live (jamaica) but she still sounds like a robot on my iPhone 5

  • Chindavon

    More free ads for iPhone. They never learn.

    • Apple doesn’t need Microsofts free advertisement

      • Chindavon

        No they don’t, but they get it anyway.

  • Onyxus_Music

    “And I’m sitting on it.” :’D

  • Cameron Nelms

    Anybody have an android HTC One M8? I want to upgrade my phone to it, but I’m afraid I won’t like it. The phone doesn’t really look like its android, and that why like it.

    • George

      Its a really good phone, I had to sell it because 5 inches wasn’t for me, but the phone is amazing.

  • 空白

    Sigh, people that comment on this blog are so annoying. There are so many things in this world that, if we put as much effort as we so talking about Apple, we could change…

    • Chris Jackson

      “People that comment on this blog are so annoying. Except me. Because I’m only here to self-righteously condemn you for being annoying. But I’m not actually annoying. You are.”

      • 空白

        I’m glad you used quotes for your entire post. If you didn’t I could say you were putting words in my mouth.

      • Chris Jackson

        Doesn’t really matter who it pertains to. When you come to a forum and post on a forum to complain about the people currently posting on the forum it makes you look dumb. And hypocritical. Mostly dumb though.

        And how in the world can you possibly figure who is and is not self absorbed? Maybe you were just going for clever and failed.

  • Matt

    Ha ha I kinda giggled at this one

  • Ian Leon

    sure the iphone is sitting on its speaker.. but you cant actually make the one M8 stand up by itself

  • Antonio Latte

    this is the absolute truth, i hate iphone speakers. hoping for some beats audio in there for the iphone 6

  • Manuel_Shields_B843 email

    I am with you I watched Conan from the beginning he was my guy and Ferguson definitely picked up where he left off. One of my favorite late night Conan bits was New Years Eve where he would do a countdown for the Central Time zone.