iWatch concept (Stopwatch and navigation, Gabor Balogh 001)

Despite strong belief that Apple will unveil its long-awaited wearable at a scheduled event next month, it appears that the mysterious device will not be officially available for purchase for several months, potentially pushing its launch date back to 2015. ReCode reporter John Paczkowski, who has an excellent track record of accuracy, is the one who broke the news today that the device “won’t arrive at market for a few months.”

If this is true, Apple could take a similar approach to what it did when it launched the original iPhone in 2007, when five months went by between the time Apple unveiled the iPhone in January to the time the device was actually available for sale in June. That lapse between the announcement and the launch allowed Apple to build unprecedented buzz and create demand for a revolutionary device that had virtually no competition at the time.

History could repeat itself starting on September 9, when Apple unveils its wearable. Not only would it give the company more time to produce the device which has been rumored to be delayed on multiple occasions, but it would also build demand for what is expected to be a groundbreaking product.

With that said, Paczkowski notes that “it would be unwise to expect preorders for the device to begin on the Friday following its unveiling.”

Now the big question is, what will you ask Santa for Christmas?

  • 4pp1e

    this looks awesome, future here we come !!

    • if it would end up looking like that concept, i’d totally get one too!

  • Jonathan

    The only difference, the iWatch will have competition. I’d find it unwise to wait until 2015 to sell it. Other companies will most likely copy the key features of the Apple iWatch (as each company always does to each other) which will attract a larger crowd to Samsung, or whoever it may be. Sure, people will still buy the iWatch, but I don’t think it will be as big of a crowd if Apple waited 5 months or so vs selling it in 2 weeks – 1 month.

  • Virus

    would be great if they said its available in apple stores today
    but it wont happen cause new apple products like the new mac pro take months to come out once they shown it off

  • ic0dex

    I personally think we will not see any iWatches September 9th. The reason is because we have not seen any parts leak and know one really knows what is going to look like. We’ve been seeing iPhone 6 parts for over months now

    • AppleFanboy

      I don’t remember seeing any Mac Pro parts either. It’s because the device isn’t in production yet.

      • This is exactly what I was thinking. It won’t come in time for the holidays because it isn’t being mass-produced yet but that doesn’t mean Apple doesn’t have prototypes or finished products…

      • JayDee917

        There’s still time for it to be mass produced for the holidays. But another reason we haven’t seen leaks is that it could be manufactured in a plant Apple hasn’t used before. Possibly in the US.

  • Jack Wong

    Did I mis-understand the title? When did Apple say it is coming?!

  • As I keep saying, they are going to show you some details and what it looks like. But it’s not coming till Spring, these rumor reports are hilarious and dumb at the same time. One says yep it’s coming by Christmas, next it’s nope not till 2015. It’s coming in 2015 people! It’s that simple, no parts have leaked and that’s because the design is just about to go final. But then there’s the whole thing about apps on it, if that’s the case and they need to build that into Swift. Regular apps are not going to run on it. So lead time is needed to prepare and that’s where developers come in. Spring 2015 they’ll release the watch along with the photo suite on Yosemite. Homekit will be demoed at the Sept. 9th unveiling of the iphones.. yes iphones..means 2. 🙂

    • JayDee917

      Wow, you have insider information no one else has? Spring 2015, you say. Please share!

      • It’s called being an analyst and plucking things out of thin air 😉

      • It’s called being realistic not to mention obvious.

  • Jason B

    I would tend to agree with this article on the timing of the wearable from Apple. No parts leak is my reasoning behind believing this.

    It’s been said before that Apple kept tight lock down of the first iPhone, and no parts leaked out on that, so why couldn’t they do that with the wearable? Well, my reasoning was that no one that worked for one of Apple’s manufacturers realized how popular they could be by leaking a part (or a picture) out of the factory. They go to work to do their job, and get paid. I’m sure that after a while, they realized that they were working on a product for a huge company, and they could be popular by sneaking these product leaks out.

    Also think back to 2007. How crappy was your cellphone camera?

  • Matt Taylor

    I’m so sick of these posts, one minute it’s coming then it’s not then it is… Doing my head in. Same with the larger iPhone! Just leave it alone, they come when they come…