We have to interrupt original programming this afternoon with a breaking exclusive mega scoop from YouTuber Doldo411. Likely from a covert mission into Apple’s Cupertino campus, the scoop master has gotten his hands on the iPhone 6 before the rest of the world – and it looks like a doozie. 

  • Royal Sound

    Not only for humans this time;)) . The best iPhone vid i ever seen

  • JS3

    VERY surprised that IDB would post something like this…

  • bigkev943

    that was crazy funny

  • Greg

    I relish the chance to use this new iPhone 6!

  • Greg

    Lighten up. Life’s to short to be this uptight.

    • Jonathan


      too uptight for you? 😛

  • Bugs Bunnay

    worst. teardown. ever. I kinda like how apple went with a totally out of this planet design though. can’t wait til it comes out. ps not digging the case… looks like your dog could mistaking it as food and chew up your expensive new phone. nuh uh ain’t gonna get that case