iWatch concept (Home, Todd Hamilton 001)

With Apple’s September 9 event now official, the speculation game can begin, again.

And with a rumored Apple wearable device ostensibly in tow for the big reveal alongside a pair of new iPhones — or that’s at least what Re/code’s John Paczkowski has learned from sources — the time is right to hear your thoughts on the matter.

So, is Apple going to announce a wearable device at the event, do you think? Context: an “Apple wearable” may not necessarily stand for a “smartwatch” per se — or denote an ”iWatch” at all, as the media has tentatively dubbed the elusive wrist-worn gizmo.

Go ahead, cast your vote after the break and then join us in comments for a healthy discussion from some wildly different perspectives, hopefully.

My $0.02?

Honestly, I don’t know what to think: conflicting pieces of information are plentiful so it’s tough to make the case for one camp or the other with a degree of certainty given by the confidence level.

Here, vote now.

If you apply conventional wisdom to the subject, a device such as an iWatch would most definitely warrant a separate media event of its own.

Consider for a moment the fact that with this product the Cupertino firm would be setting itself for an explosive move. In other words, the iWatch— or whatever it’s called — would be anything but yet another regular product launch for the Cupertino firm.

More than anything, the device would mark taking iOS to wearables and challenge Apple with a whole new set of expectations. So the iWatch — assuming it exists — isn’t just the hardware: it’s the underlying operating system, apps, media and the entire existing ecosystem around it.

iWatch cocept (Martin Hajek, MacUser April 2013 issue 011)

It’s a platform thing.

But introducing a new-category platform is a risky proposition. As Apple won’t get a do-over with the iWatch, it needs to play its cards right and control the narrative fully.

That being said, debuting such a highly-anticipated wrist-worn wearable alongside another hotly-anticipated product — the iPhone 6 — would dilute Apple’s message, even more so analysts expect September 9 to file as the biggest iPhone launch since the original iPhone.

I just don’t see two major products of this magnitude sharing stage time.

Therefore, it’s my belief (as I postulated before) that Apple’s wearable product will be debuting at an event of its own, some time later this year or in early-2015.

And what’s your take?

  • Muhammad !

    Please tell me if it’s just me.. UGHHHHHH !!!!

    • Nicolas Adam

      You aren’t alone bruh

      • Nicolas Adam

        Ugh sorry for posting it numerous times , having a problem with my internet

      • Muhammad !

        F4F ? HahahahahhahahahA

      • Ian Leon

        their hosting hyperlapsed

    • Jonathan

      Nope, not just you.

      • Muhammad !

        L4L ? Lmaaaaaaao HahahahahhahahahA

      • Jonathan

        Eh, I’m good.

    • Hussain Alsanona

      it’s me too!!!

  • Khalid Salim

    if the iwatch looks like the first concept image, i will buy it with my eyes closed!!!!!

  • Andrew Roth

    It’ll be like the Mac Pro was at WWDC.

  • Donovan

    People already have smartwatches. Time for the iAnkleBracelet!

    • Lagax

      Nobody has a smartwatch. Samsung and google have failed, with a health-oriented device, apple’s going to fail, too.

      • Donovan

        Wait.. Did you just? I mean, how, HOW can you take that comment seriously? :’)

      • Lagax

        😀 didn’t do that, that’s why I wrote the other stuff :p

  • 空白

    I’m psyched for the event! My iPhone 5 is reaching the end of it’s life. Irritating seeing as I’ve spent so much on it and I’m just making the two year mark but truth be told I haven’t taken the best care of it. I can’t wait for the ‘6’. My biggest hope is that they’ll start the entry at 32GB because 16GB is limiting and I’m pretty strapped for cash at the moment. I also have to tip my hat in favor of the anti-antenna break movement but who knows? As far as the ‘iWatch’ is concerned I give it a meh… It’s not priority for me as I don’t really have much of a use. I work in a hands on job and having an expensive piece of tech strapped to my wrist at all times in that environment gives me the heeby-jeebs. I do believe however that unveiling a device that would be a partner to the phone would make sense at the same event. I also think that the device does exist and have since they pulled the Nano years back after everyone started to put it on their wrists. What the device truly entails is a mystery. We shall see… Maybe the consensus will change.

  • bigkev943

    its hard to tell since we don’t know what they will look like since nothing has been leaked and these are all artist renderings. So for goodwill sake i will say its just you right now!

  • Thiago Vaccaro

    Despite hating these Watches, it is obvious that Apple will announce it in the Media Event. God, this thing is useless.

  • Alawyy96

    It should be free with ur new iPhone 6 <3

    • Jonathan

      Definitely NOT going to happen bro.

      • Alawyy96

        Samasung had it with that gear thing :]]

      • Jonathan

        It MIGHT happen.

        There. 😛

  • Christopher Ablaza

    Continuity = perfect setup for wearable tech