square cash

Square has released a big update for its Cash app this afternoon, bringing it to version 2.0. The app, first released in October of last year, facilitates the quick transfer of money from one user to another via e-mail, and today’s update makes the process even faster.

The UI for sending and contact screens has been optimized in Square Cash 2.0, making it easier to send money, and you can also now add notes to your payments. But perhaps the biggest addition in today’s update is the ability to send cash to anyone via text message.

Writing for The Wall Street Journal, Walt Mossberg said that “Cash is the quickest, simplest method I’ve seen for sending money from one person to another,” and I’d have to agree. After downloading the app, you’re literally able to send off money within seconds.

Users have the option to setup their bank account during the initial launch, or after sending/requesting their first payment, and it’s a one-time ordeal. Deposits take 1-2 days to clear, and there’s a $2500 per week limit. Everything is protected by 128-bit encryption.

Rounding out the 2.0 update are new profile and push notification options, and a promotion that offers $1 when someone you invite via text message joins up. If you’re interested, the Square Cash app, like the service, is completely free and available in the App Store.

  • DogeCoin

    Soooo, why don’t you just use crypto currency instead? Like dogecoin, litecoin , bitcoin etc

    • iBanks

      Because my mom won’t know what to do with that when she needs my help with finances.

    • totempole90

      Because i can’t pay my college tuition using cryptocurrency. Nor can i use it to pay for car repairs, eat at carl’s jr., pay for movie tickets, pay utility bills, etc… Need i say more?

      • DogeCoin

        Nor can I use yen to do that either ( in America). It would be trivial to send the money and then get it converted over. It would be much faster via crypto currency then by this. This restricts you and makes unbacked claims.

    • kadeem kadz Dulice

      im reading this like whuut ?!

  • Jeroen Claassens

    Why does it sound weird to send money for free… like.. you’re sending money.. that’s.. technically not free.. right?

  • jack

    but pay to receive

  • kadeem kadz Dulice

    dafuq is this ? … lol

    • DogeCoin

      Dat profile tho

  • siddique

    does it works only in US ?


      Seems like it as it’s displaying currency in $ on the pic in here and also the app is not available in my country App Store(India)

      • smtp25

        Annnd we hae $’s in lots of other countries besides the US


        “$” symbol is not US only symbol for dollars????????

        Edit: Apple made App Store localization already, so all Apple App Store will display their respective native currency

      • smtp25

        New Zealand Dollars $
        Australia Dollars $
        Singapore Dollars $
        Fijian dollars $


        Oh yes you got a point 🙂