O2 (funny iPhone 6 ad 002)

Cat humor is making the jump from the Internet to print in a cheeky new newspaper advertisement by Telefónica-owned British carrier O2. The ad amusingly teases the next iPhone, which will be announced next Tuesday.

A quick photo of the advertisement has been shared on Twitter Monday morning by Tom Warren, Senior Reporter for the technology website The Verge.

“Our O2 Gurus can help you master your smart devices,” reads the ad’s copy. “Unless it’s the new … as it’s not out until … / …. / …”.

Jump past the fold for the full scan of the advertisement.

The cat is almost out of the bag, check it out.

O2 (funny iPhone 6 ad 001)

It’s a pretty smart ad, wouldn’t you say?

Piggy-backing on the iPhone 6 rumors always draws clicks for free. I’m especially liking the cat meme reference.

The iPhone 6 should be the star of the show that Apple said will take place next Tuesday, September 9, at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Apple’s hometown of Cupertino, California.

Earlier this morning, the French blog NowhereElse.fr posted a high-quality video showing off an alleged rear shell of a 5.5-inch iPhone 6 model, seen below.

iPhone 6 rear shell (5.5 inch, NowhereElse 001)

The website has apparently learned from sources unknown that the Cupertino firm should market the handset under the ‘iPhone Air’ moniker.

The general consensus is that the iPhone 6 will support mobile payments via the combination of a built-in, NXP-made Near-Filed Communication (NFC) chip, Touch ID fingerprint scanning and an on-board secure enclave said to keep payment data securely encrypted and walled off from the rest of the system.

[Tom Warren]

  • That’s one hairy pussy.

    • SoylentGreen

      Its a dog 😉 – “be more dog” is the campaign strapline.

    • Brian May

      Yeah. Kirsten Dunst should shave

      • SoylentGreen

        Echos from the asylum hallways

  • Merman123

    Plot twist : they meant the iWatch.

  • TechLove

    Plot twist : the ad is for the note 4.

  • Maxim∑

    That black box looks large for “iphone 6”

    • justme

      or iPhone Air?

  • justme

    dat phablet!
    hope they implemented a saphire on this model, because almost all of my friends that have a Galaxy S4 and S5 has broken their screens (note: they have cases too).

    offtopic: MC5 has been updated to 1.0.2

    • aw81

      Ive noticed that too, almost all the people i know with a galaxy have a cracked screen, whats that about…

    • Anthony Antunez

      Saphire is more brittle than glass so it would break even easier. Saphire is only really good against scratches.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Do you think people that works at those phone shops as sales representative or retail store manager knows what phone will look like?

  • Clever ad but as O2 doesn’t have 4G in my area I’ll be sticking with EE as my carrier…

  • kadeem kadz Dulice

    holly shit !

  • SoylentGreen

    So why persist in calling a cat a dog? You watched the ad? i dont know if you posted ad No.1 where you see a ‘dog’ catching a frisbee, but it is CGI to “appear” to be a cat ffs. This just highlights the sheeples penchant for beleiving everything they see on TV even completely fabricated ads, then freely advertising some more but thinking these ads are a ‘true story’ is mentally insane.
    Go to infowars website for reprogramming with things that are ‘actually’ real.

    • Burge

      No one said it was real of cause it’s CGI .. It just about a cat that decided instead of lazing around like cats do he decided to have a bit more get up and go like dogs do.. BE MORE DOG..

    • Mitch W.

      Infowars web site, really? Oh, I see what you did there. Hello pot, how are you?

      • SoylentGreen

        Are you trying to be obscure? I asssume thats a pot/kettle/noir (its racist to say black in that context btw!) reference & i cant see where such applies.

      • Mitch W.

        Since a pot and a kettle are not humans, I’m certain that saying is in no way racist. I am also certain that your brain isn’t processing information correctly, and you may want to check with a medical professional to see if they can help with that.

      • SoylentGreen

        its racist to say 2+2 = 4 also
        Get informed, please.