Samsung ad (Galaxy Tab S vs iPad Air 001)

Samsung on Friday posted a new anti-iPad commercial on its YouTube channel. First spotted by iGeneration, the ad at first blush appears to have borrowed a few cues from the South Korean firm’s original anti-iPhone ad which lampooned people who’d wait in the line for a new iPhone.

Specifically, the commercial asks supposedly random hipsters on the streets of New York City to take the Galaxy Tab S for a test drive and compare it to the iPad Air.

As you could imagine, the video emphasizes the Samsung tablet’s thinness and lightness while praising its bright Super AMOLED display versus the iPad Air’s LCD screen.

The video runs one minute and 22 seconds long, here it is.

It must be an amazing coincidence that literally each and ever one of street-goers would choose the Samsung device over Apple’s. Even more remarkable is the fact that one guy can tell the subtle 0.9mm difference in depth between the Tab S and the iPad Air, just by looking (it’s “definitely thinner,” he proclaims).

Another supposed street-goer demonstrates an uncanny ability to pick up the equally subtle 11-gram difference in weight between the Samsung tablet and the iPad Air — again, just by holding the devices.

The ad makes point of the fact that the Tab S has “one million more pixels than the iPad Air”, with the fine print saying that the Samsung device features 4,096,000 pixels versus 3,145,728 pixels on the iPad Air.

On the other hand, there’s no denying that Samsung makes “the best screens in the world,” as one of the ad’s characters put it.

More hipsters in Samsung’s newel-released ‘Unpacked’ September 3 Note event below.

For the sake of completeness, the Galaxy Tab S has a widescreen WQXGA 2,560-by1,600 pixel resolution Super AMOLED display versus the iPad Air’s 2,048-by-1,536 pixel Retina LCD IPS screen.

The Tab S also features a fingerprint sensor and an 11-hour battery. Samsung touted the tablet’s multitasking capabilities and ability to run two apps side-by-side in previous ads.

[YouTube via iGeneration]

  • omrishtam

    can’t they make an ad that isn’t about comparing it to another device, usually the same the device all the time…

    • Theses are clearly paid actors with scripts lol their writers need some serious help. To answer you question, no they can’t because thats all they know how to do.

    • Tronjheim79

      What is there to tout in their products?

    • Jack Wong

      LOL right, I can’t wait to see Samsung talks about their own smartphone OS 😡

  • nonchalont

    Bet it’s a nice tablet as well. Samsung and Apple devices are the same for the most part for an average user to run Facebook, Instagram, a few games here and there.

  • leart

    They are trolling even with adds, unbelievable

  • Σήμος Κονδυλάκης

    The hardware is very good.. But it has android and that means: lag, slow responding and low quality apps… iPad is better and faster and it has no lagg at all because it has iOS!! The only thing Galaxy Tab S is better than iPad is the Amoled screen..

    • Eqwan Syafiq

      I actually prefer Retina. Its more comforting. Amoled making my eyes hurt. especially when i just woke up.

    • It was sort of funny how they scripted Asian guy to notice just by looking at the two tablets that the Samsung is less than 1mm thinner than the iPad..

      • Guest


    • SkyFall

      Amoled καλή ειναι αλλά παράγει υπέρ κορεσμενα χρωματα και έτσι δίνει μια αίσθηση ότι ειναι ψεύτικο αυτο που φαίνεται.

    • Actually if I remember rightly the Samsung display might have more pixels but they ramp the saturation up so everything looks unnatural. The iPad on the other hand has a perfect colour gamut.

      • Kurt

        Actually, iPad’s chroma is a bit low, but don’t get me wrong, I prefer iPad small desaturated look compared to Samsung’s AMOLED’s. Best screen is for color, is Surface Pro 3. Has most accurate screen of any device.

  • Eqwan Syafiq

    Thinner, Brighter, Lighter.
    I wonder which one is Faster.

    • Σήμος Κονδυλάκης

      iPad of course 😉

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Can I run Lemur on an galaxy tab s? No? Well…

  • SkyFall

    How can you expect them not copy or be defensive towards Apple when even their logo is comes from Apples.

    • Kash Gummaraju

      you’re stupid, samsung came way before apple

      • SkyFall

        Samsung (founded in 1938) may have existed longer but their logo has changed a couple of times. Their current logo is used from 1993. Apple on the other hand since it’s beginning in 1976 was a tech company that built computers. Samsung wasn’t. Samsung in the begining wanted to establish itself with businesses such as insurance, securities, and retail. In 1947 they started building radios and TVs. Apple on the other hand as I said above from the start was a tech company. Another example is Nokia, which is one of the earliest companies and was founded in late 19th century. In the begining Nokia made galoshes. So you see Samsung May have existed longer than Apple but Apple from the begining worked with computers.

      • Kash Gummaraju

        do you even know what a computer actually is? It’s anything that can handle mathematical calculations and give you certain desired information. Radios and TVs are computers. Oh no, they’re using a logo that looks nothing like a piece of an Apple, but it looks like it due to its round outline and an apple’s round outline. Get real sheep,

      • SkyFall

        Actually a computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out a set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically. Since a sequence of operations can be readily changed, the computer can solve more than one kind of problem. That is a computer. TVs and Radios can’t solve or handle arithmetic or logical operations and solve problems, maybe Smart TVs can but in the late 40 TVs were boxed that only could show channels. Radios are not computers, they transmit Information, such as sound, which is carried by systematically changing (modulating) some property of the radiated waves, such as their amplitude, frequency, phase, or pulse width. When radio waves strike an electrical conductor, the oscillating fields induce an alternating current in the conductor. The information in the waves can be extracted and transformed back into its original form. So you are talking bs. Another thing, don’t be such a fanboy acknowledge the work of some companies because without we wouldn’t have the things we have today (or we would but they would be totally different).

  • Decio Arruda

    Don’t they get tired of fighting against someone who’s not responding but also betting bigger than them?

    • Jerwyn Feria

      you gotta think of it this way, Aren’t they tired of supplying someone parts for their that they are getting paid for the demand and then making commercials about they’re own product being better than the product they help make. they get money both ways already. Shows that samsung is getting a bit selfish from the start

      • Decio Arruda

        No, Apple uses Samsung parts because they’re faster and cheaper. My trouble is on understanding how iPhones are better than Samsung’s since Samsung has an early scoop at everything

    • h4rr33

      Betting bigger? Apple might have money but Samsung is a way bigger company. It hires way more people. Samsung contributes to local economies way more than Apple who keeps moving it’s money around to avoid taxes.

  • The problem starts once you push that power button..

  • WOW, The desperation.

  • Jay Burgandy

    bla blah blaaah, you take picture on Samsung and the picture quality doesn’t looks natural…

  • justme

    after filming the ad.
    take a cookie…. 😉

  • Keith

    Samsung with another pointless ad

  • Rowan09

    Samsung confuses their customers. I don’t even know which Galaxy Tab they are on now and they have so many different models. The Galaxy Tab S sounds dated since the Galaxy S came out years ago.

  • Joseph A. Ahmad

    I don’t ever see Samsung exhibiting what these features mean to the end user. Lighter and thinner than the iPad Air (the iPad Air was very thing and light to begin with), what about an ecosystem of apps? I’ll give Samsung the multitasking side by side, but that’s it. Partnering with IBM is going to be great for Apple with all the applications that already exist for the iPad tailored just it. Plus, this was release about half way between the iPad Air release, and the refresh we all expect to see in October/November for the iPad. The Galaxy Tab S is either 6 – 7 months ahead or 6 -7 months behind Apple products. Just like the Samsung Galaxy S series starting with the S 2 up to the S5. I’m just saying.

  • Mohamed Danish

    make drop test both then we know which is better..

  • Amen Learn Vasquez

    My friend has her ipad air and galaxy note 10.1 she loves her gadgets
    My conclusion is samsung and apple are both the best tablet/phone
    Samsung has the best android phones and tablets,so that samsung is the best android.
    Apple has its own operating system and it’s unique because there’s no other branded devices that have the apple’s operating system only apple devices