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Yahoo today issued an interesting update to its native Mail application for the iPhone and iPad which replicates a handy feature we first saw in the stock Mail app in iOS 8.

Now available in the App Store, the refreshed Yahoo Mail version 3.3.2 includes the obligatory bug fixes and performance improvements, in addition to an iPad-specific feature which allows you to minimize the compose window when you need to look something up, just like Mail in iOS 8.

This is tremendously useful when multitasking while composing an email. Often times, when I write an email I need to look an article online to attach the URL.

Now I can just swipe down on the compose header to minimize the window and safely switch to another app knowing my in-progress message is being kept intact.

When I feel ready to continue writing, I’ll just tap or swipe up to pick up right where I left off. This is fairly similar, if not identical, to the stock Mail app in iOS 8, as evidenced in the WWDC 2014 below.

Version 3.2.2 changelog:

  • New iPad feature: Minimize compose – When composing an email on iPad, tap or swipe down on the header bar to minimize the compose window. When you are ready to continue writing, just tap or swipe up
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements

Download Yahoo Mail free in the App Store.

The universal 39.2MB app requires an iOS device running iOS 7.0 or later.

[App Store]

  • Tarek

    Yahoo may upgrade its mail app, but the whole mail interface with Yahoo on the web is too bloated. It reloads to the inbox too frequently when you are in a folder, it hangs up a lot and has to have the web page refreshed, etc. At least on the iPad, that is what I noticed.

    When I used the app, I found the same slow and bloated response. HTML 5 (I suppose) and therefore the same issues as the web.

    I will try the app again, but I am not hopeful. As it is, I have given up on Yahoo. The spamming and awkward interface has taken away too much from the experience. Can’t easily tell which email I am reading. The highlighted email on the side panel is not always clear.

    Gmail is way superior in every aspect.